Can I undo or delete Kudos?

There is no way to "undo" or take back Kudos at this time. Sorry for the trouble.

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  • Nearly 18 months of people complaining and really needing this function, yet the best response from Support is "There is no way to undo"? Not good enough!

    If the coders are smart enough to have flybys and upcoming real-time features, then they're smart enough to develop an undo to a static function.

    A very simple "feature" (sorry - necessity) that please will many of us punters!

  • Frankly, it's issues like this that keep me from becoming a premium member.  Strava, please figure this out so you can take my money!

  • Strava - many people have requested an 'undo' Kudos and yet nothing has been done. Why? We all know it's not a difficult task to make that feature available. Is it fun holding out on us? Sheesh, at this point I wouldn't buy the app (like others have stated) either!

  • Yup, like so many others I've accidentally given kudos to some random person. Incredible that Strava don't have the technical knowledge to develop an undo...

  • The saddest part is that the feature used to exist and Strava engineered it out. Poor decision on their part and one of the few reasons I haven't gone premium yet.

  • So do I say something or do I leave the accidental kudos just hanging there? I have absolutely no idea who this person is, I just had the exact same time up a climb today. Should I just hope he figures it out?

  • Can strava add buttons to confirm kudos/cancel kudos. That would fix the accidental kudos I just have given someone.

  • How Can I fully ** fix error 53 on iPhone 6** using this site? Can you help me?

  • so add the option. pretty damn simple.


  • Most other apps with kudos/thumbs up buttons will remove your kudos if you click it a second time. Prevents giving multiple kudos for 1 event.


  • Please fix this

  • FB allows you to "unlike" and it used to be possible here on Strava.  How is this any more difficult to reinstate unless your IT is in the practice of writing spaghetti code?

  • This simple ability needs to be added. While scrolling a club feed, I accidentally liked an activity with which I strongly disagree. I couldn't find anyway to remove it. This bothered me so much that I ended up putting a disclaimer in my profile to address it. Please fix this!

  • Please fix that, I should be able to undo the Kudos.

  • Please fix this
  • Please add this feature! It's kind of awkward when you accidentally kudos some random stranger.

  • Just received kudos from a non follower, saying well done, have a year's premium on us....his name is Charlie Goodson, don't click the link...unless you enjoy pornographic viruses! And I can't delete it from my feed.

  • Thanks for the tip Caroline.
    You might need to report to Strava in a different way, as I'd be sure they'd be upset if their site was being used to distribute porn, or any other sort of phishing scam.
    If they aren't then I might reconsider my use of it.

  • We have a known issue posted about the fraudulent activity and spam links on Strava.

  • Thanks Elle

  • How about the known issue that is the non existing feature called 'undo kudos'? That's what we're all really here for.

  • So I clicked on the thumb, because I wanted to see who'd 'liked' someone's ride and now it appears I've given them kudos. Can I undo this? Why not? The software changes should be trivial.

  • I think there's enough evidence to say this is bad UX design. Strava should know better, way better.

  • This feature used to exist. It seems strange that even with so much input Strava refuses to roll back the code to put it back. This is the sort of thing that makes me want to leave Strava and move on to a different community.

  • Wow, this is a fail on Strava's behalf. Such a simple request too...

  • Please add an undo Kudos feature.

  • Po

  • An undo Kudos option is needed.

  • C'mon Strava! I've been using your site long enough to know that this used to be possible by simply clicking on the icon a second time. How about you help out all your fat-fingered members like me and reinstate that simple feature?????

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