Can I undo or delete Kudos?

There is no way to "undo" or take back Kudos at this time. Sorry for the trouble.

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  • Another simple to implement feature asked for by it's customers that Strava is ignoring.

  • Yes, please, another request for unkudosing!

  • Obviously Strava developers never read this.. we need a remove kudos function to remove accidental clicks on give kudos

  • PLEASE, PLEASE provide an “undo kudos” facility. It seems to be a rather simple thing to provide, and I cannot understand why it has not implemented. I Gave kudos to what I thought was a normal bike ride, which turned out to be on a e-bike.

  • I waved at someone when I was running, then I realised it was not who I thought it was. What should I do?!! 😱

  • @Nick Grahame, the difference is your waving wont be available to anyone on the internet to see.

  • And the accidental Kudos is about as transient as the accidental wave. No one cares who gives kudos to who.

  • And the accidental Kudos is about as transient as the accidental wave. No one cares who gives kudos to who.

  • Wow Strava, that pretty LAMED! For all the technologies, someone can't take the time to address something so simple. Disappointed!!!

  • 5 years people have been asking about this really simple change that's evidently important to some. This attitude is why I don't bother subscribing to Strava

  • So... WHEN?!

  • Was reading a comment where someone called my friend a bitch and I accidentally tapped Kudos on his activity. Should be obvious why I'd want to "undo" the kudos, he's a sexist jerk.

  • Wasting your breath. So long as you keep paying Strava, they dgaf. They do what they want and the customer can f.o

  • Plenty of people want it so why not put it back?

  • I have given a kudos to someone who is cheating and misusing the strava app. need to remove it please. this is a priority
    do advise

  • Dato che è molto facile che accada di mettere un kudos senza volerlo, mi auguro vivamente che possiate abilitare il prima possibile questa funzione, a me è successo di guardare il profilo di una persona che non stimo assolutamente e che mentre nella vita è una pessima persona nello sport va "forte" e quindi il fatto di non poter più togliere il kudos
    mi ha causato molto dispiacere. Grazie per la disponibilità.

    e sono

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