Troubleshooting Garmin sync issues

What to do if Garmin data is not Syncing to Strava:

  • If you recently connected your Garmin account to Strava, wait until your first new activity is synced successfully. This can be performed with a short test activity that is later deleted. After your first successful sync, Garmin will also sync your past 90 days of activity to Strava.
  • We experience occasional delays when syncing from Garmin's side, especially during peak upload times. You can check whether Garmin Sync is working by checking out their status page and referring to the "Strava" status (6th from the bottom). The Strava status page also displays uploads from Garmin Connect. To avoid the wait, you can use the file upload option directly from your device or export the .TCX file from Garmin connect and upload manually.
  • To refresh the connection between Garmin Connect and Strava, disconnect Garmin Sync from your Strava settings, then reconnect. To disconnect, visit Settings in the mobile app or website, and select "disconnect". To reconnect, follow the authorization flow after selecting connect. Remember, Garmin sync is not triggered until the first new activity is uploaded to Garmin after your accounts are reconnected.

How to stop automatic syncing with Garmin Connect: 

Should you need to disconnect Garmin and Strava for any reason, you can do this on your Settings page at Note that you may also have to disconnect your accounts from the Garmin Connect side as well which can be found at

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  • I have exactly the same issue as Martin. Every activity uploads fine to Garmin Connect and then no rides update to Strava. This is all through my edge 510 but all activities through my 920XT upload fine. Any ideas?

  • I have the same problem. No problems with sync at all, and all of a sudden my sessions dont apear in Strava. All looks good in Garmin Connect, but nothing in strava...

    What to do? Can I manually upload my recent runs somehow?

    Using a fenix 3 and iPhone 6.

  • strava is saying that garmin is connected but no data is being transferred, this has started since there was an issue with the strava site approx. two weeks ago, previously it had been ok

  • both strava en garmin edge 1000 say they're connected. Rides upload to Garmin Connect, nothing shows up in strava :-(

    (like so many before this post)

  • My garmin and Strava have connected with auto upload enable but it still doesn't upload to Strava?

  • Good afternoon. I also did a ride yesterday. Appears on my Garmin Edge 1000, is visible on Garmin Connect, but not on Strava. The ride from 1 week ago synchs just fine. Strava says Garmin connect has access, I'm connected with Garmin, but Strava says my most recent activity was om the 9th of April. This isn't correct, it was yesterday, on the 14th of April. Thanks for your help!

  • No problems in the past but today's run won't transfer from Connect to Strava. Cleared cache but still no luck. This was 11 hours ago. What can I do?

  • Sunday's run won't transfer from Connect to Strava. Cleared cache but still no luck. What can I do?

  • also a sync issue between Connect and Strava. in Connect I can see the run, but it doesn't want to transfer to Strava.tried to disconnect and reconnect Garmin connect, but issue remains :(

  • I had a bit of an issue getting Strava Live segments to load, and figured out that the problem was that my 'Garmin Express' app wasn't signed into my Garmin Connect page. Double check that the app is signed in to Garmin, and that your 'Segments' option in Garmin Connect shows 'Use Strava Live Segments'.

  • I have the same problem. The automatic update has not worked for well over a year with my Garmin 810. I used to get round the problem by disconnecting/reconnecting the Garmin but that has now ceased working. I notice Strava people have stopped contributing to this thread, and I was unable to submit a request to Garbage either so I don't know which of these two companies is the most incompetent - they are certainly competing hard for the title (by doing nothing). Clowns!

  • Same issue here. I can no longer sync Garmin Connect with Strava. Activities appear on Garmin Connect and won't load to Strava, even after disconnecting/reconnecting Garmin Connect on Strava settings and using multiple browsers. Please fix this.

  • Same issue here - I see the activity on the Garmin Connect app but not appearing on Strava :/

  • Same issue also. Have tried the disconnect reconnect option several times over the last 3-4 weeks, only have Garmin 520 a few months, everything transferring effortlessly up until a month ago, the only way to upload was the manual option. Also Strava segments not appearing on Garmin while out on spin. Spending more time trying to resolve this on pc than out on bike. Is it a Strava issue or Garmin???? Purchased Garmin unit on the basis that Strava has partnered with Garmin to link the services together!!

  • Hi.No activities in my strava even though they are in Garmin connect

  • Same issue here. Strava and Garmin Connect both say connected but no data is transferring from Garmin Connect.

  • Hi - I have never had any troubles uploading my Garmin activity to Strava until this week. I see the activity in Garmin Connect but it hasn't transferred over to Strava. What I can I do please? Thank you.

  • same as above users. ride saved on my garmin 1000 upload says complete. showed up on my garmin connect on both my phone and laptop but not on strava even though it says they are connected to each other......

  • I've done a Sync from Garmin Connect to Strava and the event has even generated a Relive video . . . . but it's not visible in Strava ?

  • Exactly same issue, Garmin Connect shows ride but not connecting to Strava, done everything suggested, still no luck

  • Same as the two previous posters. My garmin device Forerunner 910XT uploaded the data fine via Garmin Express to Garmin Connect but the exercise (bike ride) did not sync with my Strava app/website. Tried the this page, restart the computer and all the other obvious stuff.

  • Similar issue. Activities from Fr235 sync OK. From an edge 500, the activities sync to Garmin Connect but are not appearing on Strava.

    Interestingly, the Edge 500 activities only stopped syncing since I got the Forerunner...

  • Can you manually upload your activities from Garmin Connect to Strava? I deleted them from my Garmin device and they now only live on Garmin connect.

  • Is there a problem linking garmin connect and stravs today. My activity isnt appearing.

  • Been having the same issue over the past month. I also don't see a way to unlink Garmin in Strava so I can try to relink.

  • I bought a garmin forerunner watch recently, I bought the garmin because I was told it could easily upload to strava. I have tried to connect with strava on my laptop and the strava app, both times it connects but nothing uploads. I tried to connect to strava with the garmin app and I get an error message. I contacted garmin and have had no reply. So, I am looking for a solution with strava. Also, it appears a lot of people are having this issue, garmin watches are expensive, if you can't deliver on this service then stop advertising with it.

  • Hello,

    My latest activity has uploaded to Garmin but not synced to Strava. I have taken the steps outlined at the beginning of this article but nothing has helped. Any help would be much appreciated.


  • As a lot of posts above. Today's ride uploaded to Garmin (edge 1000) but won't transfer to Strava. Worked fine earlier in the week. Everything is saying it it connected?

    What can i do to rectify this?

  • My Edge 520 and Garmin Connect are syncing and showing all my latest activities, but Strava stopped syncing from Garmin Connect after June 7, 2017. My activities since June 9th don't sync. I think I noticed my Edge 520 as well as the Garmin Windows app being updated on/after the 7th, so maybe they've changed something on their side that broke sync?

  • Same problem here : Garmin connect both on website, as on iPhone app are connected to Strava. Strava is connected to Garmin Connect. But yesterday's run is not uploading to Strava. Help !!!

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