Can I undo or delete Kudos?

There is no way to "undo" or take back Kudos at this time. Sorry for the trouble.

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  • Please,

    Create an "undo" feature, or an option that can provide the activity owner delete a kudo or comment.
    All of us thanks!

  • Strava, add the undo-feature, please!

  • Make it happen already !

  • How many comments does Strava need to have to take action on this matter??

  • Strava, I think the case is made from a user perspective. Really would like to see this implemented. But seeing how old some of these messages you read this thread ?

  • I think it's clear that Strava has no intention of responding. Perhaps posting these types of issue outside of the Strava forum will give the general public some visibility of their customer service. Very disappointing that I have yet to see a response.

  • Please Strava. Fix it. I'm feeling like a stalker. No fix = no premium

  • Yep, this and other similar problems are why I'm not a premium member. Would pay for it if I felt users were listened to.

  • It's been made pretty clear this is a feature users want. It's also a feature which was in play previously, so it's not as if it presents an engineering, manpower or financial burden to Strava to implement. At least provide us with an explanation as to why you haven't added this feature back in. I would like it back please

  • I want this feature too... I just accidentally gave Kudos to some random stranger after taking their KOM... I feel like they may take it as a sarcastic up-vote... Please change this!

  • Strava - there is no monetary advantage for your company to stock up on Kudos. This is the most bs feature through the app or browser. Simply scrolling and accidentally tapping the kudos makes it ok to not have an undo feature. Most social media apps allow undo. Get with it and fix this.

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    Simple. Logical. And that's the way kudos used to work, too. Why doesn't it work like that any more?

    I just clicked the thumbs up on someone's three year old ride, cos I noticed that a strong segment time was by a guy I used to ride with, and I wondered if I was on that ride with him, so I clicked on the kudos button to see if I'd given kudos at the time. I hadn't, so Strava added it. Three years after the event. With no way to undo it. Therefore, no doubt sending an alert and/or an email to a guy I no longer ride with, about a three year old segment time I wasn't there for.

    Entirely awkward. Entirely unnecessary (and, not entirely logically, if I'd clicked the comment icon it would have taken me to a screen with those who'd given kudos anyway).

    There's a reason it is the way it is. Please explain properly. Don't just give a dead-end non-answer by saying 'you're not currently able to do that'.

    Premium membership cancelled until a decent answer is given - fix isn't necessarily required, just a legit answer.

  • I've just done this on someone I recently followed, looking for new route ideas and I accidently pressed the kudos button. Now I look like a stalker!
    Strava get your act together and make an unkudo feature!!

  • Yep, just gave kudos to a woman I don't know when looking at a fly by. Really hope she isn't creeped out. Come on Strava, It should be an easy fix to undo

  • This is really problematic and Strava needs to start listening to their customers. Strava is not Facebook and I don't wish to treat it as such. There should at least be an option to disallow Kudos for those you are not following or are not following you.

  • Has this been resolved yet? I accidentally just hit the kudos by mistake. I simply want to undo it.

  • Strava you guys seriously suck for not having fixed this after all these years.

  • Is anyone at Strava reading this thread? I'm the latest victim of this feature. Please fix!

  • I just accidently gave kudos for a walk of 0 km. I want to undo it so I don't look like an idiot!
    After reading the above comments I can't believe we just can't reverse an accidental kudos.
    Why can't it be done?
    Policy or Technical?

  • I'm another supporter of an undo feature. Just made the same mistake.

  • Please sort this undo kudos issue it is quite primitive not to be able undo something that was pressed in error, particularly as the return to previous page button, is directly above the kudos button on iOS

  • Just accidentally added a kudos to someone I don't know who just beat me on a segment. Can't believe there isn't a way to undo this. Especiall as this compaint has been running so long.

  • It seems like a really ashamed there isn't an undo function on kudos and every mistake is forever

  • Please add an undo Kudos feature!!!!!!!!!

  • So, I just checked out a fly-by to see who rode by me without asking if I was OK after a nasty spill, and I accidentally gave a kudos. I really really would like to be able to undo this kudos as I in no way feel a kudos is appropriate in this situation.
    STRAVA, you really need to address this!

  • Dear Strava - I have been following this complaint string for over 2.5 years now and I have see no response what so ever from you on any reasoning for your decision to not implement an undo option on Kudos based on all of the input that you have received. To not provide any comment is a slap in the face of your "customers". Remember, those who are paying you are your customers. Please start treating us like a valuable customers. There are other options.

  • The lack of such basic features makes me think twice to renew my premium membership next year. This thread is running since 2014. Time to take action or let your customers know that you are / aren't implementing this.

  • Fat fingers strike again. Please enable undo kudos.

  • Strava wtf.... awesome.... thanks for not designing that simple radio button unclick feature in your app....... facepalm

  • I have often accidentally clicked on Kudos to people who rode same day and don't know me. I have even accidentally given comments to the wrong person. I'd like to be able to delete it even if it had to be done with 24 hrs or something like that.

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