How to fix autopause issues

Autopause for cycling uses your GPS to detect movement and automatically pause the recording when you are stopped. Autopause for running uses your phone's accelerometer to automatically pause the recording when you are stopped (Enable split announcements to hear audio announcements for pause and resume events). Once movement is again detected, autopause will turn off and the recording will resume.

If your autopause is not automatically pausing: 

Check the Strava app's record settings to make sure the autopause feature is enabled. Since autopause relies on the accuracy of your GPS to determine if you are stopped or moving, check our GPS troubleshooting resources for Android and iPhone. If there is an issue with the accuracy of your phone's GPS then the autopause feature won't be able to detect if you are stopped and won't automatically pause. Also, note that your recording will be resumed if you are walking around or move indoors where the GPS signal is obscured. You can use the manual pause feature to prevent any miscalculations. 

Example of GPS issues when indoors with an obscured signal preventing autopause from pausing the recording:


If your autopause is not automatically resuming: 

  • If recording a walk or hike we recommend disabling autopause. The slower speeds often cause the app to pause frequently and have trouble resuming which will result in recording issues. With autopause disabled, Strava will calculate moving and stopped time during the upload process instead of during the activity. 
  • Autopause may not resume automatically if you remain stopped for a long time. Some phones will shut off the GPS signal to conserve battery if it is not being used for some time. Opening the Strava app to view the record screen will reactive GPS tracking and ensure the recording is resumed when you begin moving.
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  • Where can you find the auto pause turn off bit please? Not sure where to look?

  • Autopause has been working great for the past few days. Hopefully this will last. I did upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S2 to the latest version of the operating system and uninstalled Kaspersky anti-virus which I had been running on my phone. I use the autopause for running not cycling so it utilizes the accelerometer which is very responsive when it is working. Hope this has finally solved the problem with autopause constantly stopping and starting during my runs.

  • anyone here using android 4.3?  auto pause and auto resume still working?

    on my xiaomi redmi 1s phone android 4.3 auto pause and auto resume doesn't work..


    on my android 4.0 stava auto pause / auto resume works without problems


    i bought new phone to work with HRM but can't use auto pause and auto resume...haaayyyssss


    strava please helpp

  • This is a disaster. A decent product manager would work with the user base to fix this mess. Maybe it's just me but when the app auto-pauses and never resumes I somehow feel that defeats the purpose of the entire app.

    I also think it's something with competing GPS from other apps and then thinks it's done with its job and stops tracking. I'm thinking about changing apps now because I've lost confidence in Strava.

  • @Dane: We've actually been working very close with any athlete that submits a support ticket so that we can uncover any and all issues with Auto-Pause. Additionally, we've been doing some basic investigation and troubleshooting here in the forums. However, it's tough to work with athletes through this forum as we usually need more specific details about any incidents and we may request you do some testing on your end to help us get to the root cause of the issue. As mentioned several times previously, there is an inherent issue with the iPhone's OS when Strava and certain other apps are running at the same time which may be the issue in your case. But the problem is that the iOS is actually closing Strava to free up memory which is not something we can fix or prevent. Specifically if, during your rest, you take pictures or video or even use Safari, the OS may close Strava. If this doesn't seem to be the case, please submit a support ticket so that we can investigate further. 

  • In case this is helpful for anyone, I bought the new iPhone 6 and the problem has gone away.  I think it's because I disabled the GPS/location feature when taking photos, though (which was one of the questions that popped up when getting the new phone set up). 

  • Jomon Fermin - I am running Android 4.3 on a Samsung Galaxy S3. I was having problems with auto pause, hence stopped using the phone for GPS tracking but having had to revert to it last night, the issues seem to have been resolved, hence it's not the Android version that is causing your issues. 

    Good luck.

  • Unfortunately, turning off GPS for photos is not an option for me. I happen to like that piece of metadata on my photos. I don't think that's the problem, however as I've used the camera dozens of times before with Strava running. The only thing I can think of is that I used Safari a few times on this particular ride. Oddly enough, though, Strava was only stopped once and I used Safari at least three times on the ride.

    It's super unfortunate that I can't trust the phone or app and have to check it any time I want to use Safari mid-ride. I'm hoping I'm safe with photos.

  • I have turned auto-pause off as I want to record elapsed time, not moving time. However, when my iPhone 6 uploads the ride the resulting time recorded is still moving time, not elapsed time. I see that when I log into my account on the website I can see both moving time and elapsed time, which is great, but why do I not have the option to see moving time on my phone?

  • What's the point of this feature being on by default if in it's current incarnation you cannot use your phone for anything else while Strava is paused, for fear of it not auto-resuming?

  • John, I don't think auto-pause is the issue. Based on the response from Strava to my earlier comment it sounds like they say they have no control over GPS "turning off" for their app if another app "steals" it.

  • I just reported an issue today whereby my phone stopped recording my journey randomly for no reason after a few miles (out of 22) and then I discovered this thread - so the plot thickens! In my case I didn't use my iPhone 4S for anything other than cycling, and it was locked when I put it in my jersey, so it just randomly gave up by pausing itself midway (although I didn't stop once)! This was only however after illustrating some very ropey GPS activity beforehand) namely zig zagging all over the place when I was riding straight! Prior to the recent update I've had no issues with GPS or recording. The corrupt journey is on my profile if you want to see it! Anyway based on reading this thread I turned 'auto pause' off, and I'm going to hit the summit again tomorrow so hopefully I'll have more luck! It seems like the new 'Auto' functionality has many issues and that the v4.4.1 update needs patching pronto!

  • Hi again,

    Just thought I'd report back with my findings...

    Further up the thread (back at the beginning of December) I reported that after a strava app update (on Android - Nexus 5) every ride was stopping and not restarting mid-ride, leading to much frustration. The culprit seemed to be auto-pause, as it was a new feature, and was turned on by default.

    At the time, I turned off auto-pause and I'm happy - and interested - to report that I haven't had one glitch in the four months since. I ride three times per week, mostly in the same areas, using the same device. I often receive sms, calls, and use the camera while the gps is recording, and I haven't experienced any issues. I haven't missed whatever it was that auto-pause offered.

    It's very difficult not to see this as an issue with the auto-pause function.



  • Hey Fraser, that's good to hear and reassuring that since disabling the feature you've not had a repeat incident with journeys not being recorded. I've just switched the feature off also and I'm hitting the road tomorrow; so hopefully it will make an improvement until the developers can get to the source of the issue! Thanks.

  • What's the point of turning off Auto Pause if it will still calculate it during upload?!?!  How does that make any sense?  I just finished a 16km, 2hr trail run in the mountains and under the trees.  I stopped, finished, and then uploaded, only for Stava to tell me I only ran 14km in 1:45!!!  I've also had this happen in a trail race where my official time was about 2hrs, and Strava told me it was 1:50.  How can I turn this off?  I want my real times!!!!

  • Well I hit the road yesterday and today (with Auto Pause now switched off) and was fortunate that Strava recorded my journey correctly on both occasions this time, but as its a sporadic issue; this is far from definitive, so I will just have to see how I go over the next week. Kinda sad the app cheated me out of KM and elevation for this April's MTS and climbing challenge; but it's irrelevant really, I just need to consistently log my journeys as a motivational aid more than anything else!

  • Hello.

    I have mayor issues with "Auto pause". On my last ride of appr. 54km, my cycling computer had an moving time of 1 hour and 45 minutes while Strava logged 1 hour and 55 minutes. Auto Pause is on. What I can see at places where I had to wait at traffic lights is, that I have logged blocks of up to 2 minutes with an average speed of 2 km/h. This is a bit annoying.

  • Yet another bat experience with the auto pause :

    As I bought a new phone, I need a new install for strava and I infortunatly omit to change the auto pause option for cycling. I know, it was a running trip but I'm used to change the option when stopping the activity.

    The result this recording, the only option is dustbin.

    When will they understand at strava that setting the option by default is not a good idea.

    Missing an activity is not very important but I'm frustrated as I was just triing to do a good perf running 10 km.


  • I've noticed that when cycling auto pause consistently pauses only after ~10sec (feels more like 20) of non movement.  In this time the stop or finish buttons in the Strava app do not work - it is totally unresponsive.  I recently fully uninstalled Strava app and re-installed it (same current version) and it was after this is when I found the screen to be non responsive until auto pause activated., before I never noticed any lag.

    I've never had any problem with unwanted pauses or not auto-pausing when it should.

    iphone 4 os 7.1.2

  • Dear Strava,

    Get this fixed.  Seriously from the amount of issues we are all having you should take note and update the app.  I have lost 2 rides in the last week because within 3 minutes of starting the ride I hit some brush canopy and when I've finished my ride it's paused.  Weak Sauce.  Get it fixed.

  • I haven't had any issues since I started being very careful about using my phone and switching apps mid-ride. If I use any app that uses location services, I check Strava to make sure it's not stopped. On the same hand, I don't believe the official Strava response that they can't continue using GPS if another application "steals" it. I'm about 99.9% sure you can be navigating through the city with Google Maps or the built-in Maps app and still use Yelp to find restaurants near you. Both use GPS and the Maps app will continue to give you directions. Maybe I misunderstood Strava's explanation there...

  • I've started having this issue since Monday, lost 5 rides so far.  It almost appears to stop working once the screen becomes locked, if I unlock it says Auto-paused and then resumes shortly after.

    IOS 8.3

    Location - Always

    Tried hard resetting and airplane mode on and off.

    I went for a drive last night and it worked fine until the screen went off.

    Any ideas?


  • I've been having similar issues with the auto pause on my iphone 6 plus.  Very frustrating to finish a ride and find that the app stopped recording an hour in.  I've also been experiencing issues where at times the program will pause and then resume every thirty seconds or so.  I'll be riding with a set of earbuds and I'll hear over the music a "pausing ride" recording followed within 10 seconds or so with "resuming ride".   I've had situations where this will unfold every 30 seconds or so.  Very frustrating.  I've taken to turning off my auto pause feature because it's too frustrating.

  • Auto pause sucks! Just lost another great ride as the app didn't restart when moving...

  • Hello,

    Whenever I start recording with auto-pause, it consistently stops recording after 10 seconds, even when I'm moving. It's as if it takes a long time to register the fact that im actually riding. Several times, when I get back from rides, i find that strava auto-paused my activity after 10 seconds. Highly irritating! Going to start riding with it now.


  • Boo Strava. Many issues with not a lot of resolve. Fix please

  • I've just done a 100 mile ride, and auto-pause hasn't worked, it didn't resume when I started off so yet another ride lost!! Thanks Strava!!!! 

  • I had the same auto-pause issues and the following link seemed to solve the problems.  Good luck!


  • I would lke to go premium, but as result of the Auto pause function not working I am reluctant to do so?  So I do not get true Ave speed readings.

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