How to restore a deleted activity

At this time, there isn't a tool to restore a deleted activity yourself. With the Strava mobile app, as long as the activity was successfully saved and synced to Strava previously, our Support Team can manually restore the deleted activity to your account. Unfortunately, if a Strava app recording is discarded before it is saved, then the data cannot be recovered. Contact us directly by submitting a support ticket through either the help site or the mobile app. For compatible devices, consider uploading the original file from your device or re-sync the activity to Strava.

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  • I thought I was deleting a segment but deleted a Ride instead.

    How about that after hitting the delete button a confirmation screen pops up saying "you are about to delete your Morning Ride". Are you sure?

  • On the desktop version, under "My Activities" I can see a list of all my activities. I have the option to edit or delete them from here. All good the way it is.

    However, could is also not be possible to add a button "unhide deleted activities" which would then show all those deleted activities that can still be undeleted, and against each one give the option to undelete? That would cut down on a lot of requests that users could otherwise handle themselves.

  • Another suggestion to solve the problem of accidentally deleted activities is to give a moratorium of say, 24 hours until which user can restore the activity manually through an appropriate item in the menu. You could send an email to the user to that effect so that user gets alerted to accidental deletions and take remedial steps within the moratorium period. In fact the email could contain the link to initiate the restoration process.

    Satish Annigeri (

  • The "are you sure you want to delete it?" Prompt is good way to safe guard people from accidentally deleting a ride. Another consideration is that it goes into the trash can, and remains there until the user goes in to clear it - no different to Windows or Macs.

  • Hi,
    I accidentaly deleted my activity today, please help me and restore it for me.

    Ride 76miles, from Strava App.


  • Strava, why not add an "are you sure" window, at least for mobile?

  • The 'are you sure' button is handy, but how about a delay between stopping a run and being able to delete? This morning, I managed to delete my run whilst taking my phone out of my armband- a delay would avoid this. Thanks!

  • A recycle bin that keeps deleted activities for e.g. 30 days.

  • I think it's crazy that it's so hard to undelete a run. I've juts deleted one instead of the photos I was removing - even a 'are you sure you want to delete your RUN' would be helpful to add in an extra click to prevent accidental deletions.
    I've submitted a request to restore this as although I've added a duplicate to account for the miles, I usually share this in real time to instagram, but this isn't possible with a manually added run - another thing I'd love to see changed, thanks

  • A simply use case of why it can happen.
    I start cycling, start strava on my mobile, start recording, realize i have started a run instead of ride, stop, chose ride, start again. After finishing the ride I fill in details, click submit. While the activity is synchronizing I notice my dummy run of 0 km from above, want to delete it, click it, click delete.... and see it still there. What happened was the sync and refresh of my ride just before I clicked my 'run'.
    Not sure if it can be prevented. Maybe a check on the sync time and extra confirmation "you have just recorded the activity, are you sure you want to delete it at once?"

  • Would you please reset my activity from this morning?

  • OK.....ready for this one? How do you A: recover an activity, then B: correct a miscropped section of that ride? I deleted it because it had me down as KOM for a segment that I had driven.

  • Great suggestions above - I agree with trash can idea. I think the problem stems from the fact that people do not know what they are deleting.
    1) it is not obvious or easy for people to rename their ride from Morning Ride to something they know, especially when they are on mobile.
    1a)The name generated to new activities should be "Morning Ride mm/dd/yy" (Todays Date)" added from system.
    2) On the activity page simply modify the name of the "Add a description" button under name to read "Edit/Add a description"
    3) I would like to just click on an activity map and make simple edits like cutting off the end when I forget to stop the ride, or deleting times when I am stopped.

    But I know that takes a major program edit as does adding a trash can, so here are two simpler things.

    4) When splitting an activity to two activities, add Part 1 and Part 2 etc automatically so it’s easier to identify.
    5) It would also be useful and easy to add a map icon to these lists – again to make it easier to identify.

  • Hi Steve - it looks like your ticket in support received a response. If you discard your recording before it is saved, there's nothing we can do to help unfortunately! 

  • @Alejandro - the Activity Flagging feature is very different than and activity being deleted. For you, it's the former not the latter. I see you have a ticket with us already - we'll get back to you as soon as we can to assist in sorting out the activity flags.

  • Hi,

    please my ride Activity on 12/11/2016, that has been accidentally deleted , can strava retreive it

    Thank you very much

  • Why not just have deleted items go to a trash can that hold them for a certain period of time or until you actually go and empty the trash. This way you could go to the trash can and restore deleted items

  • One solution to this problem is to backup the activities so that you can restore it without seeking help from Strava Support Team. Can Strava let its users choose to automatically backup their activity to their personal Dropbox/GoogleDrive accounts? Which activities to back up can be decided by the user, possibly choose to automatically backup all activities or manually choose activities to back up.

    Satish Annigeri (

  • Hello Elle, I just submitted a request to restore my 1.5 mile run from Feb 10th 2015.

    #372262 Request to restore a Strava Run activity from Feb 10th 2015



  • In answer to your feedback about a simple 'Recycle Bin' like many other systems. Deleted activities will then appear there for 30 days (for example) and allow users to recover them if required. If not they are automatically cleared/deleted after 30 days. Would probably cut down a lot of support calls for you guys.

  • Hi,

    I accidently deleted an activity today. Could you please restore it for me.
    The activity was titled Lunch Run at 19/03/2017

    I would really appreciate it. Dimitris

  • Dear Strava,
    I also have the same problem, accidentally erased data, and already submitted a ticket 4 days ago ( ), but I'm confident that you will sort it out.

    I imagine that this type of incidents is very common, but providing ideas to solve it without knowing your data structure is hard, can you hide them only in the grid? But would it still add to the totals? Create a RecycleBin, but then you would have to build a RecycleBin manager, etc... without knowing all the facts and logic of your platform is hard to provide suggestions.

    So I propose something "simpler" erase the information as you do, but with that trigger, export the data to a .tcx file and send it to the user by email (7 days delay for universal users, immediately for premium, as an example for service differentiation). Simple solution and probably not that much changes on you platform or data structure. Happy users and your business model protected.
    This is my sugestion

  • Hi, 2 days ago I have submitted request about accidentally deleted activity recovery. Can you please tell, when can I expect recovery? It's really important for me.

  • 1. Activities that were uploaded successfully but deleted from Strava must be backed up to say a archive of activities which the user can see & restore on his own as this will reduce majority of restore related support requests. 2. Weekly mail containing activity data so that user can restore from the file if required.
  • Please make the crop feature less confusing!! It's UX makes you delete the inverse part of the ride...

  • Hi I deleted an activicty from today 22/04/17, i had it flagged for KOM on a few segments I drove, which I treid to crop out but deleted all of it, can this be restored? thanks Mark

  • I wold like to recover a ride I accidentally deleted on April 16th.

  • Hi,

    I accidently deleted an activity today. Could you please restore it for me.
    The activity was titled 'Crackneck x 5'

    I would really appreciate it. Rick

  • Hi Elle, Yesterday I have unfortunately deletet my activity. Can you restore it for me? Bas

  • I have accidentally deleted all my Today's activities - 9 April 2017. Can you kindly restore them for me.. in total there are 3 activities. Thank you.

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