Can I undo or delete Kudos?

There is no way to "undo" or take back Kudos at this time. Sorry for the trouble.

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  • I changed my mind about this..

    a Kudos is a small yet purely positive gesture,
    like a smile I guess and you don't undo smiles =)

    there is absolutely no harm in giving one too many!

  • I cannot believe Strava does not have a method of removing a Kudos. This seems like an easy fix!! I accidentally gave a kudos to someone and have no way of removing it. Minor League programming. Please fix this!!!!!

  • I also accidentally gave a kudos to a person i meant to unfollow and cant get it back, its not that i dont want to give kudos, but i just want to give it to a person who has nice personality. If strava cant or wont fix this basic feature, i guess i have to find another app.

  • It's been 3 years or so and still not ability to undo a kudos? C'mon- Facebook and other social media type services have this. Why not Strava? Not sure I'm going to renew now that Strava is mainstream and lately having been experiencing more bugs and quirks.

  • I'm posting on this only to say thanks for keeping me entertained this afternoon. This thread made great reading :) Amazing how hung up folk are about un-kudos. If that's the most important feature in Strava, then I think you may be missing the point of it....

  • It's the fact that this thread gets ignored for so long with such a simple request that upsets people (rightfully).

  • Still not possible to undo kudos? unbelievable!

  • +1 for me. How hard can it be? Just clicking the kudo button again to undo.

    I just wanted to see who kudo-ed an activity and *BAM*: I did too.

    At least at facebook, you can unlike easily...

  • Even more ridiculous is having kudos in the first place. YAY you liked my activity. What does this accomplish? Self gratification? Learning to use a mouse or new touch screen? It's another way to promote something that has no real value except to feed ones ego. Even worse Strava and the elitists who crave kudos, kom's, and bragging are trying to steer users away from curating on other social media platforms. They want athletes to do all of that here on their site. It's all so hypocritical. Strava can promote an activity with view counts. Thumbs up counts - who really cares if someone else 'likes' my activity. Just let us disable likes or comments altogether.

  • Another dissatisfied customer. I accidentally gave Kudos when browsing local athletes, but can't remove it.

  • This is such a basic function I cannot understand you aren't adding it. It's a nuisance and embarrassment to a level it makes me not wanting to use Strava anymore. At least I will not go Premium without this feature.

  • Ridiculous you can't remove a kudos you hit by error. Strava sees so many people asking for it, yet they do nothing.

  • Not that many people asking for it though, are there? A user base of over a million, and just 5 pages of comments over about 3 years. I'd imagine that there are more important things on the development horizon, and I'd be surprised if anyone there is reading this now. I read it for entertainment.

  • Strava, you've had enough time to fix this. I've clicked on plenty of useless updates of yours; why not make this your next one?

  • Guys, come on.... to 'undo' an accidental kudos 'like' is a basic functionality!!!
    What are the reasons for NOT including this option? I can't believe its technical!!!!
    Deal with it.

  • Please add the option to delete or undo a kudos!

  • I do not believe that for four years people ask for the undo feature and Strava didn't do it yet, this is not a good relationship between Strava and the athletics users

  • I can't understand why this can't be allowed. Nor why Strava don't give their rational/justification for it.
    Perhaps some clever clogs will work out how to intercept the kudos message inside Strava (do the job for them), I'll be happier to not have the ability to give kudo rather than not be able to take it back when done inadvertently.
    I was woken at 3am by some stranger giving me Strava kudos, I assume a mistake my him. And peevingly in my sleepy state I gave him one back - the last this I wanted to do.
    Nor do I want to give a thumb's up to idiots, show-off, aggressors, dictators, rude people, ...

  • Please fix this Strava, it’s way too easy to do it by mistake.

  • I just accidentally gave my friend kudos for his bad run when he decided to call it, would be nice to un-do that one.

  • It's a shame for Strava team that this issue is still open.

    It bothers a lot. Now the App showed someone strange that was at the same time and place running and by accident I gave the kudo and cant remove.

  • It's 2018. The problem is still up to date. Unbelievable

  • The 2018 blog about 2017 stats shows 2.3 Billion Kudos on strava. Isn't it funny that there are so many comments here, proving that there would be less kudos if user could take them away?

    I don't give nearly as many kudos as I would if I could remove a kudos.

    Also, I'd give more kudos if Strava did what Facebook/instagram/twitter do and load up my feed with other popular people to follow (but that's a different topic ,sorry)

  • Guys, seriously - this is needed. I too hit kudos by mistake (phone screen!) and no way to undo it - ridiculous!!! That and uploading images to strava, other than by phone. Come one guys

  • On Feb 25th of 2014, Elle Anderson kindly informed us, "There is no way to "undo" or take back a Kudo at this time. Sorry for the trouble." It is now Jan 7th of 2018. Do you think Strava will do something about this issue by the upcoming 4th anniversary of this question? How humiliating that a simple code fix has yet to be implemented on a platform purporting to be social media, despite the repeated questions by users for the PAST FOUR YEARS.

  • Since 2014 and still there is no resolution on this? Why is it so difficult to undo a like its just 2 pieces of code ??

  • Strava's power and influence is in the social part of the broader Strava community. On the app, I can't see who's given kudos without clicking kudos. Get what's happening there...

    To see who's given another user kudos, I need to click Kudos, and the app gives them kudos, and I didn't want to give them kudos, but I can't un-kudos them, so I can't be social and see without giving kudos. Your product manager, (insert the your accountable product manager here) forces me to give kudos to see that list. This part of your solution sucks!

    See how that is crap, Mr/Ms. Strava app/website product manager? This is to you, specifically.

    Make your experience more frictionless, please.


  • Hi @Jeff Sieben, I once struggled with that part of the app too. But I have since figured out how to do what you're trying to do without accidentally giving a kudos. If you click on the icon for the c *comment* rather than for a kudos, it brings up the screen with all of the comments *AND* the people who have given kudos. And you don't even have to give a comment either, you're just clicking on the comment icon. This works whether or not anyone has actually left a comment yet. It merely brings up the screen allowing you to see any comments and the kudos. And it's not even any additional steps. You just simply click comment icon rather than the kudos icon. It couldn't be simpler.
    Problem solved Jeff!

  • Please implement a simple tap to undo! This is ridiculous and misclicks happen.

  • Several times I have accidentally given Kudos whilst scrolling on the Strava App - easily done. Please reinstate the long lost ability to remove Kudos for instances such as this.

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