Can I undo or delete Kudos?

There is no way to "undo" or take back Kudos at this time. Sorry for the trouble.

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  • I'd like to know as well. I figured it'd be similar to just "Unliking" on facebook or instagram, but there appears to be no way to undo it.

  • I clicked on the Kudos thumb by mistake once as well and felt a bit embarrassed that I couldn't remove it.

    I try to avoid Facebook-style "like me like me, pleeeeeeeeeze like me" things wherever I see them.  Most of the stuff on Strava can pretty useful so I guess they can be forgiven for trying to pander to the under 10's with the Kudos thing. It's just annoying when you click it by mistake (as I did when I first tried the Android app). 

  • Not being a savvy Strava user, I unknowingly gave kudos to someone from another country who asked to follow me.  Definitely a bummer that I can't undo the kudos.

    Please consider changing that feature (or lack thereof).  Thank you.

  • Pretty awful Strava

  • Has this been fixed? Crazy that you can't undo it, this just happened to me. on the mobile app it is way too easy to hit the thumb for a kudos by accident. awkward when on a strangers ride... please fix this issue

  • Yes, please fix this. It happened to me on the mobile app too. Now I feel like a stalker.



  • We should be able to withdraw accidental kudos. It just makes send to have this option.

  • *sense

  • Agree - add undo kudos please

  • Yep same here. Have accidentally given kudos twice and would really really like to be able to undo.

  • How hard would it be to create an "edit" or "undo" on Kudo's and comments for us Premium users? Please?

  • I recently emailed Strava about this topic, after posting in July.  They instructed me to post in the community forum - obviously I've done have many of us.

    The best thing you can do is continue to comment here.  Not sure anyone is listening, but I've learned emailing them does not help.

    Hey Strava, are you listening?

  • Ugh come on strava. Get it together.

  • Why can't there be an un do Kudos? Just gave kudos to someone I don't know. Duh...not cool.

  • ARgghhh! I've done it again, gone and gave Kudos by mistake, and no way to undo. GRRRRRR!

  • I can unlike things on Facebook. Why not unkudo on Strava? A mistake kudo is easily made, as I have repeatedly expetienced. It's such a small feature, it wouldn't hurt to add this, would it?

  • Please add an undo button.

  • Just done same.. Did a Google on & it brought me to this thread, which has at least reassured me I'm not the only one to have made this embarrassing digital gaff!! Grrr. Someone I was just simply randomly curious about, but neither know or admire. Damn! Incredibly easy button to tap by accident being on right of screen & leave a permanent mark behind, but then I suppose, to be fair, the clever boffins at Strava never entertained the rising incidence of 'mis-kudosing' by nosey - oops, I mean seeking inspiration! - athletes! However, 'undo' button please, nice Strava people! :-)

  • What's wrong with extra kudos!??  I'd be happy to have see an unexpected kudos on my feed... random acts of kindness?  Don't get wrapped up in just being "too nice", never regret being too nice!


  • I want to undo a Kudo! Sheesh, why can't Strave fix that ASAP???

  • It used to be possible by just clicking on the thumb again.  Why did you take this feature away and PLEASE bring it back.

  • It used to be possible to do just by clicking the thumb (now orange) again (turns back to gray).  PLEASE bring back this simple functionality!

  • Gave kudos for a ride that was flagged. Buddy obviously got in his car with his Strava still tracking. Shouldn't get kudos, and I look like an idiot. Let me undo.

  • Seriously Strava, this kind of thing could ruin somebody's life, you know better, make the change stop being a Dinosaur. 

  • This is a sort of passive aggressive behaviour like impossibility to block others to tag you in photos on facebook. The fact you didn't change this behaviour in more than one year means you don't want to that and for that I can only say: fuck you, endomondo and others are waiting to take over your users!

  • Seriously though- why can't we undo them?? It makes no sense. 

  • Yeah, real nice. Checked out a "fly-by" and somehow gave a kudos to someone I passed on the ride.  Nothing like looking like a creeper. 

  • Elle, thanks for the answer, but I think you can gather that it's a simple feature that many people would like. Why the reluctance to add "kudos undo"?

  • This is a really stupid oversight. 

  • Please save my life, I need to remove the kudos I accidentally gave to someone I promised not to give kudos to... please... please... please...  :(


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