How to unfollow someone

You can easily view and manage followers by tapping on the number of followers or athletes following you from the profile tab. To unfollow an athlete, click "Following" and the option to unfollow will appear. On the website, you can remove or block athletes by selecting the gear icon. Removing a follower simply removes them from your list of followers but allows them to follow or request to follow you in the future. Blocking a follower (only available on the website) prevents them from following you again, seeing your profile details, or viewing your activity details in their feed. 

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  • so no one knows and strava wil not tell us how to unfollow?

  • I go to the page to UNFOLLOW. It highlights to unfollow but does not unfollow What up?

  • Not sure! It should work. Try refreshing the page and see if your list of followers updates? If this problem persists, please let us know! 

  • I can select unfollow and it turns Orange, but then if I refresh it the person is still there?

  • @Dave, I checked your account and I couldn't find the same problem you report! Is this still happening? 

  • Looks like it was an IE10 issue, I opened Strava in Firefox and the unfollow worked fine.  Thanks for your help.

  • Hi Dave - I'll look into filing a report for the issue in the IE10 browser! Thanks. 

  • So, I'm using IE10 and I have the same issue as Dave, I cannot un-follow someone, you should get this sorted out guys!

  • Thanks Warren! Sorry we don't have an update on this issue yet. 

  • Warren.. the problem is with your  browser... not with Strava.. Try getting in touch with microsoft and ask them to fix their broken software... Alternatively try using any of the other browsers, all of which work perfectly....


    Chrome is the leading browser and it is signficantly better than IE will ever be...

  • Really? A bit of a 'mickey mouse' outfit.  This seems to have been going on for months.  I've tried Chrome, Firefox, IE and my iPad and can't "Unfollow" anyone.  Is there a plan?

  • Might be your mickey mouse ipad Dale.... I just unfollowed someone on my ipad and it worked perfectly.... 

  • Bit of a cheap shot Gav and certainly no help. I guess your comment would apply to everyone else having the issue. Just to clarify, the Chrome, Firefox and IE10 are on my PC not the iPad. With any of the browsers on the PC, you 'hover' over the 'Follow/Unfollow/Following box and it turns to 'Unfollow' but as soon as you move the mouse/finger, it turns back to Following. On the iPad, it only toggles between Follow and Following. Thanks again for your indepth assistance.

  • Sorry if i offended you dale.. Your post sounded like you were a kid havin a tantrum...

    On the ipad... When it goes to "follow" rather than "following" you are no longer following that person. You should also notice that the number of people you are following drops by 1.

    It works fine on my ipad 2 running the latest app and latest os...

  • Don't I wish ... No worries Gav (p.s. that's me on the high wheeler in about 1973.  Just turned 72 so have been riding and computing for too long!  Tried it on the iPad and it worked fine.  I was looking or the "unfollow" that I kept seeing on the PC.  Thanks for the help.

  • Just select the person you following and then select the follow option this will make them unfollowed and you won't now see them in your activities.

  • @Dale - are you still seeing this issue? It's possible it could be a bug with certain browsers on a PC...

  • If I remove a follower, will that person know that I removed him? Will he get a message or something saying that I removed him?


  • This is way harder then it should be.
    Where exactly does is say how to unfollow people?
    As a new user, this is really making me not interested.

  • I still cant unfollow someone. I've looked for info and tried everything. How do I do it please

  • Sorry for the trouble Joey, I've opened up a support ticket for you so that someone on my team can assist you.

  • I've just unfollowed two people for the first time, and they still appear on my feed, VERY ANNOYING. Hence I'm here trying to get an answer, seems a bit poor if people are blaming the browser?

  • Hi can you please help I have been trying to unfollow Boris Guenebaut but it just flashes unfollow and resets back to follow and nothing changes, I have tried this on Chrome and IE . Restarted both and tried for over a week can you please assist by unfollwing Boris for me?

  • I accidently unfollowed one of my friends. Is there a way to reverse that before they realize I did that? They have the setting to accept requests. I'm trying to avoid the question of why did you unfollow me :(
    Is it possible to set the button to ask :Are you sure you want to do this" to avoid such accidents ?

  • Ken: I agree with your suggestion. However, my recommendation if you want to avoid having your friend ask you about it is simply to be proactive about it. If you explain to them immediately that Strava didn’t ask for confirmation after you clicked by accident, then your friend doesn’t need to ask/wonder why you unfollowed them.

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