Can I undo or delete Kudos?

There is no way to "undo" or take back Kudos at this time. Sorry for the trouble.

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  • Fat fingers strike again. Please enable undo kudos.

  • Strava wtf.... awesome.... thanks for not designing that simple radio button unclick feature in your app....... facepalm

  • I have often accidentally clicked on Kudos to people who rode same day and don't know me. I have even accidentally given comments to the wrong person. I'd like to be able to delete it even if it had to be done with 24 hrs or something like that.

  • Good luck with a response. They don't really care about their customers.

  • Hey Strava folks. Wondering what the reason is for not providing a function to remove kudos? It's really awkward not being able to retract one if you've given it by accident - very easy to do. A bit clunky that this app is still in the dark ages regarding this, despite the countless requests ppl have made here over the past cpl years. Any explanation? Thanks! ;)

  • Pls add a 'remove kudos' option, Strava. It's time...

  • I can assure you Strava people I'll never go premium until you sort this function out!

  • Hey, Strava! I've been following this thread for nearly three years now, since I first posted about the issue.
    It's really unbelievable to see comments and traffic to this question for three years, with nothing being done on your part to make changes. And now, with people (including myself) paying for your service, it's truly a disservice to us all.
    There hasn't been an official Strava response to this thread since 2014. Will you follow up please?

  • Let's temporary rate the app on the iTunes Store / Google Play with lowest rating. This could anyone noticed.

  • Why would anybody purchase Premium Strava when Strava refuses to add an 'undo Kudos' feature?

  • Add me to the growing group of people that is quite annoyed by your, STRAVA's, ignorance to implement such a thing to redo errors and remove Kudos. Would never go Premuim seeing this non-existing customer orientation.

  • I too inadvertently gave kudos to rider when attempting to check who did previously and now cannot undo. The tool has been poaching an closed area and doesn't deserve recognition for doing so :-(

  • Still no undo feature, Its stuff like this that stops me going premium!!

  • Another perspective on this has not been mentioned. I received a totally random kudo from someone (they're a runner, I'm a cyclist) who lives in a totally different part of the country. While my uploaded ride is not marked private, how the hell can someone "find" my activity, if I have a "request to follow" setting on my profile? My conspiracy theory is someone at Strava gave me the kudo...

    So, I would like the ability to edit any kudo that I give or RECEIVE..

  • Fed up of giving Kudos when not meaning to. Button is right where I scroll the screen. Can we just have a undo option - can't be that difficult surely

  • David A.D.

    If you take part in segments then people can see where you placed on a segment. The only way to avoid that is to mark every activity you do as private. I get plenty of kudos from random people I haven't heard of.

  • Does it really matter? I get random kudos occasionally, probably because of someone else's fat fingers. It only has meaning if you give it meaning. And if you give a kudo by mistake, just move on. Life is too short to get bent out of shape about tiny problems.

  • It's been three years since Strava's original response to the issue. As part of diligent customer services, it would behoove management to update responses to larger active issues. Surely, management has noticed that 1) the response is aged and 2) the comment count is high. Meeting customer needs equals growing your market and increasing product credibility. Just a thought on customer service. Thanks.

  • Gave a Kudos to a random, i am not a stalker. Strava needs to implement the ability to take back Kudos.

  • Just leave a comment telling the person that the kudo was an accident. Done.

  • Ha Aaron. That's the funniest thing I've heard so far on this long running thread... 'apologizing for accidental kudo'!

  • I can't believe there's *THIS MANY* people upset about accidentally giving a kudos. What's the big deal? We've all done it, we've all been the recipient of them too. It means absolutely nothing. Please, go back to caring about something that actually does matter.
    For those of you complaining, would you ever want to take back or undue a "good morning" or "thank you" to someone on the street? Not very likely. So why would you want to undo a "kudos", even if by accident?
    Let. It. Go.

  • The comment solution works - example here:

  • Aaron, it might work in some instances, but certainly not in others.

    When I first commented in this thread, I had inadvertently liked up a "run" while scrolling down one of the vegan clubs I'm in on mobile. I'm generous with kudos, so normally this wouldn't be a big deal. But, just moments later, the user's activity changed from a run to fishing. This user was in a bunch of vegan groups, but very clearly had no business being there. I'm a vegan for ethical reasons. I would absolutely NEVER like up an activity involving the killing of an animal. There is absolutely no way in such a situation that I'm then going to comment to explain the accidental kudo, when I find the activity itself so repulsive, just to let others know that I didn't like up the activity on purpose. That's a great way to become the subject of unneeded harassment and I don't need that. So, it's not always a viable solution.

    I am going to unsubscribe from this topic... once again, as I can't keep up with the emails and my last attempt clearly did not take. It has become apparent that site management has no interest in resolving this issue, despite numerous user requests, so continuing to follow the thread is rather pointless. Kudos should be able to be undone. It should not be up to us to have to explain our way out of them. It's really as simple as that.


  • Amazing that Strava continues to ignore the issue and the many complaints!

  • +1. I'd like to be able to remove a like or kudos.

  • know what's funny?
    you can easily undo a vote (up/down = yes/no buttons)
    here in the comments, simply by clicking it twice.

    simple and sufficient.
    add that for kudos please!

  • For a problem reported over three years ago, it's crazy that the problem (to remove "mistaken" kudo) is still not resolved.

  • Strava...where can I vote for this. This is a standard functionality these days.

  • Pls add a 'remove kudos' option

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