Strava on Windows phones

Strava does not offer an App for Windows Phones or Windows 10 and unfortunately, we do we have plans to support this operating system in the future. However, there are a handful of options or workarounds recommended by our community so that you can still post your GPS data to Strava:

  1. CycloMeter App: From the CycloMeter App, there is a plugin that can be purchased for a small amount to allow data to be automatically published to Strava.
  2. Cycle Tracks GPS: Similarly, publishing data to Strava from this app is a one-time add-on purchase.
  3. Run the Map
  4. Run.GPS
  5. Cyclers app for Windows phones
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  • hi, strava priorities are mixed up, you shouldn't be develooping something that users are already  using when you could develop something to increase your user base. theres people here literally wanting to give you money but they can't. huge business mistake by strava.

  • Striver is working good for my purposes which is basically tracking a ride and uploading.  Tried a few apps and liked Striver the best. 

  • I have been using Striver on my windows phone since June and it is working great, I do wish I could see upcoming segments but it makes me just push harder till the end of the ride to see how I did..

    It does a fine job of uploading and keeping track of all the data that is of importance when the ride is uploaded, I would love to see a Strava app for windows phone but Srtiver will have to do for now.


  • Hi Kleber. A Cyclers user here.

    Since last updates, cannot upload mi "saved routes" (same as Tomasz said, it just stays trying to upload forever).

    Hope you take a look at it!

  • Another premium account holder asking for a Windows phone app.

  • Maybe we are all missing the point. Strava refuses to support windows phone, why should windows phone users support Strava. Instead of finding ways to work with Strava, Windows Phone users should rather find alternatives. The picture is bigger than Windows Phone users, it includes friends and family of Windows phone users who wish to interact with windows phone users. If windows phone users find alternatives, and their friends and families start using those alternatives too, Do I need to say more.

  • @Anthony Doran good point! Strava uses google maps, windows phones uses microsoft bing maps. Relations between Microsoft and Google are not so good. Strava will not support windows phone app because they don't want to "ruin" their relationship with google. We should demand it cycling free discrimination spaces on internet, because it is not about google, microsoft or strava, it is about cycling and sport.

  • There are some very good points in this tread and i think the biggest point is all sport should unifying, enjoyed, and with out boundary. Although i agree Strava should look into an app and in this day and age this in really not a massive investment. I think anyone will recognize that there is a historic problem with little company's running with the big dogs and not wanting to be out of favor. Google are renowned for buy up good small tech company or helping out.  If this is the problem i am sure Google would love to put an Google maps based app on a Bill Gates love child. I know this is silly but most of us are on contact phones and to be honest i am just going to get a new phone, contract is up and vote no on a poor product.

  • ESL?

  • Dyslexic, similar. 

  • @Jusuf Haf  Is that why Strava have been using Open Street Maps grab tiles on our dashboards??

    Let's face it, this is the type of response you get from a stale old dogmatic company, not some fresh upstart looking to impress the world with innovation. Always wondered how long that took to happen. :)

    PS. I do appreciate the free service that Strava offers.

  • I'm another runner and new owener of a Windows phone. Please make a Strava app for the Windows phone There is a need. I don't want to use another app, export and upload to Strava. Thank you for listening and hopefully moving forward

  • @andrea,  Try Striver, it can upload directly to Strava. You have to purchase that option but its a very small amount.   I have had good luck with it.  -Bob

  • I don't understand one little thing: why I should pay for premium account, while it's imperfect 'cause lack of WP app. @Elle - we don't need support of third party application, we need native app for Windows Phone. Your premium account is twice as expensive compared to Endomondo, which has applications for all platforms! 

    I had two phones with Android and never again! I chose Windows Phone because it is much better system and I'm not going to change the phone for a single, little overpriced application :/

  • been using Cycle Track, its OK and can upload directly to Strava (after in app purchase). Question for any has used both, is it worth it to switch to Striver? Seems like it might have more features then CT. 

    @Elle +1 for WP users waiting for an official app...

  • Cancelling my premium membership now I have switched to WP and there is no app...

  • Hey Strava.. bump.   I'm running windows 8.1, this is not the potato phone of the past.  Honestly, Stava is the "ONLY" app on my windows phone that I wish I could get that the IOS/Droid folks have..  for everything else I have the actual app I need or actually better alternatives in some cases..   Microsoft is picking up alot of share, the M8 is now available with Windows, Nokia is owned by MS spitting out great new low cost phones (which = more share coming), Windows 10 is coming out soon too..  would be nice to see Strava hire that "one guy" to make a windows app.. Its not like you have to reinvent the wheel, you already have all your requirements well documented.  Maybe ask Microsoft if they'd write it for you, they already do that for a few big social media platforms.   Start having some meetings on it..  do some analytics to see the MS growth rates, the of dissatisfaction rate, etc  

  • Has anyone found a good app on WP8 that has the ability to track your ride with GPS, link with a HRM to analyse calorie burn, and has the satnav style capabilities strata delivers on iPhone?  Frankly, I'm happy to give up the Strata service, as great as it is should there be a suitable alternative.

  • Make WP app, please.

  • Robin, have you looked at Endomondo? They have a pretty good app for WP and their premium is cheaper than Strava. I'm mainly staying with Strava because other local riders use it but I certainly don't intend to pay for premium while ever Strava refuse to support WP.

  • Old Bloke - I've been using the free Endomondo app to date, and I do really like it.  The one thing that's missing is having a sat nav style route planner on the app, as a lot of the country roads where I live I don't know so well.  A friend was using Strava on his iPhone, and seemed to have this, and it's the one missing piece from Endomondo in my opinion.  It would be great if Strava would deliver this to the user base wanting it!

  • The best app for Windows Phone I have come across is called  "RunThe Map" here:

    To upload to Strava, simply email the GPX file to yourself and then go to Strava to upload the file.

  • I just paid $2 for striver's ability to upload to like a charm. 

  • Strava CEO - Hi dev team, can we get a windows phone app developed? They're at 10% market share now.

    Dev Team - ahahhahahahahahha NO - Bill Gates must die!

    CEO - right, erm OK. Wouldn't it be quite easy to do?

    Dev Team - Probably, but it would be admitting defeat.

    CEO - right, there's a big market share to tap into, just do it please

    Dev Team - la la la la NO - we must continue our futile imaginary war on windows!

  • One more user waiting for the Windows Phone app.

  • Another WP user waiting for the native app..

  • I use Sports Tracker. The latest version has resolved all the previous timing issues (there used to be an error in the start time of the ride which was a bit of a pain to manually correct). It is now really easy to upload to Sports Tracker, export to the computer and then upload to Strava. It has the added advantage of a separate record of the ride.

    A dedicated WP app would still be nice though. However it's free to use and works well as it is, so nothing like the problem it used to be.

  • Striver just recently updated their app.  So far it has worked for me,  The developer also has a club here on Strava which is useful for support of the software.   

  • @Strava management

    It is in Strava's long term best interests to play in the Windows Phone market too. Here is why:

    1. Microsoft is a giant in the software industry and they will not stop their efforts to win in the smartphone space.

    2. Currently, Windows Phone are capturing the lower-end market consisting of the younger generation too. It is this generation that is going to become big earners and move over to the Premium option. YOU WANT TO TAP INTO THIS MARKET!

    3. Android is becoming a clunky smartphone operating system in comparison to the Windows Phone system which is becoming an extremely slick and efficient component of a totally integrated Windows ecosystem which is becoming harder to ignore and resist with Windows/Office users (basically every computer user on the planet)

    So, what is holding you back from developing an app for your growing Windows Phone fan base?

  • Runtastic is now an official windows phone app..   uhh ohh strava..

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