Can I undo or delete Kudos?

There is no way to "undo" or take back Kudos at this time. Sorry for the trouble.

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  • Still no undo button? Put up some pressure in the dev lab. Thanks

  • I accidentally gave kudos to a friend of a friend, who I don’t know myself, for an activity they did years ago. I feel mortified and would like to undo it. Please facilitate and introduce this feature.

  • Please add the ability to remove a kudos. As others have said it is easy to do accidentally when scrolling on a phone.

  • yea fix this shit or i cancel my premium account. im tired of accidently giving kudos due to touch screen scrolling.

  • Guys, a "kudos" is the same as a "good morning", "good day", or "good evening". You wouldn't want to take back a "good morning", even if it was to a stranger in line at Starbucks would you? So why would you want to take back a Kudos??? Seriously. Are you all that mean that you would want to take back a "good morning" after it was already spoken out loud? SMH...

  • Bolocks!, Strava's developer needs to listen to the users here. Clearly we dont want this idiotic functionality. Its not a "good morning" its the same as "liking" and if im navigating on a touchscreen interface unintended clicks can cause an unintended "like" of an activity. I have never heard a lamer explanation in my life.. No this is a full stop, will not renew my pro account bug if not fixed.

  • Makes sense to be able to remove the mistakenly clicked kudos. Come on Strava. Get it done.

  • I seem to have received a spam kudos. I was able to block the user but since it looks like some kind of they are using some porn star's photos for the profile, I would like to delete the kudo. How can I do this, please?

    UPDATE: The issue was resolved somehow and the spam kudo is gone. Thanks!

  • i received a kudos from an unknown user with a pornographic profile picture. Because I can't remove kudos, I deleted the ride altogether. Deleting kudos would be a useful feature

  • We also need to be able to remove kudos received from fake athletes. Strava starts to have a lot of spam. They shall monitor this and ban them.

  • This is stupid that you can not delete a kudos... Strava you need to fix this!

  • About kudos received from fake athletes, I have asked Strava and they were able to remove them. Cool. They just need to add the ability to remove them automatically when we block an athlete, and this would be great.

  • Worst thing about Strava. In fact, the only thing wrong, full stop. But a very, very bad thing. A Horrendous policy.

  • Strava please enable the undo option

  • Strava please enable the undo option

  • Hi Strava,

    Please let us to be able to get back kudos.

    People sometimes make mistake, and we need the option to get back wrong kudos.

  • 4 years later and we still are asking for the feature. Please let undo kudos

  • I'm boycotting giving any kudos until this is fixed.

  • Since Strava is not listening the wish of the community for all this years we may start a "No Kudos strike"! :) :) :)

  • Amusingly Strava have introduced new and exciting ways to give kudos across many social media platforms, but you still can’t undo a kudos given in error, despite assurances I was given by direct from an employee, go premium what’s the point, Strava it’s time to act on this!

  • yea just boycott kudos and link to this article on social media with the hashtag #nokudos

  • It's appalling that the given solution is, "There is no way to..." — when this is the exact deal-breaker that disillusioned and alienated us in the first place. For every user taking time to comment on this thread, there must be thousands equally infuriated but without enough confidence in the system to bother writing. I hope a simple fix comes before any further boycott of users.

  • Robin, I don't expect a fix, this is not a problem of ability but rather a problem of willingness. Rather than a thumbs up, Strava is, in this case, raising a different finger to its users.

  • #kudosfail #worstfeatures

  • Can't quite believe that the original question was asked over 4 years ago!!! Shocking that Strava haven't addressed this issue. I gave Kudos to a friend and afterwards realised an ex had also given Kudos (didn't know they were friends), ended up having to Block him and change my name on Strava. Surely it's a very simple process by Strava. Thinking of leaving Strava now and certainly won't recommend to friends.

  • Please add an undo button.

  • Yes, please add this. Accidentally liked someone’s ride and its def awkward that i did. Please add the ability to undo kudos.

  • Please implement a toggle for kudos. If you can Like/Unlike videos in YouTube, why can't you have a similar function in Strava?

  • I just gave kudos to an impressive looking ride that claimed space on several prominent leaderboards. I just discovered that it was done on an e-bike, and I really, really do NOT want e-bike riders to be cluttering up leaderboards with false results, much less being someone who apparently supports and applauds this dishonesty!!

  • I swear I used to be able to do this, and now I can't undo. Is this a new change on the iOS app?

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