Removing the power data from a ride


As of July 2017, data from a power meter is included when exporting a GPX from a Strava activity. 

To remove the power data from a file, you can try the online tool FIT File Tools and use the Field Stripper option.

If you do not have the original FIT file, you can export your activity from Strava as a GPX or TCX and find and remove all the power using a simple text editor. 


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  • Yep that's easy to do, good answer!

    Thanks Elle


  • OK Elle, this leads me to another question.  Once you have deleted the bad power data, the ride obviously doesnt impact your "Fitness and Freshness" page.  It would be really good if you could manually override the Suffer Score for an activity or what ever number the F&F curve uses so your curve is still reasonably accurate.

    Is this possible for the future?

  • Glad to hear it Mike! 

    Not sure if the feature your suggesting is a definite possibility, but we're collecting feedback on this forum:


  • Has this feature been added? I need to strip bad power data (from a beta test of a power meter) from rides that I did this fall.
    I don't want to export, delete, and re-upload the rides because I don't want to lose kudos and comments, nor do I want to mess up passed achievement/challenge/KOM credit.

  • Elle, your answer above makes sense.  Can you confirm whether deleting the activities power data as you suggest, will also remove it from ones aggregate power curve (e.g. "last 6 weeks", "all of 2014" etc).  I have a ride where the power meter was clearly WAY to high.

  • Instead of an option to remove (e.g. zero) the power data, a simple checkbox to exclude the ride from PowerCurve and F&F statistics would do. This would also avoid the issue that a re-uploaded ride starts from scratch when it comes to social interaction (kudos and comments). I have a few rides where the power meter had an obvious offset and messing up my data.

  • A simple checkbox to hide/remove power data for each ride would be great - I have a few erroneous readings I need to eliminate, but deleting the ride isn't really feasible for me.

  • +1 on this i have the same issue on two rides where I want to "delete" the power information so it doesn't mess up my fitness scores.

  • Also when I did this (as expected) it lost the pictures and all of the info on the ride (kudos/etc) which on a race kind of sucks... just another reason to have an edit button and allow removal of all specific types of data (power, HR, cadence, etc)

  • +1 to the check box! excluding power data from certain rides is all i need

  • When the uploaded power contains an obvious measurement error, instead of removing the bad power data from the record, I would prefer to replace it with "estimated power". This would be consistent with existing Strava user experience, such as the ability to replace bad elevation with estimated elevation. Strava already has a reliable algorithm for estimating power for efforts ridden without a power meter, so, with a malfunctioned power meter this feature would be logical.

  • in the same position after a ride today, i just want to get rid of my power readings as my sensor was off (i dont care if strava guesses my power) and like everyone else is saying, i dont want to loose kudos and segment achievements.

  • Yes please, Have been requesting this for nearly 2 years. I prefer the power graph in strava, but have to use Training peaks because I can fix erroneous data.

  • I like the suggestion to tell Strava to override the powermeter data with the current method of calculating the "estimated power".

  • Option to exclude the ride from the power curve would be very helpful as my trainers power reading are sometimes off -

  • ... and again - Corrupt power data from wet ride/PM means my Power Curve is Waaaaay out by one corrupt data/ride set - Multiple comments on this thread regarding checkbox to exclude power data rather than export as GPX and re-import.

  • Strava - At least acknowledge this option IS on your radar otherwise your Power Curve/Freshness/etc utility is irrelevant!

  • Please reference this community topic. 

    Thanks for your continued support of this request to hide data such as heart rate and power as a privacy measure. Your privacy is a top priority for us and we have created a working group to discuss privacy improvements. This request is on our list, and I will keep everyone informed of it's status going forward.

  • @Elle I think you are missing the point. this is not a privacy issue. The issue is when bad data is measured from a power meter and we would like a way to "Remove power data" from the ride without deleting the entire ride, our likes, comments, etc. We want the power meter data to be removed from our fitness and freshness curve as if we rode a bike without a power meter with HR only.



  • +1 my zwift power data is high and i'd like to exclude my virtual rides from my part curve.

  • +1 I've been deleting some virtual rides that registered 1500W+

    Please submit this feature req.

  • It would be fine, when I can use different PowerCurves for each Powermeter because there are some differences (most between in- and outdoor)

    At Least you should make a Checkbox for Exclude PowerData for this Workout!


  • Similarly, when power data drops off (e.g, low PM battery) you can end up with a ride with a super low training load (based on power) when it would otherwise be relatively accurate based on (complete) HR data, so it leaves a hole in your fitness/freshness. If a ride like that was deleted and re-uploaded as GPX, would it end up calculated into fitness/freshness correctly? For the social reasons described above that's undesirable, but so is losing it from the aggregated data.

  • I tried the approach with exporting as GPX and then re-importing, but now the workout is on the wrong date! Super annoying! Probably the time in the GPX file is some universal time, and then it gets interpreted as local time. It's just a bad solution to this problem.
    After several years of asking for this feature, you would think Strava could add a simple checkbox as requested many times here.

  • +1 on adding an override on power meter data. I've had the same problem but mine wasn't reading properly and it's frustrating that it messed up my fitness and freshness.

  • It worked. I lost my kudos and comments but by downloading the file, erasing the original and then uploading the file back to Strava it used estimated power data. It gave me a suffer score based on my hr data. Not an ideal fix but simple enough.

  • is there no simple method to remove Power from download to strava

  • Oh Congrats to your ride in the Amgen Tour of California, was good watching you do all that climbing and with the stage..

  • Another voice shouting into the wind to have an option to remove any data channel from a ride ( HR, Cadence, Power, etc. ). Had a ride where PM failed and data shows 0 watts while climbing a Cat 3 segment! I'm a paying premium customer, and you've been hearing this from users for literally YEARS.

  • Yes please.

    1. An option to remove an ANT+ data field.
    2. An option to manually add TSS to a ride where PM data doesn't exist or has been excluded.

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