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  • I need to do the same thing.  Any help would be great!




  • If you can get the data into TCX format, you could try one of these options:


    I have used the " CombineActivities.jar" method before with good success on my Mac.  If you are using a phone, one way to get the tracks out for combining them is this:

    1) Upload the individual tracks to Strava.

    2) Go to the "Actions" drop down menu, and select "Export GPX"

    3) Take the 2 individual files, and run them through the program mentioned above.

    4) Upload the combined file to Strava.  Once it is in there, and everything looks good, delete the two separate files.



  • Being able to combine rides would be great, there are times when the cell phone craps out and you have to finish the ride and restart.  This has happened multiple times and we don't get great ride results.

  • In the meantime you can use SportTracks + export 2 tcx plugin



  • Really simple method on eHow if your ride is in GPX format, all it requires is using notepad and copying/pasting:



  • Brian,

    When you click on the jar. file it says "too many http redirects"   I tried the ehow methow but it doesn't work with a Mac without notepad.  Any help from you guys would be great.  


  • Hi Craig -

    Yes, Mac computers do not have notepad, but they have an app called "Text Edit" (look in your apps folder).  Just follow the instructions in the ehow article: EXCEPT - make sure that you press Command+Shift+T to get rid of the formatting palette in Text Edit.  In other words, open Text Edit, press Command+Shift+T all at the same time to make the formatting bar go away.  Once you do that, everything will be in plain text just like notepad.

    If you want to try the .jar file method that I propose above, try another browser.  It sounds like some security setting in your web browser is preventing you from accessing the file.  Another strategy would be to command+click and do "save link as" (or right click if you have a double button mouse).  Personally, I'd use the .jar file because it is a lot easier than the copy paste method.  Hope that helps!


  • Brian,

    I downloaded FireFox and the converting worked.  The issue I face now is I don't see how in JarRsrcloader you save the file so you can then upload the combined file.  I am I completely missing something here?


  • Hi Craig -

    It is not a super refined program, but it does the job well.  Simply go to the window with all the markup (code looking stuff), highlight all, and copy.  Go to text exit, and paste.  Save as SomeFileName.tcx.  Basically, the app saves you from having to dig around in the file looking for the <gpx></gpx> tags that you would have to do in text edit or note pad.  Hope that helps!  

  • Craig -

    Oh, and when you paste the combined files into text edit, make sure that you did the command+shift+T thing before you save (to get rid of the format bar).. otherwise, you won't be able to upload to Strava.


  • Brian,

    I figured out I could just cut and paste the text from your program to Text Edit.  Since I couldn't figure out how to make a gpx file in Text Edit I just used on of the files I downloaded from Strava and pasted over it.  I tried it twice now and both times it just makes another copy of one of the two files and doesn't combine them.  I tried it with two other rides and it did the same thing.  Thoughts?



  • Hi Craig -

    To begin, I did not write the program; I just discovered it on a Garmin help forum, and have used it a number of times for my own files.  I'm not sure about the issue that you are now describing, but perhaps at this point you may wish to move to the eHow method.  If you want to keep trying with the program, the only thing I can say is to make sure that when you select your files at the top of the window, be sure that you are specifying the two files you want to combine (as opposed to accidentally selecting the same file twice).  I know that sounds "duh," but that is the only thing I can think of at this time based on the results that you are obtaining.



  • Java method worked perfectly for me - Mac with Snow Leopard. (I just love downloading and running random applications from forums... :)

    Strave refused the upload however, claiming it was a duplicate event. Had to delete the 2 partial activities first.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Seems like this should be relatively simple for Strava: Either give the user an option to continue a previous ride (the app could even check to see if the phone "crapped out" on the previous ride; Or write the code to combine the rides.

  • Firstly, thanks for the explanation on how to combine the rides. I just have a quick question for the complete Luddites amongst us, apologies if this is so simple as to be annoying.

    After combining the files with the "CombineActivities.jar" and copying and pasting the resulting combined output into a new notepad document, how do I save the new file in .tcx format? Notepad seems to only be allowing me to save as (*.txt), which of course cannot be uploaded to Strava. Saving as (All Files) has the same problem. I have read all of the original thread on the Garmin Forum and can't seem to find an answer either.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Hi Colin,

    In case you still need help, windows is probably set to hide extensions for known file types. You will want to change this to always show the file extension. How you do this will be different depending on the version of windows you have. In Windows 7 for example:

    1. Open my computer
    2. Click 'Organize' in the top left corner
    3. Then click 'Folder and search options'
    4. Go to the 'View' tab
    5. Find 'Hide extensions for known file types' and untick it
    6. Click OK

    Once you have done this, in notepad in the save as window just click in the file name field and type a name for the file with a .gpx at the end. e.g. 'ride.gpx'

  • Ok I tried a few options.  I have windows so maybe the  " CombineActivities.jar" does not work right with it.  Once I picked the two GPXs to combine it ran the scripts but would not allow me to cut and paste into another document or if it produced another file I could not find it.  So I tried  http://www.ehow.com/how_8061427_combine-gpx-files.html with no luck so I tried something along that lines.

    1.  Down load the two GPX files you want to combine off of Strava into a new folder on to your computer.  Name the folder anything you want

    2.   Open with notepad the second part of your ride. The restart of your recording.  Start from the beginning of the script until you reach <gpx.  Ntot very far into the first line.  Delete the script up until the <gpx.  Click on "Edit" then "Select all".  Click on "Edit" then "Copy".

    3.  Open with note pad your first ride the one that crapped out so you had to start recording again.  Go all the way to end of the script until you see </gpx.  Put your curser right before the <of your </gpx and click on "Edit" then "Paste".  Save the file and close it.

    4.  Go to upload activity on Strava and upload the file you just saved.  It should work.  You can now delete the two rides on strava because you have the combined ride in strava..  Worked perfect.  All segments, calories, miles etc where in the new ride.  Good luck.  I am guessing you could probably combine more than two recordings for one ride if your recording device crapped out a few times on the ride.  

    Hope I did not confuse anyone.  I am no expert on computers so what you see is all I know.



  • Well;


    I found out that I need to reverse the activities with that combiner Java app. It always put my first activity last and my last activity first. May have something to do with the fact that my files contain Chinese characters, but it's odd. If you get "Time information missing", try reversing the activities.


  • You can upload to Endomondo, use their merge tool, download the result, and upload to Strava.

  • You can vote for this existing Feature Suggestion on merging Strava Activities here!


  • The Endomondo solution worked great for me.  I was able to upload the two parts of my ride, merge them, and then export a TCX that read perfectly into Strava.  Only took me a few seconds to figure out how to do it.  Next time it should be a breeze.  Thanks Patricio!

  • Glad to help! Sorry Strava can't/won't do it for us [yet].

  • Seems like this should be relatively simple for Strava: Either give the user an option to continue a previous ride (the app could even check to see if the phone "crapped out" on the previous ride; Or write the code to combine the rides.


    Yes, it seems quite simple and would probably take 5 minutes to add it to the website, I don't think it needs to be voted on, it is essential and should be there by deafult.


    Off to play with notepad.



  • There is a tool for the RunKeeper-app: zipzero, to combine two gpx-files, no matter what source. Works easy and great, also to combine two Strava-gpx-files!

  • Forgot to mention the link: http://zip-zero.com/runkeeper/ ;)

  • Marcel Hoving, your link does not work. It combines the file, but it cannot be uploaded to Strava (might work for runkeeper, but not Strava). Says it's missing timestamp.

    I have found another one, thisone works on .fit files:



    There is another one for .gpx files, but I have not yet tried it:



    Comment if anyone find them useful/working (fitfiletools works for me, uploaded file I combined to Strava without any problems).


  • You're right Grega! What I did was uploading the new (combined) gpx to Runkeeper, then downloading it from there and uploading it to Strava. Sorry, a little bit more work and I didn't mention that part... ;) But it worked for me a several times. Bye!

  • Thanks Grega!  The link for gpx files worked for me.  Really simple, just select the files you want to combine and done.  Was getting frustrated trying to copy and paste in notepad!

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