How to Fix Autopause Issues

Autopause for cycling uses your GPS to detect movement and automatically pause the recording when you are stopped. Autopause for running uses your phone's accelerometer to automatically pause the recording when you are stopped (Enable split announcements to hear audio announcements for pause and resume events). Once movement is again detected, autopause will turn off, and the recording will resume.

If your autopause is not automatically pausing: 

Check the Strava app's record settings to make sure the autopause feature is enabled. Since autopause relies on the accuracy of your GPS to determine if you are stopped or moving, check our GPS troubleshooting resources for Android and iPhone. If there is an issue with the accuracy of your phone's GPS, then the autopause feature won't be able to detect if you are stopped and won't automatically pause. Also, note that your recording will be resumed if you are walking around or moving indoors where the GPS signal is obscured. You can use the manual pause feature to prevent any miscalculations. 

Example of GPS issues when indoors with an obscured signal preventing autopause from pausing the recording:


If your autopause is not automatically resuming: 

    • If recording a walk or hike, we recommend disabling autopause. The slower speeds often cause the app to pause frequently and have trouble resuming which will result in recording issues. With autopause disabled, Strava will calculate moving and stopped time during the upload process instead of during the activity. 
    • Autopause may not resume automatically if you remain stopped for a long time. Some phones will shut off the GPS signal to conserve battery if it is not being used for some time. Opening the Strava app to view the record screen will reactive GPS tracking and ensure the recording is resumed when you begin moving.
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