Strava on Windows phones

Strava does not offer an App for Windows Phones or Windows 10 and unfortunately, we do we have plans to support this operating system in the future. However, there are a handful of options or workarounds recommended by our community so that you can still post your GPS data to Strava:

  1. CycloMeter App: From the CycloMeter App, there is a plugin that can be purchased for a small amount to allow data to be automatically published to Strava.
  2. Cycle Tracks GPS: Similarly, publishing data to Strava from this app is a one-time add-on purchase.
  3. Run the Map
  4. Run.GPS
  5. Cyclers app for Windows phones
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  • Elle, thank you for this update but I have to ask the real question - What is preventing the development and deployment of an official Strava App for Windows Phone?  Clearly there is a demand, clearly Strava has the ability and resources. 1 and 1 clearly aren't equaling 2 and until there's a logical answer the brand will take at hit with this ever growing ecosystem and it's users.

  • You want to know why they don't support Windows Mobile. Because they're typical of every single West Coast USA social network company EVER. MS Haters and utterly obsessed with their Fruity idevices. The ONLY reason that they develop Android is down to Market Share that they simply cannot ignore.
    So come on Strava. PROVE US WRONG!

  • It makes no sense that there is not an app for a Windows phone!!!!


  • @Strava - guys, you should not look at Windows platform as the phone-only platform.

    Windows has UWP (Universal Windows Platform) which makes possible for applications to be available on phones, PCs, tablets, laptops, etc.. at the same time. So by making a Strava UWP app, you will actually do it for the whole Windows ecosystem.

    + it is really easy these days to port apps from iOS/Android to Windows UWP.

  • Gee, after 10 web pages of requests for an official Strava app for Windows Phones and still nothing, that is disappointing.

  • Sorry for the 'thread resurrection', however with the announcement of 'Beacon' hitting my inbox I can't help nut wonder if i'll get a reduced Premium fee for not having a WP app or use of the feature?

  • .. garmin connect apps for example works on all windows form factors... and by the way. ms offers tool for quick porting of existing ios and android application to windows 10 (universal windows platform) so dev costs are minimal.. this is pure hate on strava's side. They have an audience on windows 10, they have the resources and it's not that work intensive..

    On the other side. Strava seems to neglect they're web pages as well. They haven't changed a long time and are severely lacking behind today's standards. No new features... it looks like strava decided they have done enough, stopped inovating and started milking.

  • +1 for STRAVA UWP (Universal Windows Platform).
    It would run on ANY Windows 10 device be it PC, tablet or phone.
    There are even bridges available that can help with porting an Android/iOS app to UWP:

  • Just a thought.....    Whatsapp announced this week that they were acquired by facebook for US$19B.   Whatsapp is multiplatform, providing high quality apps all four major mobile operating systems.  

    Just think what Strava could achieve if it extended its app portfolio.....

  • For windows phone try this: (its free and i tested 100% works fine)

  • One more user that wants to make the swicht from Runtastic and use Strava on Windows Phone, pls pls make a UWP to use on the phone and see and analyze results with PC.

  • I am with most of the comment stated above (Strava could just port their Android app to windows), I have one other big complain: ok you don't develop for window, but if you don't do so, please please please, how come you don't have a website that render on a mobile phone!! How about responsive design?
    Also why can't I post my activity picture from the website (but I am forced to use BlueStack emulator on windows to use Strava Android App, just to post a picture?). Don't tell me to go Instagram making my picture public to achieve it.

    Beside this, the awful thing is that you have a very nice Platform, so it's just a shame you don't consider these asks... ;-)

  • Just crazy that strava are ignoring a large swathe of population with windows phones; how to promote your competitors in one easy step!!!!

  • Was the article updated? Says posted on 1st July 2016...

    "Unfortunately, Strava does not currently offer support for Windows Phones or Windows 10 Mobile, nor do we have plans to support these operating systems in the future.

    Let us know what you think about the current options & workarounds, and any tips and tricks you'd like to share with the community about using Strava with these phones and operating systems"

    So in answer... simply plan for a Windows version. It's the only proper solution. I can understand the reluctance due to a small market share with Windows Phone but it's the lack of apps that prevents growth. You need to show the lead. You gain potentially millions of customers even with a small market share, and stand to gain more if people decide to switch to Windows Phone because their favourite app is available.

    Sure, Microsoft have launches of new phones on hold at present, but that's to change direction and cut back on too many budget phones (even though some are really very good), and to concentrate on the Surface phone next year.

    Need to be in there ready for it. Talk to Microsoft. Surely they'd be willing to support a Windows Phone version and to have it hook up with their own fitness solutions and the Band.

  • Lack of responsive and touch friendly design is shame. Btw. strava seams to hate MS so much they even don't test in Edge browser. Some bugs are lingering since it's release.


  • still waiting....

  • 3 years..... Come on pull your finger out!

  • So the market's not that big but it's not exactly rocket science to make their app run on a Windows Phone and then they could say they support everyone. They could probably hire a high school kid to do the project.

  • Has the op changed?

    unfortunately we do we have plans to support this operating system in the future. 

    We do have plans? Does this mean you've finally realized there are 500 million Windows users out there? Remind your engineers they work for you, also the anti ms train has been trying to make ground for about twenty five years... Time to stop and hate something else maybe?

  • Well at least this shows acknowledgement that you have a good potential user base out there wanting to use the service; shame you're not actually doing anything about it. 

  • @Jeff McAhren
    "The suggestion that Strava should develop and support a Windows 10 app that has parity with the existing web app is silly. The web app is fine as it is, and is cross platform. Creating a OS specific app would be a step backwards and would take effort away from other enhancements and fixes."

    Hm, interesting... You mean like Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Spotify? Because all those platforms have BOTH web "apps" and dedicated Windows 10 apps. Really makes you think...

  • I've been using WP for a while, and developing an app for Strava for an age now, it's more than just an uploader, and has segments, previous activities, and clubs (to the extent made available by Strava).

    It's not quite finished, but thought I'd put it out there 

    If there are features missing, or things that don't meet expectations, please let me know and I'll see what you can do!

  • I'm wondering what to do, since I have a Windows Phone.

  • I do think the debate is a little skewed towards 'how to upload your workout' and in the midst of this the 'interaction with strava using your phone' is being missed.

    Many are using their phones for tracking. But many more are using their various garmins, mios, polars, etc. An official strava app for windows phone would let the- rising - segment of your user and customer base interact with their account on the phone. Have access to own and friends' tracks', give kudos, comment, etc. from their phone and not have to use their pc or laptop. The seamless interaction through the app on your phone is probably much more important than an upload function alone (which btw. is extremely easy to solve with just a few steps and using export/import functions).

    If endomondo, sports-tracker, and other players on this market can do it, so can strava... if strava's developers do not have time, put it out there for the community to develop; give it as hackathon challenge; make a competition; use kick-starter... there are so many ways that this can be done and I'm somewhat puzzled the app is not there already ;-)

  • Like others I also use my Garmin to upload my run details, and then review data later, give kudos/comment etc on my phone. Please do look into making a Windows Phone app - certainly worth considering that if you were to make it a universal app then you'd get Windows Phone and Windows (desktop) users with one app - that's a LOT of users.

  • I'm pretty new to strava and want to use it more but find it quite frustrating that as a Windows Phone / Mobile user I can't use the platform to it's full potential. I have noticed that some of my followers can upload pictures of their activities and yet we not able to do this as a Windows user. At the moment my activities are being uploaded through Garmin and MS Health App but would love to have this on my phone so I can interact with people.

  • Why are folks insisting on the need for an official Strava app if the third party apps work ok?  I have good results with Sriver and Cycle Tracks GPS. I am new to Strava so perhaps these third party apps don't have all the features you need?  -Bob

  • Would like the app on windows too.

  • For some reason my Cyclometer app didn't record all aspects of my ride today, like altitude and calories. It also didn't give me the check box to upload to Strava. I uninstalled and reinstalled and will see on my next ride if these are permanent changes or just a glitch. I had been fairly happy with Cyclometer up until now, but  it's not Strava. I have also installed Striver and will give it a shot. I don't know anything about the app business, but it seems to me that Strava is missing an opportunity for a lot of loyal customers.

  • Hi there Richard, this link should do it:

    If not, I've also included my images in the folder that I provided earlier (click there). Note: because I upgraded to Premium after my last ride, I haven't been provided the power details yet. I just entered my weight in my profile and it should calculate in the next few hours, or on my next ride this weekend. Besides that, the rest is similar.

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