How to fix autopause issues

Autopause for cycling uses your GPS to detect movement and automatically pause the recording when you are stopped. Autopause for running uses your phone's accelerometer to automatically pause the recording when you are stopped (Enable split announcements to hear audio announcements for pause and resume events). Once movement is again detected, autopause will turn off and the recording will resume.

If your autopause is not automatically pausing: 

Check the Strava app's record settings to make sure the autopause feature is enabled. Since autopause relies on the accuracy of your GPS to determine if you are stopped or moving, check our GPS troubleshooting resources for Android and iPhone. If there is an issue with the accuracy of your phone's GPS then the autopause feature won't be able to detect if you are stopped and won't automatically pause. Also, note that your recording will be resumed if you are walking around or move indoors where the GPS signal is obscured. You can use the manual pause feature to prevent any miscalculations. 

Example of GPS issues when indoors with an obscured signal preventing autopause from pausing the recording:


If your autopause is not automatically resuming: 

  • If recording a walk or hike we recommend disabling autopause. The slower speeds often cause the app to pause frequently and have trouble resuming which will result in recording issues. With autopause disabled, Strava will calculate moving and stopped time during the upload process instead of during the activity. 
  • Autopause may not resume automatically if you remain stopped for a long time. Some phones will shut off the GPS signal to conserve battery if it is not being used for some time. Opening the Strava app to view the record screen will reactive GPS tracking and ensure the recording is resumed when you begin moving.
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  • Hi Strava

    Had a problem with auto-pause this morning. The app (iPhone) managed to measure the distance correctly but the time was auto-paused. Looked great for average speed on my commute ride through London traffice though!


  • On two different Moto G phones (one 4.5" and a new 5", both on Android 4.4.4) using auto-pause causes issues - when stationary and ready to start the ride it can fail to get a GPS fix; if I turn auto-pause off it gets a GPS fix correctly. If I stop with auto-pause enabled it usually loses the rest of the ride, presumably due to losing its GPS fix. I've turned auto-pause off now.

  • In the last week, I've had two cycle rides auto-pause mid-ride and not resume. The stops were only at traffic lights and not in areas of poor GPS or data signal. Using v4.2.2. Guess I'll just turn it off.

  • Started recording. Finished ride. Strava had auto-paused after 10seconds and never started again. 3 hours of riding not recorded. Extremely annoyed! 

  • Reverse of look good with auto-pause, Strava kept "moving time" during all stops i made including 3 of at least 10 minutes each.

  • I'm another person using Android (Galaxy S3) and I've had every ride recently auto pause and fail to resume. It's nothing to do with the GPS signal as I also track on a Polar HR monitor and that's fine. To all intents and purposes Strava no longer works on my phone. 

    Setting this pretty major issue aside; you're doing a great job at Strava. 

  • Before v4.2.2 I found autopause would resume far to readily.  If I stopped my run to do some press-ups, the slight movement of my arm bending (I wear my phone on my forearm) would be enough for Strava to "resume run".  Now however, I find that Strrava pauses even if I am still running (for example when I slow down to step over a log or around some thorn bushes), and often fails to resume for quite a few seconds, completely messing up the recorded statistics.  Before it was too sensitive, now it seems too insensitive, to the extent that I will need to turn-off auto pause now altogether.  Can we have it back to the original setting please, or perhaps give users the choice of how sensitive the auto-pause feature is? 

  • Sorry to hear of your problems with auto-pause and thanks for taking the time to post to the forum.

    @Richie: The problem with your activity was that you had horrible GPS data. The app couldn't detect movement because the data was so bad the app could not properly resume recording after you started moving again. All the data points were being thrown out due to poor accuracy. Best tip here is to give the app more time to get a good GPS lock before you start recording. Also, you may want to turn the phone completely off then on and flip the location services off then on.

    @Alan: I'm not familiar with this issue. Auto-pause shouldn't effect initial GPS fix at all. It might be best if you submit a support ticket so we can walk through some troubleshooting on the device.

    @Charlie, @Joe, and @Paul: We do hear reports of this happening and I apologize for the trouble. Although rare, there are a variety of things that can cause the app to stop recording on both the Android and iPhones version and it can happen at any point. Typically it's caused by an issue with the device itself, or other memory or battery constraints and is rarely caused by the app simply crashing or stopping recording on it's own. This was an issue before auto-pause was a feature but now whenever it happens, since auto-pause was the last event recorded or noticed during recording, it appears that auto-pause was the culprit. However, we can't isolate this to auto-pause. We're definitely still investigating to make sure that's not the case. We'd definitely appreciate if you could post links to activities where this has happened here in this forum, or if you could submit a support ticket with those links if you wish to address these issues more privately. We may request crash logs or other info from the phone that may help us to further investigate.

    @Hasan: I don't see the 10 minute stops you're referring to but auto-pause definitely didn't remove all your stopped time. It does appear you had some rests where your GPS data shows you "drifting" while you're resting which is making it harder to identify stops. Again, if you're stopped for that long (more than 5 minutes or so), I would recommend manually pausing the app. In general, this is a good idea when using any auto-pause setting on any device or mobile app. That being said, our auto-pause is especially strict, requiring complete stops for 10 seconds before pausing, and starting again immediately upon sensing movement. We're definitely examining the results of activities recorded with auto-pause to ensure we're applying auto-pause as best as possible for the most accurate data analysis across all activities, and in all use-cases. One other thing worth noting, if you don't feel auto-pause is sensitive enough for the way you ride, you can turn it off and Strava will always remove resting time when the activity is processed. That method of stopped time detection may work best for the way you ride, especially if you don't have the phone mounted and aren't concerned with average speed that is displayed on the app while recording.

    @Ben: Thanks for the feedback. An adjustable auto-pause is an interesting thought but would definitely complicate things in a variety of ways. I understand the use case though. Unfortunately we can't revert the auto-pause because the previous version worked only on iPhones with M7 chip, and the current version works on all mobile devices and allows for more uniform data processing. But I'll be sure to share your reports and thoughts with the team.

  • Hi Travis

    Many thanks for looking into this. I really do hate having horrible data, it's so embarrasing :) Great tips, I'll give it a go on my ride home tonight.

    Fantastic App!


  • I've just come back from a ride, where auto pause stopped as expected, but failed to resume, despite riding for another 10km. It was only when I came to finish logging when I got home that the app asked if I wanted to continue logging. I have disabled auto-pause for now, but it worked perfectly in the previous versions of the app.

  • I've just realised that I had this issue with 4.2.3, this behaviour seemed to work fine on 4.2.2.

  • @Lewis: Sorry to hear about the lost data. It appears that the app stopped receiving GPS updates at the point your data stopped being recorded. It also appears you were stopped for some time at that location, maybe just a minute or so, but maybe longer, it's hard for me to say based on the file data. We are investigating an issue where the app's connection to GPS can be terminated by the iOS if stopped for some period of time, although 1 minute is pretty short time period. This only happens when stopped for an extended period of time, and is more likely to happen if you're also using the phone to perform other functions (check email, take pictures, use other apps, use Safari) during that rest. For the time being, if you're stopped for more than a minute or so and if you use other apps during the rest you may want to bring the app to the foreground before you start riding again. This will allow the app to have access to location services again before resuming your ride. We're working on a solution that should prevent this from happening in the future.

  • @Travis - Thanks for the response, I was only stopped for 2 minutes max, but did take a picture. Do I still need to bring Strava back to the foreground if I have disabled auto-pause? This sounds like a separate issue.

  • @Lewis: Yes. This is separate from auto-pause. Essentially this is a limitation of the iOS. When using some other apps, especially taking photos but also sometimes Safari and others, the OS can terminate Strava completely. Unfortunately there is nothing that we can do to prevent this since it's the only way the OS can free up memory to run those apps. We always suggest that if while resting you take a picture, or use other apps, that you return to Strava to ensure it's still running before you start riding or running again.

  • Bored with the pause function in Strava.

    Long time ago, as I did start my logging, screen was automatiquely locked.

    With the new version, It is many and many trips that are not correctly logged as I don't verify each time it is OK before starting.

    I just want something that start the run when I leave and record my run when finished.

    I'm very frustrated today as I try to have a good run and I discover nothing was logged.

    I want something simple, locked when started. Not possible to have an option to auto lock the screen?


  • Seems like auto-pause also pauses the activity when the display of my Android phone (Samsung GT-S6500D, Android v2.3.6) turns off due to the screen time-out :-(

  • Hi there,

    I'm finding that every ride lately, I get to the end of my ride and find that auto-pause has happened at some point in my ride, then not resumed for the rest of my ride. It seems to happen pretty much every ride, but not necessarily every time I stop - ie. it might not return from auto-pause after the 3rd break, but on another ride (like on Saturday's ride) it stopped after 23 mins, and 2 1/2 hours later I discovered what had happened.

    I've turned-off auto-pause today, so I'll see what happens after the next few rides, but I have to say, this is very frustrating. I have never had such problems riding the exact trails with the same phone for the past year or more - and often in worse weather conditions.

    Will report back to see if I'm still having problems with auto-pause turned off...




  • I use auto pause when I run because I run in an urban environment and have to stop for traffic, lights, etc. For the last several months auto pause worked great, without a hitch. For the last 3 runs it has started to malfunction. While I am running it will pause and start run repeatedly. Today it must have started and stopped 50 times while I was running. I have rebooted the phone before running and I make sure the GPS is locked in before I start. Strava keeps the mileage and records the course, however because of the constant starting and pausing the time is not accurate. Today I deleted Strava and downloaded a new version. I guess I will have to disable auto pause until someone finds a fix.

  • @Xavier: This doesn't sound like an auto-pause issue. The ability to have a locked screen after you start recording sounds like a feature request for the recording experience. I would recommend searching the feature suggestion forums and voting for this feature there, since I'm pretty sure it has been suggested already. The fact that the app isn't recording sometimes, sounds like there's an issue with GPS lock which is also not an auto-pause issue, so not best addressed in this forum. This is the type of issue best handled in a support ticket so we can walk you through troubleshooting.

    @Klass: That is strange. That sounds like an issue with a phone GPS setting possibly. It's hard to say, but Strava doesn't change the recording process if the screen has timed out. So my guess is that the phone is not sending GPS data when it the screen turns off, or it's closing the app completely. This is another issue that may be best addressed in a support ticket. 

    @Fraser: This is another case where it appears the phone just stops sending GPS data to the app. The app should continue to collect data even during auto-pause. In your case, when I look in the file, the flow of GPS data stops, then after 10 seconds, the app auto-pauses and doesn't resume. Do you have any battery saving settings that could be terminating the GPS when the battery reaches a certain threshold? Also, at the point where the app stops recording, are you using the phone for any other function? 

    @Mike: We do have one known bug that may be causing this but it is very rare. We're looking into it and hope to have it fixed in the next version of the app. If you're interested in, please feel free to submit a support ticket so we can collect some more information and see if it is indeed the issue you're experiencing.

  • Yesterday, I went on a run. Run was a little bit slower 'cos of a snow, but nothing significant. As I came home, I discover that average tempo was 6:23/km, though on any of 9 km run I never exceed over 6:07. How can average tempo be 6:23/km as my pace was actually around 5:50/km and seperated in each km it has gone over 6:00 only twice? How is that possible as I have auto-pause on?




  • Just to add my yestrday's track:


  • I have used Strava App since Boxing Day 2013.  Bloody Brilliant as a rule.  As of about 6 weeks ago, I am ready to quit.  The auto pause drives me mad.  If you were to browse through my feed, you will see about 10 - 12 bike rides where I have to go back and 'gap fill' where the ride has paused and not continued.  Once I recall stopping at traffic lights but most times it stops for unknown reasons randomly.  Yesterday it stopped when I went under a bridge that I must go under 20 - 30 times per month.  Perhaps it is connectivity to gps, but my question is, why after 23 months of error free frustration free use, does it now go ape?  I un  installed the one and app that I have installed in the last few months that I thought may have been the cause.  But still stopped. 



    Losing heart.

  • Peter, best way is to set auto pause option off. I did never understood why such a function as post processing already did the job.


  • @Saso: I'm not sure why but your device is giving us some strange speed data. Essentially, according to your device, you're always moving and never stopped. Although your GPS data does indicate being stopped, the speed data (which is provided by your phone) says you're still moving at 1 meter/second. And because Strava uses that speed to detect rests, our Auto-Pause won't work properly with that data.

    You may want to try an "AGPS reset": install the App GPS Status & Toolbox, then in that app, Menu -> Tools -> Manage A-GPS State -> Reset, and then Menu -> Tools -> Manage A-GPS State -> Download.

  • I'm having the same issues as Peter Eastman.  I've used this app for over 2 years and have absolutely LOVED it, but since getting the new iOS 8 (from iOS 6) on my iPhone 4s, it constantly autopauses, typically when I take a picture.  So I have to constantly go into the app and check it, which definitely makes my rides less fun.  I just got the new iPhone 6, so maybe the problem will be solved, we will see.  I've been extremely frustrated with Strava the last few months though :(

  • Strava developers are not aware of the frustration of users with this auto pause function. When they decided to activate by default in one of the updates, they made a big mistake. It is difficult to have the confidence of a user and very easy to lose it.

    Jennifer, the solution is to turn off auto - pause in parameters I think

  • Hey Xavier - I actually turned off Auto Pause months ago and the problem persists.  It happens usually (maybe always?) if I stop and take a picture.  My guess is that strava and the GPS feature of the camera compete?  I'm not sure.  With my new phone I turned off the GPS feature in the camera, hopefully that solves the problem.  But it's quite annoying to want to take a quick photo and strava has shut off.

  • @Jennifer and @Xavier: Sorry if this wasn't clear but as I mentioned in previous comments, the issue with the app stopping recording when taking pictures is not an issue with the Strava app but rather is totally separate from the app and auto-pause. Essentially this is a limitation of the iOS. When using some other apps, especially taking photos but also sometimes Safari and others, the OS can terminate Strava completely. Unfortunately there is nothing that we can do to prevent this since it's the only way the OS can free up memory to run those apps. We always suggest that if, while resting, you take a picture, or use other apps, that you then return to Strava to ensure it's still running before you start riding or running again.


  • So Strava turned-off after 10 sec. & never turned back on. Now I found out that this is because of some new useless (to me) auto-pause feature. I hope someone gets fired because it renders a useful tool absolutely useless. I would have been better off using an app designed by monkey's because their app would have one job... DO NOT TURN OFF UNLESS USER TURNS APP OFF!!

    SHEEEESH... One job, stay on till the end of the ride! 

  • @Peter: Sorry for the trouble. I'm not sure what happened, but because I don't see any record of that 10 second activity in your account I have no idea what caused the app to pause and not resume. However, my guess is that for some reason, your phone was not sending Strava any GPS data at all or the quality of the data was too poor to be accepted by the app. So after 10 seconds, Strava believed you weren't moving, and the app paused. In that case, it's very likely that even if the app hadn't paused, there wouldn't have been any usable GPS data recorded for that activity, so the activity would have been lost regardless. 

    Because this seems like it could be an issue with the GPS, I would suggest you take a look at our Knowledge Base article on troubleshooting Android app GPS issues linked to below.

    If you continue to have problems or if it doesn't seem that the above scenario applies to you, I suggest you submit a support ticket so that we can troubleshoot your exact issue.

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