Download all Garmin Connect Rides / Activities web application

We've outlined the options to import your historical Garmin data in this article

Other tools for transferring Garmin Connect data to Strava:

This Chrome Extention is useful for bulk selecting files on Garmin Connect for download. 

CopyMySports and are 3rd party services that sync Garmin Connect data to Strava automatically, and also transfer your historical activity data as well.

The below 3rd party tool is currently out of service.

If anyone is interested, I wrote a barebone web application to download all your rides from your Garmin connect account by just providing your login. It downloads all rides from Garmin, zips them up then sends it to the browser. The process can take a while depending on how many rides it has to download. I've only tested with my account with about 300 rides and it seems fine.

I suggest changing your password temporarily for use on this web application to download your rides, then change it back after you're done if you really want to be cautious about your password.

3/1/2014 - updated to work with the Garmin authentication change



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  • Will this upload running activities too?

  • 1913 activities downloaded!!!  Thanks!!


    I really only needed 219 of them, a date range selection would have been awesome, but either way, a life saver!!!

  • Thanks!  Saved a lot of time.  I got a 500 error first attempt but second worked.  Second the request to put the code on github and get some other contributers!

  • Excellent!! Thank you very much!

  • Excellent, couple of attempts as had a lot of data, but works! Ace and Thanks!

  • You, sir, are a scholar and gentleman. Thank you. =)

  • Works a treat, Thanks

  • Brilliant tool. Thanks very much.

  • I'm getting this error:  JSON parsing failure at character 1:'R' in Request blocked. Exceeded requests/sec limit. 

    Am I doing it wrong?

  • give it another try if you haven't already, if it's still an issue, I may have update the code to throttle the downloads it seems.

  • Rocks!! Many thanks!

  • I'm getting the error

    "JSON parsing failure at character 1:'R' in Request blocked. Exceeded requests/sec limit. 

    Try Again"

    I've tried a few times but still getting it.

  • I think Garmin has implemented some anti scrapping checks or may have just blocked my server's IP...  I'll take a look at this this weekend.

  • Garmin changed their authentication process, the app as been updated. Should be working again, let me know if you're still having issues.

  • Hi there, have just bought a new phone, it's a Samsung note 3, I haven't yet put strava on it as it's a bit big to run with. I have been using an iphone 4. To try to get around the problem I have bought a garmin forerunner 10 watch, and I am wondering if I can upload the runs recorded on it to Strava?

  • Worked great for me! I had to run  it twice, got an error message the first time, but ran it again and it worked perfectly.... Now to upload all these runs 25 at a time... 

  • Excellent...saved a heap of time, worked first time.....thanks!!

  • It worked BUT and this is a BIG BUT... it DELETED ALL of my activities from Garmin Connect so I have to individually import them back with a total loss of Titles, Notes etc...

    Let's just say that will teach me to use software I haven't written myself!

    thanks though! (i think)

  • Interesting, with the thousands of exports, this is the first time I've heard about this. Possibly an issue on Garmin's end? User error?

    With that, I'll let everyone else conclude for themselves where the problem most likely is on this one...


  • Quan, I agree with your comment, I went through numerous pages of feedback before using the utility. Coming from a technical background I always research before I dive in. That said, something went wrong, garmin, user error? Not sure but would be happy to share the zip file that your utility downloaded for me and my garmin account for you to view the current state of my activities. What's strange is that the swimming activities it backed up haven't retained any meaningful information as after the reimport of the backed up TCXs into connect and subsequently changing the activity type to Lap Swimming the information on pace/swolf/avg stroke rate etc has not been retained. It did retain the duration and date of the activity though.

    Luckily I have all of my activities still on the device so at the weekend - when I have a bit more time, I can reimport to garmin connect and "undo" the mess I seem to find myself in.

    Glad the majority of users have had a good experience as it's utilities like yours and others that make the administration of our sports data bearable.



  • Good response. Would like to know the true nature of the problem and whether the risk of data loss is real.

  • Quan, I have finally worked out what has happened, and can gladly post that your software IS NOT the problem.

    If you are interested this is what has happened - totally user error - but very subtle so it took me a while to figure out what was going on...

    (grab a coffee)

    Garmin account and Strava account both using email address "email_a"

    Created a new garmin account using a different email address "email_b" to track my activities - as I have recently started with a coach and wanted a fresh account for this.

    Came across Quan's software and wanted to bulk export from Garmin (email_b) so I could import in Strava (email_a)...exported fine, logged into strava (using email_a) and imported 61 files all fine.

    Here's the mistake...totally forgot to login in with "email_b" in my Garmin connect and used "email_a" which of course has not been updated in a month so it looked like my activities had been deleted. Couldn't figure it out until today when I realised my mistake. Suffice it to say, my activities in Garmin "email_b" are intake and the bulk export had not done anything untoward.

    Sorry for the few days of doubt, I hope you'll accept my apology.

    Genuinely, your utility is a fine piece of work and has saved me, and many others the hassle of singly backing up our activities.



  • Hi all, I used this for my runs. Worked like a champ.

    Thanks a million

  • Sunny, I'm Glad it's all sorted out. Thanks for explaining what happened.

  • Thanks Quan - worked a treat.  However, I thought there is an option for bulk upload to strava?  For me, I can still only upload a single file at a time?  I don't have the option to "click/hold shift and select multiple activities".  Mine just says "Works for single .tcx, .fit or .gpx files 25MB or smaller."

  • Quan/All - ignore that last comment.  Just tried again using Chrome rather than i.e. and I now have the option....  life was so much easier when one browser worked for all applications : )


  • Does not work for me...  It downloads up to 4,5% (300 activites) and then there is a message "Restarting process"...  it goes on and on like this for ever...

  • log into your gamin account and page through the activity list, see if you get an error, if you so see an error then it's probably a corrupt activity. See if you can find it via the activity calendar, and either delete it or see if garmin support can help you with it.

  • Excellent work. This is awesome. Thank you.

  • so, can `t find windows 8 when it will be?)

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