Can I undo or delete Kudos?

There is no way to "undo" or take back Kudos at this time. Sorry for the trouble.

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  • This simple ability needs to be added. While scrolling a club feed, I accidentally liked an activity with which I strongly disagree. I couldn't find anyway to remove it. This bothered me so much that I ended up putting a disclaimer in my profile to address it. Please fix this!

  • I want this feature too... I just accidentally gave Kudos to some random stranger after taking their KOM... I feel like they may take it as a sarcastic up-vote... Please change this!

  • Yep, this and other similar problems are why I'm not a premium member. Would pay for it if I felt users were listened to.

  • It used to be possible by just clicking on the thumb again.  Why did you take this feature away and PLEASE bring it back.

  • Strava wtf.... awesome.... thanks for not designing that simple radio button unclick feature in your app....... facepalm

  • I've just done this on someone I recently followed, looking for new route ideas and I accidently pressed the kudos button. Now I look like a stalker!
    Strava get your act together and make an unkudo feature!!

  • Please fix that, I should be able to undo the Kudos.

  • The lack of such basic features makes me think twice to renew my premium membership next year. This thread is running since 2014. Time to take action or let your customers know that you are / aren't implementing this.

  • Still no undo feature, Its stuff like this that stops me going premium!!

  • The 2018 blog about 2017 stats shows 2.3 Billion Kudos on strava. Isn't it funny that there are so many comments here, proving that there would be less kudos if user could take them away?

    I don't give nearly as many kudos as I would if I could remove a kudos.

    Also, I'd give more kudos if Strava did what Facebook/instagram/twitter do and load up my feed with other popular people to follow (but that's a different topic ,sorry)

  • For a problem reported over three years ago, it's crazy that the problem (to remove "mistaken" kudo) is still not resolved.

  • We have a known issue posted about the fraudulent activity and spam links on Strava.

  • Guys, come on.... to 'undo' an accidental kudos 'like' is a basic functionality!!!
    What are the reasons for NOT including this option? I can't believe its technical!!!!
    Deal with it.

  • Fed up of giving Kudos when not meaning to. Button is right where I scroll the screen. Can we just have a undo option - can't be that difficult surely

  • I seem to have received a spam kudos. I was able to block the user but since it looks like some kind of they are using some porn star's photos for the profile, I would like to delete the kudo. How can I do this, please?

    UPDATE: The issue was resolved somehow and the spam kudo is gone. Thanks!

  • Hi Strava,

    Please let us to be able to get back kudos.

    People sometimes make mistake, and we need the option to get back wrong kudos.

  • It seems like a really ashamed there isn't an undo function on kudos and every mistake is forever

  • Strava - there is no monetary advantage for your company to stock up on Kudos. This is the most bs feature through the app or browser. Simply scrolling and accidentally tapping the kudos makes it ok to not have an undo feature. Most social media apps allow undo. Get with it and fix this.

  • Just received kudos from a non follower, saying well done, have a year's premium on us....his name is Charlie Goodson, don't click the link...unless you enjoy pornographic viruses! And I can't delete it from my feed.

  • Another dissatisfied customer. I accidentally gave Kudos when browsing local athletes, but can't remove it.

  • I think there's enough evidence to say this is bad UX design. Strava should know better, way better.

  • Yep, just gave kudos to a woman I don't know when looking at a fly by. Really hope she isn't creeped out. Come on Strava, It should be an easy fix to undo

  • Please add an undo Kudos feature.

  • On Feb 25th of 2014, Elle Anderson kindly informed us, "There is no way to "undo" or take back a Kudo at this time. Sorry for the trouble." It is now Jan 7th of 2018. Do you think Strava will do something about this issue by the upcoming 4th anniversary of this question? How humiliating that a simple code fix has yet to be implemented on a platform purporting to be social media, despite the repeated questions by users for the PAST FOUR YEARS.

  • Please add this feature! It's kind of awkward when you accidentally kudos some random stranger.

  • Please add the option to delete or undo a kudos!

  • It's a shame for Strava team that this issue is still open.

    It bothers a lot. Now the App showed someone strange that was at the same time and place running and by accident I gave the kudo and cant remove.

  • We also need to be able to remove kudos received from fake athletes. Strava starts to have a lot of spam. They shall monitor this and ban them.

  • Just accidentally added a kudos to someone I don't know who just beat me on a segment. Can't believe there isn't a way to undo this. Especiall as this compaint has been running so long.

  • Ridiculous you can't remove a kudos you hit by error. Strava sees so many people asking for it, yet they do nothing.

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