Can I crop an indoor activity?

The crop tool can be used to trim data from the beginning or end of an activity. Unfortunately, this tool does not work on activities without GPS data such as indoor run or stationary ride at this time. 

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  • When will this be fixed?

  • This feature will be useful!

  • same here, just ended up with another 17 hour session :P

  • Sorry folks! Your feedback is certainly heard. Please feel free to reach out to our team with a direct support request as we'd be happy to help in the meantime. 

  • Definitely would be useful!

  • I've got a 45 hour session - whoo hoo!

  • I forgot to reset the Garmin after a trainer session, so my commute was in the same file. I really wanted to keep my laps, but I don't know of any external crop tool that can do that. So, I uploaded it as a normal ride (not stationary), cropped it then changed it to a stationary ride. This worked except for the heart rate zone times which are all zero, but that seems to be a bug that happens any time there are GPS points in a stationary trainer ride e.g. when I forget to turn GPS off before recording a trainer ride.

  • Looking forward to when this is avaiable.

  • Any news on if this feature is happening. I have a 20 min segment that is just recording heart rate so has obviously effected power/ effort etc. 

    not hugely important for this file but in the future an option to crop by time would be really helpful

  • Nice if i dont need  to make a request to your support team every time i forget to stop my garmin. Last session was 49 hours. :)

  • I need my Nov 5, 2015 ride cropped at 1:16

  • It would be great if the ability to crop non-GPS recorded rides can be added. 

  • Users have been requesting this for two years, how hard can it be? I can fix this in about 30 seconds in Sport Tracks software.
  • Is there a fix for this very frustrating problem yet? I'm very close to cancelling my subscription if it's not fixed soon!

  • +1 This would be a nice feature, for now submitting a support request

  • Same here, please add the option of cropping stationary workouts.

  • +1 ... was very surprised this wasn't supported when I went searching the interwebs this morning.

  • Oh dear, still not fixed? C'mon Strava, this is not rocket science.

  • come on guys when will this be fixed?

  • Yeah this is a really useful tool - a few times ive been on the Wattbike at the Gym and forgot to press stop on my garmin.

  • This would be super useful and help the app go in a very cool direction, that of user-flexibility and user-control. A lot of folks who use Strava are competent with tech and want to use the app because of their attention to details, stats and data. Therefore having a feature such as the crop tool and applying it across all activity types makes sense because whether you are stopping your workout on a treadmill, indoor track, outdoor run, bike, or because of a mid-activity transit or whatever, this is an intuitive tool to have in the toolbox.

  • +1 for requesting this feature.

  • We need this!

  • product dev should focus on addressing customer pain points.. this seems like a pain point.. :) hopefully this request will find its way to the backlog!

  • How come this 2015 problem isn't fix yet? If only complaining isn't a chore, I bet a lot would already complain about this. I'm still hoping for a fix!

  • I need this one too! just got a 24 our ride forgetting to press some button!

  • Dude. This was originally lodged in 2014. The clock just ticked 2018. And the holdup is that the visualization requires GPS data?! Meh! Use time for goodness sake!

    Seriously, all the great development that's happened in the last 4 years and nobody could find the time to address THIS?!

  • This would be a nice feature, come on Strava, help us out. I just had to delete a trainer ride that appeared as 44 hours since I forgot to reset after my last ride. I wonder if there is a way to crop the .fit file from Garmin?

  • This needs to be fixed !

  • After 4 years, still not fixed?!! I'd like to see this available.

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