Strava Live: Changes in Strava Version 4.5 and up (Android)

The latest version of Strava includes an optional always-on live display. Optimized for battery life, Live provides in-the-moment performance data, just like your favorite running or cycling computer.


Feed Screen

Pre-Record Screen

2015-07-20_20_21_57.png IMG_2724.png


Recording Screen

Paused Screen

stats_png__640_1136_.jpg     IMG_2292.png


Screen Changes 

Light background

To improve screen visibility in daylight conditions.  


Collapsable menu

When paused, you can collapse the recording stats overview to see your feed, profile, etc.


Live stats (Premium Only)

Speed, cadence, heart rate, and power will now show real-time values instead of averages. 


Live segments (Premium Only)

Live segment notifications will pop up at the top of the recording screen and stay there for 10 seconds. If you'd like a list of all the segments you've ridden/run or view your results, pause the app > tap on the segment under the "stopped" bar > scroll through the list of live segment results. If you want to see the day's leaderboard for these segments, tap on the segment from the segment list. 

Note: In order to see the segment notifications at the top of the screen, make sure you have "prevent auto-lock" enabled under your display settings. 

Banner on Record Screen Live Segments List
2015-07-20_20_23_06_2.png 2015-07-20_20_24_50.png


GPS strength indicator

There are no longer green status bars for GPS signal strength. Instead you'll see a halo around your location indicating accuracy. The smaller the halo the stronger the GPS signal. 





How do I improve my phone's battery life?

To improve battery life, you can try disabling the following: Cell Data, Wifi, Bluetooth, Real Time Segments, and Auto-Pause. 

It also helps to shorten the time it takes for the screen to dim and to avoid leaving Strava open to the Map screen (this screen drains more power).  


Can I customize my recording screen? 

It's not possible to customize the arrangement of your ride metrics on the recording screen at this time, though this is something we are considering for the future. 


Can I use my phone in landscape mode?

Strava is not optimized for landscape display at this point in time. This may also be something we consider adding later on. 


Does the app support ANT+

Strava does not support ANT+ for iOS.

We plan on supporting ANT+ for Android in the future.  


Why isn't Strava pausing when I'm at rest?

One of two things may be happening. The first is that the app will not pause until your GPS data indicates you've been at rest for at least 10 seconds. The other is that your GPS signal may be obscured or flawed so the incoming GPS data indicates you are moving when you may really be at rest.  Please refer to these articles for more information on Auto-Pause:





Feedback? Please check out this forum dedicated to suggestions, questions, and comments on Strava version 4.5.  


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