Refresh My Achievements

The Refresh My Achievements tool can regenerate your achievements for any activity if they do not appear or are incorrect. There are several reasons you may want to refresh your achievements. Currently, you can lose your achievements when switching activity type. You may also be missing achievements from segments that were hidden and you've now unhidden. Please note this tool is available on the web only.

  • From the activity page, click the wrench icon and then "Refresh Activity Achievements".Afternoon_Ride___Hike___Strava.png
  • Please be aware that this tool only addresses segment efforts, not Estimated Best Efforts for Running.
  • If you need to refresh your results on an individual segment or segments use the Refresh My Results tool.
  • This tool may cause you to permanently lose any existing trophies and medals on activities due to the fact that your achievements will be updated to reflect current segment leaderboard standings. THIS CHANGE CANNOT BE UNDONE.
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  • Não estou conseguindo gravar uma atividade, fica gravando por 10 segundos e para... a velocidade fica alternando... oscilando.....

  • passei no segmento mais rápido que o primeiro e não registrou o meu kom.

  • I have a ride that did not receive activity achievements when it was first loaded. I used the Refresh Activity Achievements option and It still does not show any. Anything I can do to get my ride Achievements?

  • I have the same problem as Ben! It's not very often I get in the top 10 let alone the top 3 in a segment. I feel very disappointed and let down, cheated even.

  • Hello, I can't find the Refresh Activity Achievements option in the wrench icon menu. My menu only has "create segment, flag, make private, crop, split, delete, create route, and export GPX".

    Is this a premium only feature? Does it work only for biking? (I am a runner, and use a free account). I do have X-Features enabled in my settings.

  • @Ben and @Derek: One thing to note is that you won't receive personal achievements (PR's) on any segment the first time that you complete them. If you have ridden the segments previously, or if you've achieved a top 10 overall time, please try changing your activity to a different activity then back. So if it's a ride, change it to a run and then back, or vice versa.

    @Sue: That is very strange and not something I've ever seen. I see you have a support ticket and I'll reply to you there.

  • i can see my PR,s only when my  activity is private. when i put it back to public it only shows overall result. i tried refreshing but it doesn work...

  • Same problem as Ben and Derek, usually get best 400m or best 2km achievements but these aren't showing at all and I'm not getting any segment detail either. This isn't just related to one run, it's happened a couple of times, this week and last. Please advise. Frustrating.

  • Can this feature be added to iOS app?

  • Come correggere l'elevazione su Strava noto molta differenza Polar 600 Garmin 650 /1000 es 850m strava = 1600 m
    Fate qualcosa o devo cambiare con altro programma

  • Tried the "update achievements" 3 times. Nothing. This is really aggravating and has got me looking for alternatives to Strava - because of this and other troubles I've had with syncing a Garmin thing. Just because there is no real competition doesn't mean Strava should rest on its laurels........

  • @Aaron, I've created a support ticket for you so that we can troubleshoot directly.

  • Cool, thanks. Sorry to sound like such a grouch, I get frustrated....

  • Is there an API for this ?
    I had to delete an activity because it had miscalculated efforts (bad GPS). Need to recompute all activities, hence, looking for an API.

  • Hello, I have a related issue hopefully solvable by one of you Strava wizards out there.

    When I create a new segment is there any way to get Strava to go back and analyze my past activites that cover the new segment?

    To explain, riding mtb here in the sierra of Madrid I do a lot of recon for new routes and after maybe a dozen runs I then adopt a route and eventually get around to adding some that I truly enjoy as a Strava segment. I'd like to "see" my learning curve on these routes by strava tracks from when I first rode the route and then of course monitor how I progress.

    I usually keep them as private segments, not sure if that's an issue.

    Many thanks!

  • I accidently put my run 825393924 on as a hike initially, I then edited it to show it was a run, I have tried updating achievements and it is still not showing that I have achieved the 10km and a segment run, plus the possibility of some PR's. What else can I do, it is s bit deflating when I have worked hard.

  • Ok I have kind of the same problem. I made a record lap time of 47 seconds, and Strava uploads 52 seconds, 52!! thats a huge huge difference, and Strava being one of the best apps, got me really frustrated, to the point of searching for other apps. Ive made also 48s and 49s, and it still appears a big fat 52 on strava. Hope that someone could help me.

    (I upload all my data via Bluetooth from my Garmin Edge)

  • Hi Strava. My run today said that I set a new 5k PR. However I have done it far quicker in the past. I've noticed that although my past run was 4.5 miles it didn't record the 5k as an achievement. It was 2 mins quicker so would like it to be recognised. I've tried the refresh achievements but nothing updates. Any suggestions? Thanks,

  • It's important to note here that this tool will not fix missing Run Best Effort Achievements (like 5k and 10k) and it will not fix your time recorded on a segment. For help with either of those issues, please contact us directly.

    Josh - I've already created a ticket for you.

  • Hi!

    On the Garmin website I set everything to Run (it is the only sport now), but I use an Edge 800, which is a cycling GPS, so Garmin Connect always set my activity to Ride, however I ran.

    Strava is connected with Garmin, so each activity synchronised to Strava became Ride as well.

    After the sync if I change the activity type in a few seconds, then everything is ok. I get the running related segments, etc.

    But if I write a description, change the title, the activity type, etc, which can be 1-5 minutes, I lose all the segments. The Refresh Activity Achievments doesn't update the segments. Sometimes cycling related segments are stuck, but the funny thing those segments show speeds when the actitity type is Ride, but after changing it to Run, they show paces, to the Riding segments! (And of course I'm almost the last on each segments, because running is much slower...)

    In these cases I have to re-open Garmin Connect, download the TCX, and re-upload it to Strava, manually. Of course I have to be fast again with the actitity type change.

    Is there any better solution to update the segments / achievments?

    Thanks for your helpings in advance!

  • Hi, I have completed a ride with others today and they all have the segment Mt Buffalo (the climb that we did together) and yet that segment doesn't appear in my list. I understand that I won't get a PR as it was the first time that I did the climb, but I should still get a time.
    Can someone please help me. Do I refresh or what should I do?

  • Hi,
    I haven't had any activity achievements show up since March 7. I read this section and tried the refresh my activities tool,,, nothing happened (beside a banner stating achievements were being updated and it could take awhile). Tried changing the activity to 'run' and received lots of achievements. Switched back to 'ride' and still no achievements even after updating again. Is there anything else that can be done?


  • Please can you look at the segments on my activity 22/03/2017 named Litter Alley and Litter Alley 2 as there is a discrepancy with the speed and time. I'm not sure why my pace has been recorded as being slower on one when they are the same stretch and distance. Thanks

  • My ride was initially saved as a run. When I changed it to a ride there were no acheivements at all? I've tried changing settings to no avail. The 'REFRESH MY ACHEIVEMENTS' tool isn't available on my settings option when I select the 'wrench'.
    Can you help please?

  • I have just smashed a segment. Improving my time by over a minute on the way home from work. Putting me joint 5th on the leader board, however it's stI'll shows that I'm the wrong end on 2000th :( I've tried to update it but to no avail. :( And it isn't the first time. Not impressed strava.

  • It seems the Refresh segments is still not working properly. Does not update the leaderboards even after using the tool from the activities page, nor by going into the full leaderboard under the specific segment and refreshing under the actions menu. I have noticed though that when in the specific segment, where it shows Fastest Times compared to the KOM and QOM, it does show as the All TIme PR.
    Any update to this fix?
    Thanks so much

  • So apparently I'm not the only one struggling with this. I was going to delete the app and re-install but it's also not displayed from logging in on the computer either so I'm assuming this is universal. Any updates as to when this will be resolved and how? It's a bit deflating to realize you had a legit effort that earned you some hardware which is lost in the ether. Especially those crowns...


  • I have the same problem as Dean and Stephanie - any updates on how to fix this. I know you can do it segment by segment, but is it possible to fix for an entire activity?


  • My time for a particular segement is showing on the list of segments but my position is not showing on the leaderboard. Tried Refresh, but it didn't work. Any ideas?

  • yesterday I had 102 km ride. But a ride did not receive activity achievements when it was first loaded. I used the Refresh Activity Achievements option and It still does not show any. Anything I can do to get my ride Achievements?

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