Download all Garmin Connect Rides / Activities web application

We've outlined the options to import your historical Garmin data in this article

Other tools for transferring Garmin Connect data to Strava:

This Chrome Extention is useful for bulk selecting files on Garmin Connect for download. 

CopyMySports and are 3rd party services that sync Garmin Connect data to Strava automatically, and also transfer your historical activity data as well.

The below 3rd party tool is currently out of service.

If anyone is interested, I wrote a barebone web application to download all your rides from your Garmin connect account by just providing your login. It downloads all rides from Garmin, zips them up then sends it to the browser. The process can take a while depending on how many rides it has to download. I've only tested with my account with about 300 rides and it seems fine.

I suggest changing your password temporarily for use on this web application to download your rides, then change it back after you're done if you really want to be cautious about your password.

3/1/2014 - updated to work with the Garmin authentication change



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  • Thanks a ton, Quan ! For some reason it did not work from my personal Mac (OS 10.5.8) although I kept trying all night. This morning it worked literally instantly from my work Mac (OS 10.6.8).

  • This might be a bit off topic but thought it might relate to some of the content here.

    I used Quan's import tool (hooray!) to get all of my previous activities from GC to Strava and now I'm using Garmin Sync to automagically pull my GC activities directly into Strava - shortly after I've posted them.  So far, it's worked great.



    Thanks again, Quan!

  • This is amazing - thank you Quan!

  • Excellent tool - many thanks

  • Thank you very much. Worked like a champ.

  • Nice work! Any chance you could post the source code for reference? I would like to setup some scripts to download my most recent tracks and add to on overlay on a different map on my blog. Obviously, I would need to make some changes to the code. Is it written in PHP or something else?

  • Just downloded 580 activities.... zip size: 44MBs..Much appreciated!

  • Awesome!  Thanks iMac OS 10.8.3 no problem using Firefox 21.0

  • Hot damn, that works well. No whistles and just what you need. Thanks!

  • This grabbed all my Garmin files in 10-15 min. Bulk export successful! : ) Thanks so much for creating and sharing the script Quan!

  • First of all: thanks for this.

    A quick question - How long would you expect about 1000 activities to take? It's been going for over an hour now.

  • hmm, for 1000 activities, i'd expect you need to run it 3-4 times for it to complete. Usually it can download from 200-400 activites before it times out depending on how big the files are. For now, If it's spinning more that 30 mins, resubmit the form, rinse and repeat.

    Note that i delete the files after 2 days, so if you don't get all your files with the 2 day time period from beginning to end, it has to basically redownload everything again from the start instead of resuming. This was because it was running out of space, some ppl had gig's worth of activities pre-zipped. I have coded a multithreaded version which seemed a bit faster. I'll probably make that version available in a few days. I'm also thinking of a simple way to view the status of the downloads when i have some free time to think/code it.

  • Brilliant. I have all 985 files zipped. Now the next problem - is there a way to avoid uploading to strava 25 at a time?

  • Great work Quan Tran - worked a dream.

  • Worked great!  Thanks for doing and explaining in non-geek language.

  • I have about 350 rides and it took a while, but worked great. Thanks

  • @ Oliver Sinclair copies activities directly from garmin connect to strava

  • Excellent web tool - saved a lot of time. Many thanks!

  • Thanks, man. Great help!

  • It appears to have downloaded my activities, but I can only upload 25 at a time (strava issue).  I got a server error on the second batch of files (strava or user issue).  There is no way to verify what date you are uploading, but this seems like a nice tool for transferring the files.  I will upload them all when I have time, thanks!

  • Hi Quan,

    I seem to get this error: JSON parsing failure at character 1:'<' in

    Can you help?

    Thanks Shanon

  • Hey Sharon,

    Send me a email at, I'm curious to see what it is. Won't be surprised if there's a garmin bug.

  • Thanks for this solution.  Got them all off Garmin and into Strava.  Thanks

  • Quan, great utility - thanks very much.

    Would it be possible to name the .tcx files with the date of the event, kinda like Garmin does? I'm using your tool basically to make a backup of my data and it'll be great to easily find a specific ride later on.

  • OM freaking G. I had 1,385 Garmin activities and kept hitting the submit button over the course of the last 24 hours (probably hit it 8 times total) and BAM I just got the "would you like to download" and just finished downloading (94.6Mb!!!). Now to email to Strava! You are the man Quan. For anybody else having trouble, trust Quan and keep hitting the submit number and eventually you'll get it! It's like Christmas in September.

  • nice! unzipped, that's probably around 1.5 gigs which the app had to download. Glad you finally got it and didn't give up.

  • Hi Quan, thanks for making such a useful tool. Have you considered sharing the code for this on Github so that others can contribute?

  • Sweet !!! Work smoothly !!!

    Big THANK YOU !!!

  • I get the following error when trying to get to the link:

    "The service is unavailable.

    Server Error

    Either the Macromedia application server(s) are unreachable or none of them has a mapping to process this request."

  • give it another try, probably under load, it's shared hosting.

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