Starred Segments - Android

Find yourself searching all over Strava to find that segment that you know you’ve ridden before but can’t remember where? Star your segments! They will then exist in your list of Starred Segments found online under “Starred Segments.” 


To Star a Segment

From any segment page on the app, click the star icon on the bottom right of the segment map (below), so that it turns orange. To un-star a segment, simply click the star icon again, turning the star back to gray.


To Find your Starred Segments

From your profile page, scroll down to find "Starred Segments" (below left). Any segment that you've starred will now appear in this Starred Segments list (below right).

 segment2.png   segment3.png

Provide Strava with segment feedback

We factor the total number of segment stars into our algorithm as well, so you'll be helping us serve better segments to the entire community.


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