Strava on Windows phones

Strava does not offer an App for Windows Phones or Windows 10 and unfortunately, we do we have plans to support this operating system in the future. However, there are a handful of options or workarounds recommended by our community so that you can still post your GPS data to Strava:

  1. CycloMeter App: From the CycloMeter App, there is a plugin that can be purchased for a small amount to allow data to be automatically published to Strava.
  2. Cycle Tracks GPS: Similarly, publishing data to Strava from this app is a one-time add-on purchase.
  3. Run the Map
  4. Run.GPS
  5. Cyclers app for Windows phones
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  • Hi,

    I would like to put my Windows Phone app as another option for tracking and upload directly to the site totally free.



    Kleber Alves

  • +1 for Cyclers.

    I've tried quite a few of the apps recommended here but have settled on Cyclers as my preferred app because:

    - it works

    - it is simple and straight forward to use

    - it's free with no sneaky in app purchases



  • another user keen on an app for Windows. I've changed companies and swapped from iPhone to Windows. I couldn't believe that Strava didnt have a Windows app. While I'd be happy to pay for it it may just be the time to move on from Strava.... and you know...... just ride for the hell of it.

  • Cycle TRacker seems to have a good support and direct upload to Strava: [url=]Cycle Tracker[/url]

    I don't have experience with it, because I have an Android phone. I was checking because I might get a Windows phone in near future. If any of you has feedback on Cycle Tracker, please feel free to respond.

  • Cycling Tracker

    Mischa, Cycling Tracker is a Windows app for tablets and computers not for Windows Phone. When you are looking for apps make sure you are looking at the site.


  • Downloaded Cyclers and Striver. First impression is that Striver has more detail on the activites.

    Going to use both apps the next couple of weeks.



  • The advantage of Cyclers is that you can upload to Strava for free. With Striver you need an additional in-app purchase. If I want to look at Strava detail on my WinPhone I use Baika.


  • It's a shame that Strava don't make a windows phone app!!

    I'm using run the map and uploading .gpx at home, but it's nonsense that there isn't an official app for wp!!

  • Using the app cyclers until Strava comes with his WP app.

  • Why are folks insisting on the need for an official Strava app if the third party apps work ok?  I have good results with Sriver and Cycle Tracks GPS. I am new to Strava so perhaps these third party apps don't have all the features you need?  -Bob

  • Amazing all the users asking for a WP app and the response is either silence or not our direction.  Imagine how many others didn't take the time to sign up and post here like I just did.

    Not sure whose running the place but you may want to reconsider your business model.  You're currently promoting your competitors products.  Thanks for showing your users some love.

  • Hi John, I'm not sure if you caught my response to a similar question above:

    "Thanks for the question G.! We're working on other developments with both the website and with mobile currently, I think would be the best explanation. Our product team certainly has their work cut out for them with prioritizing all the cool stuff we hope to do at Strava! Thanks again for your patience and feedback."

    The goal I had for this forum when I created it was to provide a place for Windows users to share tips and insights for uploading to Strava with a Windows phone using workarounds or 3rd party apps. We're lucky to have an API that can be shared among developers around the world to make uploading to Strava from a Windows phone easier. Unfortunately, we have no current plans to develop a Strava app for Windows devices. I hope that some of the information above can help in the meantime. 

  • Thanks Elle, it seems there are a bunch of application using your API with success.  I have been testing Striver.  Bob

  • Does any one have any experience how to connect a Garmin Edge 810 via Bluetooth to a WP8 phone and then automatically upload the activity file to Strava at the end of the ride? There is a lot of discussion here about Strava client app on the phone. I guess that type of app is Garmin's domain.

    For those of us with Garmin's could be a simple and convenient solution and there bypass the need for a Strava App.

  • For me the app plus is that feature:

    " Get your performance results immediately after completing a segment"

    I won't get premium, until i have ALSO an official app.

    If i must be hooked to use a third party GPS and then upload results, i never pay the premium fee.

  • I've been using WP for a while, and developing an app for Strava for an age now, it's more than just an uploader, and has segments, previous activities, and clubs (to the extent made available by Strava).

    It's not quite finished, but thought I'd put it out there 

    If there are features missing, or things that don't meet expectations, please let me know and I'll see what you can do!

  • Olly, I have downloaded your app, Tracks for Strava, and it looks like it has potential. On my Samsung Ativ S the details page doesn't show the map, there is just a grey rectangle where I assume the map would go. Please be encouraged to keep working on it.


  • Thanks for letting me know, I've just pushed an update that should fix that particular issue to the store, if there are any other issues, please let me know!


  • Olly, I've also downloaded your app, Tracks for Strava, and it looks good so far. I have literally just upgraded to a nokia lumia 635 over the weekend and this strava issue was going to form part of the case for me to change the handset to something completely different. I can't wait to try it out - hopefully won't have to argue my case for changing back to android now! As something missing - looking at the news feed for people I'm following, it doesn't say who did which ride anywhere. Is that something you can add?


  • Olly, I've just downloaded the app on my lumia 635 and it looks good so far, can't wait to try it out properly! When looking at my news feed for people I follow I can't see who did which ride though, is that something you can add?

  • Hi Rob,

    That should be possible, I have a look at adding it for the next version.



  • Nice looking app Olly! Keep up the good work!

  • Just downloaded ollys App. try it out tommorow. Many thanks....

  • Hey guys! Check out Cyclers V2: You can now give kudos and send comment! Wooooot!



  • Is it possible to make a route in Strava and import it into Cyclers?




  • Cyclers V2 doesn't work - it doesn't upload the saved track to Strava. 

    App looks promising, but ... it only looks.

  • Hey Mischa!

    Not at the moment. Im working on it! Thanks.


    What happens? Some error message? Please, send to me at




  • Hi Kleber,

    When I go to "Saved routes" and try to upload, it will stay like that forever. No result, no error, nothing, just "Uploading to Strava" message visible all the time.

    Also when I swipe to see the Feed, the app crashes everytime.

    Thanks for looking.

  • I have published the new version with some bugs fixes. You can test again?



  • I just hope Strava decides to embrace Windows phone users before we all move on from their all too exclusive app.

    Not sure how long I'm going to hold out before I give up on it.

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