How to change a club admin

The creator of the club can designate new admins from the list of members. The creator can also transfer ownership to another admin in the club. If the creator leaves the club or is no longer active, contact us and we'll do our best to help with the situation. 

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  • I'm glad a club creator can designate new admin's, our club needs this to happen.  Can you please tell us exactly how to navigate to do this?  Our club creator can NOT find where to designate new admins.

  • Yeah, I'm currently stuck trying to do this on my Shop Page as well. I can't seem to find any options to add more admins.

  • Oh just found it, Scott, Admin has to pull down the "Members list" and then they can assign admins.

  • It is not the right answer to the question. The question was: can the old owner change his ownership to another member of the club. I understand that the other member first must be an admin. But can he than be promoted to owner? Because i created a club for our company, but i want the ownership at someone from the HQ.

  • Okay guys, I DID IT!!! I read this article, then submitted a requested because I couldn't figure it out either, and then I did it. So the owner has to click on the "Members" tab, and like you've probably already seen when you hover over the name/person you have the option to make that person an admin, well once you have made that person an admin, hover over them in again once it's updated and has their name in the admin spot and it will have the option to "Make owner". Then hover over your OWN name, and it will give the option to "Delete" or something and I can't remember exactly because I did it and I am no longer the Owner nor am I an Admin. Good luck!

  • Hi,
    Our club creator started the club as private and he was the admin. I requested to join but my request didnt get accepted, later on he changed the club to be public and lift his position as admin.

    Now I'm stuck .. cannot cancel my initial request to join, nor their is someone to accept my requesr

    What shall I do?
    And can we appoint new admin?

  • How to be a admin in a club without admin?

  • Hi, we have a problem that admin leave a club and now there isn't any admin. Can you help me to create a admin for our club, please?

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