Can I undo or delete Kudos?

There is no way to "undo" or take back Kudos at this time. Sorry for the trouble.

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  • Could never pay for service this negligent for their customers..

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  • Yea I dropped my membership over this and a few other bad behaviour items by strava. Attacking Relive was the last straw for me. Have decided to put my money into a open community strava replacement project and leetch off of strava until that is ready. I don't need the extra feature, I can get better and for free from golden cheetah and elevate.

    Given the time/length of this thread it's obvious that strava DNGAF about their users. We are the product. We are cattle to them.

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  • Still not able in 2020 🙄

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  • Ya... Funny. I fumbled-clicked another yesterday and wished I could un-do it. This one was no big deal for me but WHY ON EARTH CAN'T STRAVA IMPLEMENT THIS BASIC FEATURE? Facebook has it. Twitter has it. Is this political or corporate greed / desperation motivated? What is the real story? Can anyone who works for Strava tell us what is going on? A little toggle button is not that big of a deal to implement on today's Internet. Seriously please add this. I've paid you guys plenty...

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  • It should be possible to withdraw Kudos. It can be accidentally given or discovered that it is undeserved.

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