Download all Garmin Connect Rides / Activities web application

We've outlined the options to import your historical Garmin data in this article

Other tools for transferring Garmin Connect data to Strava:

This Chrome Extention is useful for bulk selecting files on Garmin Connect for download. 

CopyMySports and are 3rd party services that sync Garmin Connect data to Strava automatically, and also transfer your historical activity data as well.

The below 3rd party tool is currently out of service.

If anyone is interested, I wrote a barebone web application to download all your rides from your Garmin connect account by just providing your login. It downloads all rides from Garmin, zips them up then sends it to the browser. The process can take a while depending on how many rides it has to download. I've only tested with my account with about 300 rides and it seems fine.

I suggest changing your password temporarily for use on this web application to download your rides, then change it back after you're done if you really want to be cautious about your password.

3/1/2014 - updated to work with the Garmin authentication change



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  • When I downloaded a group of previous rides I ended up with this email message:


    "Unfortunately we ran into a problem uploading your files. We had a problem with '81170072.tcx'. The attachment seems to be empty? Please contact support or visit our support site if you need additional help."

    I don't think the attachment was "empty" because it took a long time to send the email with the files attached.  Any suggestions?


  • Not sure, this is something on strava's end. Take a look at that file and see which ride it is, then go to garmin and see if the ride displays fine in garmin. If it does, maybe try to manually download it and see if you can upload that copy to strava. I doubt it'll be any different but give it a try anyway. Out of my 300 rides, there was one that gave me the same problem but i didn't bother looking into it. I think there might be a website or application somewhere that may "fix" the file which you then could get it to work on strava but i didn't look into it. Try searching for the problem on the forum.

    Hope people are finding this useful, let me know if there are any other problems.

  • will this work on my mac?

  • yes

  • thank you so much

  • Worked! Awesome. Thank you.

  • Thank you!  Tried it a few times, as you suggested, and then worked perfectly!

  • so freakin splendid!   thank you a hundred times - what a relief to not have to download each ride manually - yee-haw

  • Thanks a lot! So easy!

  • To:  A.  Scherberger

    I had that happen on a Ride that I had to build manually because the Data File from my Garmin device became corrupt and would not upload from the device to the Site.  When you build one manually it will still have a lot of missing information that seems to trigger this.  So when I wanted to get that ride over to another site I had to just manually create it on the next site as well.

  • How is this thing picking up our Facebook "mug shots"?,...I don't believe I ever gave it permission to do that.

  • Does this download the Activities or the Courses?,....both can be TCX, but the two aren't the same thing.

  • Solid work Quan!

  • Thanks so much for this app. I hope you don't mind,  I posted a link on my site to help others gain access to this useful app.  This app saved me a bunch of time.

  • I ran this app, and downloaded the under 25 rides that Strava would let me download at one time. None of the ride names come over and it did not input that they were mtn bike vs road bikes rides as set up in Garmin Connect.  Is there a way to do this ? With over 200 rides in Garmin Connect, it would me me a week to do all this editing.  Any thoughts/suggestions?  Thank you.

  • i'm guessing the gpx files don't support or carry that information or strava isn't importing that information. Check the file to see if it has that info, if it does then complain to strava. If it doesn't then you probably could write an app to sync that information across sites once you've synced all the rides between sites.

  • Hi Patrick - I'll respond to your support ticket as well, but I'll post here that it is true that ride names and bike ride types will not be transferred from Garmin Connect. Garmin does not include this information in the exported data (or the export via the tool mentioned here). 

    Quan - Strava does not support accessory data in the GPX file format, however if you transfer data via the TCX file format, all your accessory data should be preserved. Contact support by opening a support ticket if you have further questions!

    Thanks, Elle - Strava Support

  • ohh right, i got it mixed up, i do export the TCX files, which probably do not include this taging information as well.

  • Worked great. It took a while for my 800+ activities...

  • Worked like a charm! Thanks a lot for this easy tool. Makes Strava even more useful :)

  • Worked perfectly on my Macbook!  Thank you.

  • Worked a treat (with good old windows XP pro) ! - thank you.

  • Yup, it's server based so any browser or platform would work.

  • I'm on a mac.. It doesn't seem to work for me. It just endlessly says 'connecting'. Any advise?

  • erinhj? should have gotten it, give it another try, the files doesn't look that big.

    If you still can't get it, email me i can send it through email or something.

  • amazing, thanks so much

  • CAn you upload only certain rides?


  • Works great Quan, thanks a lot

  • Worked first try - glad I looked around instead of doing this manually. Incredibly easy. Thanks Quan

  • Yup - worked 100%.

    Thanks Quan! :-)

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