Can I undo or delete Kudos?

There is no way to "undo" or take back Kudos at this time. Sorry for the trouble.

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  • If for some reason Strava is not capable of "undoing" a kudos, then why not insert an alert step into the process, eg:
    "You are about to give kudos to [name]. Do you wish to proceed? Yes/No"

  • Pretty awful Strava

  • I can assure you Strava people I'll never go premium until you sort this function out!

  • Would like to know what's Strava's strategy behind this decision.

  • Let's temporary rate the app on the iTunes Store / Google Play with lowest rating. This could anyone noticed.

  • Yep same here. Have accidentally given kudos twice and would really really like to be able to undo.

  • I clicked on the Kudos thumb by mistake once as well and felt a bit embarrassed that I couldn't remove it.

    I try to avoid Facebook-style "like me like me, pleeeeeeeeeze like me" things wherever I see them.  Most of the stuff on Strava can pretty useful so I guess they can be forgiven for trying to pander to the under 10's with the Kudos thing. It's just annoying when you click it by mistake (as I did when I first tried the Android app). 

  • Has this been fixed? Crazy that you can't undo it, this just happened to me. on the mobile app it is way too easy to hit the thumb for a kudos by accident. awkward when on a strangers ride... please fix this issue

  • know what's funny?
    you can easily undo a vote (up/down = yes/no buttons)
    here in the comments, simply by clicking it twice.

    simple and sufficient.
    add that for kudos please!

  • Ha Aaron. That's the funniest thing I've heard so far on this long running thread... 'apologizing for accidental kudo'!

  • Amazing that Strava continues to ignore the issue and the many complaints!

  • Pls add a 'remove kudos' option, Strava. It's time...

  • What's wrong with extra kudos!??  I'd be happy to have see an unexpected kudos on my feed... random acts of kindness?  Don't get wrapped up in just being "too nice", never regret being too nice!


  • ^ ^ That

    Mark Holliday...yes!

    "You are about to give kudos to [name]. Giving kudos on Strava a permanent action--i.e. it is un-doable. Do you wish to proceed? Yes/


  • I want to undo a Kudo! Sheesh, why can't Strave fix that ASAP???

  • It's the fact that this thread gets ignored for so long with such a simple request that upsets people (rightfully).

  • I'd like to know as well. I figured it'd be similar to just "Unliking" on facebook or instagram, but there appears to be no way to undo it.

  • +1. I'd like to be able to remove a like or kudos.

  • Seriously though- why can't we undo them?? It makes no sense. 

  • Does it really matter? I get random kudos occasionally, probably because of someone else's fat fingers. It only has meaning if you give it meaning. And if you give a kudo by mistake, just move on. Life is too short to get bent out of shape about tiny problems.

  • It's been 3 years or so and still not ability to undo a kudos? C'mon- Facebook and other social media type services have this. Why not Strava? Not sure I'm going to renew now that Strava is mainstream and lately having been experiencing more bugs and quirks.

  • Hey, Strava! I've been following this thread for nearly three years now, since I first posted about the issue.
    It's really unbelievable to see comments and traffic to this question for three years, with nothing being done on your part to make changes. And now, with people (including myself) paying for your service, it's truly a disservice to us all.
    There hasn't been an official Strava response to this thread since 2014. Will you follow up please?

  • Agree - add undo kudos please

  • Ugh come on strava. Get it together.

  • Still no undo button? Put up some pressure in the dev lab. Thanks

  • ARgghhh! I've done it again, gone and gave Kudos by mistake, and no way to undo. GRRRRRR!

  • Why can't there be an un do Kudos? Just gave kudos to someone I don't know. Duh...not cool.

  • I can unlike things on Facebook. Why not unkudo on Strava? A mistake kudo is easily made, as I have repeatedly expetienced. It's such a small feature, it wouldn't hurt to add this, would it?

  • Dear Strava - I have been following this complaint string for over 2.5 years now and I have see no response what so ever from you on any reasoning for your decision to not implement an undo option on Kudos based on all of the input that you have received. To not provide any comment is a slap in the face of your "customers". Remember, those who are paying you are your customers. Please start treating us like a valuable customers. There are other options.

  • Please add an undo button.

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