Strava on Windows phones

Strava does not offer an App for Windows Phones or Windows 10 and unfortunately, we do we have plans to support this operating system in the future. However, there are a handful of options or workarounds recommended by our community so that you can still post your GPS data to Strava:

  1. CycloMeter App: From the CycloMeter App, there is a plugin that can be purchased for a small amount to allow data to be automatically published to Strava.
  2. Cycle Tracks GPS: Similarly, publishing data to Strava from this app is a one-time add-on purchase.
  3. Run the Map
  4. Run.GPS
  5. Cyclers app for Windows phones
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  • I've been using Sports Tracker successfully for a few years, first with Symbian, now with WP8, but with a couple of twists. It has the nice feature of autopause below a pre-set speed (though Strava doesn't seem to use the same timing). With Symbian there is an 8 hour error in the time of ride when exported to Stava, so the ride has to be edited to have a start time 8 hours earlier before saving and uploading. With WP8 there is also a time error, see below.

    For WP8 routine is as follows:

    1 Log ride with ST.

    2 Upload to ST website.

    3 Click on Export - GPX file is then saved to the computer - choose suitable file name and folder.

    4 On Strava click on Upload, Choose File - Open folder and click on file.

    5 Strava does the rest.

    The only problem I haven't found a way around is that the time of ride is shown as the upload time, not the actual time. Perhaps someone can advise. 

    A specific app would be nicer!

  • Re: David Taylor:

    I do the same as David - I use Sports Tracker to record the rides, upload them and export them and load them into Strava.  It works pretty well to be honest.  I also have a Sports Tracker heart rate monitor which I guess I may need the Sports Tracker app to use anyway but the data from it does also get exported to Strava.

    Some additional notes on the time matter though.  It is possible to sort this but requires some steps between David's points 3 and 4 above.  NB: This works in the UK - I can't vouch for how it works in other time zones but I think that this should work - certainly give it a try!

    3.1 Find the exported .gpx file and open it using notepad (or equivalent text editor).  NB - If using Notepad that 'Format'->'Word Wrap' is ticked

    3.2 There is a lot of data here but you only need to see the top page of it

    3.3 Look for the first few references to date and time.  You normally find one that is an overall description of the start time and the activity type.  Then you will find the first actual recorded GPS point - this is what you need to change.  It will look something like: [Bold is my own formatting]

    <trkpt lat="50.833508333333334" lon="0.4275116666666667"> <ele>12</ele> <time>2014-05-19T16:49:16.48</time>

    3.4 Add a 'Z' to the end of the <time> field - e.g.

    <trkpt lat="50.833508333333334" lon="0.4275116666666667"> <ele>12</ele> <time>2014-05-19T16:49:16.48Z</time>

    NB - I also normally add the Z to the overall activity description as well but don't think this is necessary

    3.5 At this point you can then save the file and move on to David's step 4 above; however...

    Whilst the above works pretty well for me , since here in the UK we moved to British Summer Time doing the above still leaves data one hour out as this seems to set the time to GMT, not BST.  There I also do the following before saving and closing the gpx file:

    3.6 Make a note of the first hour of the activity - in the above example I started at 16:49 - you now need to bring all times forward one hour.  To do this do a simple find and replace - do the following:

    Find: *T16: *[including the colon]

    Replace with: T15:

    If your activity crosses more than one hour do the same for remaining hours - e.g change T17: to T16: etc - do it in that order from the earliest to the latest


    All this sounds a bit fiddly and clearly I'd also prefer not to be changing the GPX files but after doing a few of them it soon becomes an easy routine and is done in a few seconds and does leave me with a good log of my activity in both Sports Tracker and Strava


  • Re: Richard May

    Thanks for this. I've just loaded a ride following these points (using WordPad to edit) and it works except for one thing. The ride is shown with corrected times, but for some reason it appears on the Activity Feed one day ahead (i.e. tomorrow). On the Training Log and elsewhere it is shown with the correct date. So any ideas on what to change to correct this error?

  • Those posts above sound like a pretty tricky way to do it, when there are 3rd party apps that upload directly with no hassles. Personally I prefer cyclometer. Pay a couple of bucks for the strava integrator. Funnily enough one of my friends no longer using strava as his iPhone app keeps crashing and always asking for login!


  • David - Not sure about that - I think that might be something to do with how Strav shows the data and you might find that it works itself out.

    [The other] Richard M - it does indeed sound fiddly but I've got it down to a couple of seconds to export/update/import and it allows me best of both my worlds - maintaining using Sports Tracker which I have been used for years on various devices so have a bit catalogue of activity built up, along with using my heart rate monitor; whilst getting to use some of the benefits of the strava website.

  • Richard(s) With several attempts, I've managed to get the ride shown with the correct time and date in all places. I assume it will work with all rides, but you will have to experiment with the time offset. Adding the Z is not necessary for my set-up and in fact seems to have confused things. If the below doesn't work, try adding it in as above.

    1 Log ride with ST.

    2 Upload to ST website.

    3 Click on Export - GPX file is then saved to the computer - choose suitable file name and folder.

    3.1 Open file in editor such as WordPad.

    3.2 Using Replace, find (using the example above, <trkpt lat="50.833508333333334" lon="0.4275116666666667"> <ele>12</ele> <time>2014-05-19T16:49:16.48</time>) 19T16, Replace All with 19T08. Replacing this much text simply ensures that you do not accidentally replace numbers in other places. 

    3.3 Repeat for next hour, 19T17 **and replace all with 19T09. **Repeat until all times have been changed by, in my case -8 hours.

    3.4 Save file

    4 On Strava click on Upload, Choose File - Open folder and click on file.

    5 Strava does the rest. 

    Richard M, I agree this is a bit of a pain, but as Richard says, it is actually very quick once you have solved any issues with the time correction needed.

    A specific app would still be nicer!

  • I've just noticed that the post above is shown as being entered on May 23, 2014 04:46 AM. In fact it was 8 hours later (UK time). So Strava, why would this be? I'm guessing that this is also why I have a time error of 8 hours when I upload Sports Tracker .gpx files.

  • with al your respect Elle Anderson (strava support) and Michele C. but not al users are programmers

    i understand that strava focuses on the bigest market but it's sad that they don't have the balls to say it this way

    it is not respectfull to your customers to let them use other apps and let them manualy download and upload tracks to the platform of strava

    what reason whould a WP user have to get a STRAVA PREMIUM account ???

    i suppose strava is in it for the dollars ?!?!

    you have a great platform !

    please threat all of your customers the same !

  • Yet another Strava user who made the change from Android to Windows only to be wondering why it's not supported :(

  • Windows phone app please............. I use garmin now but can not upload at work pc locked down, need app on phone asap !!!!!!!!! It drives me mad not knowing my stats for the commute in, and having to wait to get home and upload.  

  • Windows phone is free operating system like android which makes there more sense  to make an app for it. Anyway there are many clients available for strava now

  • 2 other users here (my wife and I). I'm on WP7 and using Guava however it is buguy and i cant get updates for WP7, just WP8

  • +1 here for a native Windows Phone Strava app.

    I have been using TripMeter but uploading to Strava is a multi-step process and a bit of a pain. Stravo has been withdrawn for some reason but may still be able to be side loaded.

    I'll check out the apps mentioned by Elle above but would much prefer a proper Strava app.


  • Has anyone tried Striver? I just installed it but didn't realise that it requires an in-app purchase to be able to upload to Strava. Is it worth purchasing?


  • Another confused Windows phone owner right here. There are thousands and thousands of potential customers awaiting daily deployment of  Strava app for WP. Pushing these customers to business rivals is pretty bizzare. Not graspping such a business opportunity even more!

  • Baika can let you record straight from the app for free

  • My gf has W8 phone, just tried couple of free apps but they are buggy (Guava and Striver). Baika looks good but it's quite new, I guess I will wait for more opinions on that.

  • Baika seems to be a nice app with enaugh features. Gonna give it a shot. BTW my first ride with this app ended with me deleting the ride, because it asked me, if I want to save my ride without name and I clicked no. There is probably a bug, because I could give name to my ride after that anyway but unable to save it then. Be carefull on this mistake.

  • I personally use an app that records in gpx format (TripMeter) and use the GPXPauser at to upload to strava:

    • Upload the gpx file from TripMeter (or any other app) to OneDrive
    • Go to and connect it to your strava account
    • Go to the GPXPauser on
    • Pick the uploaded file from OneDrive, optionally remove pauses from your gpx files and upload it to Strava
  • we like a windows phone Strava edition, come on you know you want to!!

  • I'm using Running Mate. Probably not the best but I didn't have any problem with it. And it's totaly free and easy to use: export gpx to Onedrive and then upload to Strava.

  • I've been using the cycletracks GPS Windows Phone application.  It does have direct  strava support for a buck, I'm using the free version and uploading to my skydrive from the app, and then uploading manually to strava from my skydrive file.  (if you have a windows phone, you have skydrive already.. or onedrive I guess they call it now.. )       Works great.  My windows phone altitude tracked is much more accurate than my entry level garmin gps.    Not sure why Chaser didn't upgrade as it seems these guys were able to at cycletracks.

  • +1 for a native Windows Phone 8 app from Strava. In many countries Windows Phone is the 2nd biggest mobile OS and it is still growing, especially in the business market. There are alternative Strava client apps available made by 3rd parties but none of them I really like and I tried them all (e.g. not auto-stop option or no proper viewing of history / stats)...

  • Another Strava enthusiast wanting the app for Window's phone - please can you let us know when this might happen? Thanks!

  • hello.

    my turn to demand the strava app for WP.

    I am not a professional biker but I like to measure my perfomance more professionally and lack of strava app for WP is my only reason not to upgrade to premium.

  • Hello Strava,

    You were recommended to me. Unfortunately like many others no Windows Phone 8 APP has forced me down the route of Endomundo. I've no plans to switch to iPhone or Android. The company I work for is upgrading to Windows Phone 8.1 for users too. There's a clear additional target audience for Strava. Perhaps when you get round to it I'll switch, unless Endomundo make theirs just as functional and efficient.

  • My company is just about to roll out Windows 8 phone as well :-( This will happen more and more in the future as companies finally uograde to Windows 8 on their desktops. Makes sense to then switch to a Windows 8 phone...

  • I'm also hoping Strava makes a windows phone app. If not I will avoid paying for premium. I've been windows phone user for over 3 years now. I also support ios and android at work, but for my personal phone, win phone 7/8/8.1 have been much better. This is the only app I use on my work iPhone... but soon I'll dump that and just use other services on the winphone. Sad you haven't spun up a team to port your app to winphone.

  • I've noticed that Strava now supports uploading from a bunch of different devices now including Suunto, Timex, Tomtom, Soleus and, of course, Garmin and the ios and android apps.  So it seems like Strava is open to other devices.  What's preventing the addition of a Windows Phone app?  I can understand that in san francisco where you folks are located windows phone may not yet have a large installed base but there are certainly parts of the world where windows phone users are significant and growing.  What's it going to take Strava?

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