Troubleshooting Garmin sync issues

What to do if Garmin data is not Syncing to Strava:

  • If you recently connected your Garmin account to Strava, wait until your first new activity is synced successfully. This can be performed with a short test activity that is later deleted. After your first successful sync, Garmin will also sync your past 90 days of activity to Strava.
  • We experience occasional delays when syncing from Garmin's side, especially during peak upload times. You can check whether Garmin Sync is working by checking out their status page and referring to the "Strava" status (6th from the bottom). The Strava status page also displays uploads from Garmin Connect. To avoid the wait, you can use the file upload option directly from your device or export the .TCX file from Garmin connect and upload manually.
  • To refresh the connection between Garmin Connect and Strava, disconnect Garmin Sync from your Strava settings, then reconnect. To disconnect, visit Settings in the mobile app or website, and select "disconnect". To reconnect, follow the authorization flow after selecting connect. Remember, Garmin sync is not triggered until the first new activity is uploaded to Garmin after your accounts are reconnected.

How to stop automatic syncing with Garmin Connect: 

Should you need to disconnect Garmin and Strava for any reason, you can do this on your Settings page at Note that you may also have to disconnect your accounts from the Garmin Connect side as well which can be found at

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  • Update: now when I went to the Garmin Connect home page, a "Strava" widget showed up. Connecting to Strava from there worked.

  • I'm having the same problem Zen was having. On my PC with Chrome and IE it says the page doesn't exist. On my phone with the app, Garmin Connect pops up but nothing happens. I was connected until today while trying to get the Beacon feature to work.

  • The issue seems to be persisting. My partner was also getting the Garmin Connect 'We're sorry. The page you're looking for no longer exists.' when trying to authorise the sync. So to see if it was just her or more widespread, I disconnected from Garmin Connect in Strava. When I tried, to reconnect, I got the same 'We're sorry. The page you're looking for no longer exists.' so I can't sync now as well (regret disconnecting now).

  • I can't sync my Garmin Edge 810 to Strava. The link on the Strava website and Strava App says it is not available. I have updated both the Garmin Connect and Strava Apps. Any advice?

  • I am also having a similar issue to Zen. I normally upload Gamin activities manually to Strava on a pc. I want to change this now to automatically Sync the two. When I try this on Strava, I get a garmin login page and it says We're sorry. The page you're looking for no longer exists. I have tried it on IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Any idea what could be wrong?

  • I just tried it a few minutes ago and the link worked. It also worked for my partner so it appears that the issue has been resolved (for now).

  • Thanks for your patience everyone - there have been a few issues recently with the authentication process when linking Strava and Garmin Connect. We've done our best to ensure these issues are dealt with in a timely fashion. I think everything should work fine again now.

  • Hi Elle, I have several activities saved in my Garmin Connect account, some of which did transfer automatically to my Strava account but, try as I might (different browsers, disconnecting and reconnecting the two accounts), I cannot get them all to transfer. Any suggestions gratefully received - thanks!

  • If you disconnect/reconnect the Garmin Sync, after your next new upload Garmin should attempt to sync the last 30 days of your Garmin upload history. This should get the missing activities.
    If that still doesn't work, I recommend exporting the TCX version of the activity from Garmin Connect, and manually uploading to Strava.

  • Hi there. Since yesterday my activities will not sync to Strava. They show on Garmin connect. I have tried logging in/out. Deleting and reinstalling app. Using computer. Disconnecting then reconnecting. Both apps show that I am connected but the sync will not happen. First time with this issue and it's driving me crazy. I have also tried deleting the activity from Garmin Connect and then re-syncing from my watch 920xt. Any more suggestions???

  • @Kelly, try reaching out to our support team directly by creating a support request.

  • I have been unable to get my gc and strava to sync. I have tried IE and Chrome and have disconnected and reconnected my accounts. It says they are linked from both ends but nothing syncs.

  • I have a fenix 4 sapphire and I can not get my GC to connect with Strava at all. Each account says they are connected but no data from GC has been transferred to Strava. Looking for help please

  • Some Connect IQ apps (datafields) can cause bad data!
    I was successfully syncing from my Garmin 520 to Garmin Connect but not syncing to Strava. After fault finding with Strava Staff they inform me that the files were getting through (so GC and Strava linked correcting) but contained 'bad unformatted data' so I uninstalled all the Connect IQ apps and bingo! Next new activites synced to gamin connect and then Strava within 10 sevonds.

    Many thanks to Rudolph at Strava Help Center!

  • I can't sync my garmin with strava also. Can you also fix my issue?

  • I had problem today Strava wouldn't collect data from Garmin connect- eventually by trial and error I deleted a lot of activities from my watch- the re-uploaded todays activity to Garmin connect and hey presto! Starve synced with it. Worth a try.

  • Hi new to strava having lived with awafulness of GC for some years. I have linked the sites and all appeared well but last night strava was not seeing any of my activities though they did suddenly appear after a while. Tonight having uploaded a run to GC from my forerunner 410 (which is showing on GC) but I can see no activities at all on Strava. Have cleared cache and tried two browsers. Any advice please. Thanks Jim

  • I can't get my Saturday 4th Feb run to sync from my iPhone since upgrading iOS at weekend, any ideas?

  • Hi - I am new to Strava. I was told that my Garmin vivosmart/Gramin Connect proofile would sync with Strava so I don't need to manually upload information, but nothing seems to be happening. How to do I get the 2 apps to talk to each other? I then need to get Strava to sync with Google Fit, because that's the app I am supposed to be using (it's a fitness group thing)
    Any help anyone can offer would be much appreciated. the tech side of all this is putting me off my fitness goals!

  • I'm having the same problem from some of the other comments. I have Garmin Connect and my Strava Acount linked, but they don't sinc the activities. I've tried to unlink and link again, but I can't get the connect activities on Strava.

  • I had similar problems - what sorted it for me was clearing a lot of old data from my garmin- my watch must have been full and didn't have enough oomph to link to starve- you can tell by my language how computerise I am NOT.

  • I have a garmin edge 500, last couple of rides are not syncing correctly onto strava, but they appear on garmin connect. Kindly help.

  • Hi - my run data from yesterday morning has still not appeared in Strava. I've disconnected and re-connected them but no joy. Garmin say no issue at their end.

  • Hi, I have been trying to link Strava with My garmin 10 and I did not succeed, I broke the connection between the two from my Garmin account but I cannot reconnect from strava. The button for Gramin link in Strava isnot active anymore. How can I restore it? Thanks!

  • I am a premium member and am very disappointed in Strava. I have had nothing but trouble recently. My rides used to sync automatically and now will not sync at all. I have a garmin edge 1000. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and done everything with no success. I need a solution to this problem NOW. Someone help.

  • My latest Garmin activity didn't sync, I know Strava was down today given the issues with AWS. Any way to sync this activity? Should I download the file from my watch and upload the file manually to Strava? Or is there any other way to try to re-upload from my Garmin Connect app? Never mind it just synced!!! Thanks

  • Due to the Amazon Web Service affect, my morning ride has not sync from Garmin Connect to Strava. Will this be resolved? Yes, my data is uploaded to Garmin connect.

  • Nov 8 2016 fix worked for me. Edge 1000

  • Just read above post, yep same thing happened to me today, as I said do what the guy recommends in nov 8 2016 post. Worked for me straight up!

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