Download all Garmin Connect Rides / Activities web application

We've outlined the options to import your historical Garmin data in this article

Other tools for transferring Garmin Connect data to Strava:

This Chrome Extention is useful for bulk selecting files on Garmin Connect for download. 

CopyMySports and are 3rd party services that sync Garmin Connect data to Strava automatically, and also transfer your historical activity data as well.

The below 3rd party tool is currently out of service.

If anyone is interested, I wrote a barebone web application to download all your rides from your Garmin connect account by just providing your login. It downloads all rides from Garmin, zips them up then sends it to the browser. The process can take a while depending on how many rides it has to download. I've only tested with my account with about 300 rides and it seems fine.

I suggest changing your password temporarily for use on this web application to download your rides, then change it back after you're done if you really want to be cautious about your password.

3/1/2014 - updated to work with the Garmin authentication change



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  • Thanks Quan!  This saved me tons of time as I coach athletes and can pull all past files from their account to use in other analysis software.

  • Thanks, Quan. This was really helpful!

  • Awesome, worked first time ~ 92 activities from Garmin Connect to Strava.  Thanks!

  • Took a while to load but got there in the end. Worked perfectly - thank you!

  • Worked like a dream ....  cheers mate !

  • Great tool! Thank You! Is there a way to import multiple .tcx files at one time?

  • Awesome- Strava only lets me upload 25 at a time, which is kind of a pain, but this made the download part MUCH better.  Thanks!

  • Mr. Tran is the Man!  Great bit of code. Thanks!

  • Nice one Quan, worked as described, first time on my imac. Saved me hours of repetitive copying. Thank you very much for sharing. You are a STAR.

  • Great tool Quan. Now help with this...really want to get all the maps onto Google Earth at one time. I can convert one at a time to KMZ/KML using What I need is a way to batch convert. Thoughts?

  • I was able to open the tcx files directly in GE. I got some data I didn't want/need (just wanted to map the tracks) but it worked fine. Thanks again.

  • Ok..back to help request. Opening them directly into GE only allows one to be viewed at a time. A batch conversion to kml/kmz file would be great for viewing all rides in one location. Anybody have a suggestion?

  • What an excellent script, thank you very much for sharing this. Note; after nothing happened the first 2 times, I did have to hold the CTRL key down whilst selecting the Submit button, either this was coincidence that it worked 3rd time, or it is required to allow the script to run with my level of IE security, you may also need to do this.

  • Very helpful, and does exactly what it says. Many, many thanks.

  • Excellent work, thanks!!

  • Excellent, works fantastically. Thank you

  • Where does it down load the activities to on my pc?

  • ahh, it did it, disregard, thanks,

  • ahh, it did it, disregard, thanks,

  • is there an easy way to bulk import more than 25 rides?  my zip file has hundreds of rides.

  • Worked great. How the process worked for me using Chrome browser on my Mac:

    1. Gave GC credentials

    2. Waited .  .  . I had approximately 350+ files to DL. It took approximately 5 - 10 minutes.

    3. Ended up with an file on my desktop

    4. Unzipped file

    5. Began uploading to Strava in batches of 25.  

    It took a while - manually selecting chunks of 25 and tracking all of them - but I'm glad my data is now secure on another platform.


    Thanks Quan!

  • might it be useful to have a progress bar for download or activity so users can see it working?  I just got the 'egg timer' 

  • 510 activities downloaded in about 10 minutes....   then emailed to for them to upload in bulk.  Easy...

  • Works, why does Strava not buy it ! Job done

  • Just downloaded 1307 files! Now to get them uploaded to Strava.....

  • Quan the man!!!

    yeeeee haaaa

    You need a paypal account £1 a time easy beer money!!

  • hah, the usage on this app has exeeded my expectations, I'm just glad to help.

  • Great job.  Well done

  • Great!  Uploaded 500 files.  Worked perfectly - thank you, Quan for sharing this!

  • Thanks, Quan!  Much appreciated.

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