Strava on Windows phones

Strava does not offer an App for Windows Phones or Windows 10 and unfortunately, we do we have plans to support this operating system in the future. However, there are a handful of options or workarounds recommended by our community so that you can still post your GPS data to Strava:

  1. CycloMeter App: From the CycloMeter App, there is a plugin that can be purchased for a small amount to allow data to be automatically published to Strava.
  2. Cycle Tracks GPS: Similarly, publishing data to Strava from this app is a one-time add-on purchase.
  3. Run the Map
  4. Run.GPS
  5. Cyclers app for Windows phones
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  • Strava for Windows Phone please!

  • Dear Strava


    I'm paying endomondo customer and was considering moving to strava. Not supporting windows phone is showstopper to me however.  Bye.

  • "At this time, Strava does not have an App for Windows Phones, unfortunately"

    Unfortunately sounds like an admission that there should be a Windows Phone app then. Sounds good.

    Hopefully with Windows 10 set to take off far better than Windows 8, and Windows Phone 10 looking very good, plus Microsoft providing tools for easy cross platform development then it's going to get harder to ignore Windows Phone.

    I'm finding many of the major players have something out there now. Including Endomondo, one of your major competitors. Let's not forget Sports Tracker who pretty much started all this back in Symbian days and are still going with a Windows Phone app, even though they have been largely relegated to nothing by Strava ;)

  • Could anyone recommend a simple and lightweight GPS tracker for Windows Phone? Back in my old Android phone when I couldn't use Strava, I'd use Open GPS Tracker to save the .gpx files and send them, but there's no Open GPS Tracker for WP either.

  • Another vote for a native app for windows phone. Not sure I am willing to go through the extra steps needed to use Strava. Will look at Strava Mate.

  • Chico,I use Endomondo Sports Tracker while waiting for Strava to catch a wakeup and make a WP app. Furthermore, I find the native Microsoft MSN Health & Fitness app quite handy. It automatically keeps track of my steps and continuously updates its display if you pin it on the start screen.

  • Chico, I use Run the Map, it's free, seems lightweight, makes good tracks and doesn't seem to use too much battery. You can upload GPX workouts to OneDrive from your phone, then download and upload to Strava. Not exactly convenient but also not too difficult to make work. 

  • Chico, I prefer Cyclers for its simplicity and reliability. You can upload directly to Strata from within the app.

    There are other options in Store you could try, Bahia, Strive, Strata Mate (and there's probably more). Some require an in-app purchase to enable upload to Strata.

  • Actually, RunTheMap is pretty good. You do not need to upload to OneDrive first. From within RunTheMap you go Share and then send to your email address. From your email inbox you can forward the RunTheMap email (with gpx file attached) to However, Strava are stopping their email upload service. But you can just as easily save the file to your local drive and then go into Strava and upload from there. I've tried a number of other similar apps but find RunTheMap to be the best offering. Furthermore it is free.

  • I had numerous issues with RunTheMap on the Lumia 920 - it would stop recording the path at random points of the trail, at random times (no other apps opened, so not a RAM issue).

    Recently switched to Straza Mate, and it works without problems so far. Paid the small amount to be able to upload to Strava automatically, and that features works flawlessly. Also, it's a Strava client with almost all features as the iOS/Android versions. I already contacted the developer with some questions and feature requests, he is quite responsive and listening, which is good as this app might only get better. No ads! 

  • I'm wondering what to do, since I have a Windows Phone.

  • Ben and others,


    I use Striver, works fine for what I need.  Bob

  • Hi there, 

    I use STRAZA MATE on a Lumia620. Works perfect!

    With Airplane-Mode=ON the power consumption is rather low, 2-3 % per hour.

    Give it a try. It is worth the 99cent.


  • I use Cyclometer, great support and works a treat now that long ride issues have been sorteed out. As for a Strava for Windows app maybe it's time for a rethink with Windows 10 coming along with Visual Studio also supporting Android and OSX.

  • I was excited about Strava a year ago, and I signed up. Then I discovered you can't log rides after the fact you have to real time track them. I didn't have fancy GPS computers or a smartphone at the time so I discovered Mapmyride and UA Record. I was excited two days ago to finally get a smartphone and be able to use Strava. All my friends have raved about it and I was excited to finally try it. To my disappointment, No WP app. WHAT?? 18 months ago there were more than 50 MILLION WP users worldwide. Sorry Strava, surely you have your reasons. I have mine too for using a windows phone. I'm not going to go through all the converting and transferring of a third party app, just because you can't see the sense in making a native app. I'll continue to use and I'll continue to convert my friends to Mapmyride and UA Record. 4 friends down, 6 to go. Oh, and I'm won't be coming back to check again. I'm gone forever.

  • @David or anyone who knows

    Does Straza Mate support Auto-pause?

    It is very important for Cyclists :)

  • @Michal

    Strava will work out from each coordinate/timestamp whether you were actually moving or not and take this into account when calculating average speed for your ride. Strava will not take into account any stationary time when calculating average speed. The windows phone location tracking framework actually only provides co-ordinates to the app when your location changes.

  • From past experience, devices that do their own auto pausing confused Strava. I was using Sports Tracker years ago on a Nokia phone and if auto pause was on, Strava got it wrong and straight lined or said I'd done a climb that takes minutes in a couple of seconds (and then someone would flag my ride). Strava said it shouldn't happen as they use entry and exit times on segments but it happened. Best thing is to not use auto pause. I use a Garmin now and it's just better to disable auto pause to be sure, and let Strava work it out as it's better at doing it.

  • Thanks. My worries were unnecessary :)

  • @Tim Moore - Not sure if there have been updates since (either to the Sports Tracker app or the backend servers for wither ST or Strava) but the auto pause on Sports Tracker gets imported fine into Strava now (and has done since I started using Strava last year).  

    The old pain with Sports Tracker of having to amend GPX files before importing into Strava has been fixed as well now and its easy to just export GPX from ST and import into Strava with minimal fuss and, until Strava pull their finger out does work well for me.  

    Still won't be signing up to a Strava Pro a/c until they create a WP app though

  • I'm waiting for the "Yeah we know there are more than 400 million PCs on Windows 10, but you know, that's like not enough to make a universal app that would go across PC, Phone, Tablet and Xbox." You have to kind of admire the stubbornness.

  • On July 29th Windows 10 appeared and it's true that tablets have it on-board, but some user friendly tools for developers were anounced in the spring and from that time many apps are available also for WP. But the develeopers are aware that WP will be converted to Windows 10 for Mobile Phones and maybe they are waiting.

    In my opinion it wil accelerate in autumn when W10 for Mobile Phones will be introduecd.

  • @David Strava cuts last 30-60 minutes of my training, when I uploading GPX from Straza mate. Is it possible to debug somehow? Strava support says that's problem on software side. I can't find how to communicate with you. You don't answer @ fb :-)


    Thanks! :-)

  • @Denis

    This happened me yesterday for the first time ever. The first half of my ride was there... plus the very last co-ordinate! Which seems very strange if the app did that. It feels like loads of the co-ordinates have been stripped out. It was fine for my friend though, also using Straza Mate. I haven't got any messages on fb so you've got the wrong David. I'll make some enquires. Email if you want a further chat...

  • Well I'm late to the party.  I have a Blu Phone HD, can't wait for the flagship windows 10 phone. 

    Anyhow I've been using Catchme app since early 2014.  Its the best app I've used to sync with Strava, uploads automatically and I share on Facebook as well.  You can race your ghost from previous runs.  Logged over 400 miles, and probably lost 100 miles in data. 

    The app measures your climb, distance, speed, avg speed, calories.  Also has configuration for voice prompts, like voice notifying you when you completed a mile, pace, time remaining. 

    PS - get it together Strava, make an app for us Windows users.


  • Any progress on Strava issuing a Windows 10 App? Seems crazy this still has not been sorted. Getting new phone in next week and will have to leave Strava if no app!

  • Hello a few years ago i was able to run Strava on my Samsung Galaxy Ace 5380i.Then it got upgraded.My phone would not take it.Now i am 65,and not too hot with gadgets,but on saturday i had to get a new phone,Microsoft Lumia 640 lte.So i thought ,great i can put up Strava again.No i cannot.So i would like to ask a question,which is the best app and easiest to use.Also how much will it cost to 'link' to Strava.Many thanks.

  • I'm using an app called "Cyclers" on my Lumina 820 and it's a pretty good app. It's basicaly a strava for windows phone made by someone and its working perfectly. Thank you if you reading this and I recommend Cyclers while Strava continues to ignore us.

  • Bob, I'm with Alexey and also use Cyclers. If you go back through the comments you will see other apps that people use and have been happy with. The main reasons I stick with Cyclers is that it is simple to use, has been reliable and uploads to Strava is included in the free version.


  • Another WP user asking for Strava to pleeeeze develop an app for windows phone. Soon, or you'll lose this customer forever. 

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