Strava on Windows phones

Strava does not offer an App for Windows Phones or Windows 10 and unfortunately, we do we have plans to support this operating system in the future. However, there are a handful of options or workarounds recommended by our community so that you can still post your GPS data to Strava:

  1. CycloMeter App: From the CycloMeter App, there is a plugin that can be purchased for a small amount to allow data to be automatically published to Strava.
  2. Cycle Tracks GPS: Similarly, publishing data to Strava from this app is a one-time add-on purchase.
  3. Run the Map
  4. Run.GPS
  5. Cyclers app for Windows phones
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  • ios and android are soooo 2013. give us winphone support now!


  • Cycler works. Tracks both running and cycling. Syncs with Strava. Missing a lot of other nifty features compared to Android Strava. Segment PRs, Compare etc. I am convinced that I should apply for a Job at Strava as a Win app. Dev. I only live a few blocks away anyway...

  • I don't understand why Strava aren't developing for WP. Could someone from strava explain the strategy? Aside from the lack of WP app, it's a great service, you really need to build on this momentum. It won't be long before MS are #2 in the phone OS wars, seems a little short sighted to me.

  • Moving from iOS to WP8 and astonished there's no app. I actually use my Garmin to upload to the main site but I use the phone app to review my stats, chat to other strava users etc. It's not all about uploading data! Sort it out please!!!

  • hoffnungsvoller und sehnsüchtiger Erwartung einer eigenen und vollwertigen Windows-Phone-App...

  • I've tried a number of apps. The best in my opinion is strider. It does the usual mapping and uploading. Cool thing is it also works for comments, kudos and following.

  • Another WP user waiting for the native app..

  • Another WP user waiting for the native app..

  • How hard is it to make an app for WP Strava?  I know a lot of people that would use this.  Run the Map is good for recording but it is outside the echo system.  I want to give my friend kudos and comment on their runs.  Please make a WP app.


  • Like others I also use my Garmin to upload my run details, and then review data later, give kudos/comment etc on my phone. Please do look into making a Windows Phone app - certainly worth considering that if you were to make it a universal app then you'd get Windows Phone and Windows (desktop) users with one app - that's a LOT of users.

  • Has anybody had the same problem when uploading gpx file to strava, the ride length is longer than the original.?

    I'm using the Sports-Tracker, before the problem was the starting time showed wrongly, but the ride itself was correct.

    now the starting time is correct but the rides are all 15-20min longer comparing the original file.

    Can other Sports-Tracker user please compare the total time from Strava and sports-tracker if they are the same after November 2014.

    I just thought I have become old and cannot come even to close to my previous times:)

  • I had the same problem with the incorrect start time prior to Nov 2014, when the error would always be a whole number of hours. Since then it has been correct. As for large errors in total time, no, I only seem to have small errors ranging from a few seconds to at most a few minutes and almost invariably Strava is longer, so average speed is lower than actual by a point or two. I assume it is not picking up on stationary periods in the same way that Sports Tracker does. As well as the phone I use a standard speedo that measures only actual moving time so I have a comparison. There is always a difference in time between the two (the speedo being shorter) but again it doesn't seem to be by much.

  • Come on Strava. A Windows Phone Strava App is surely a must by now........Windows phone are the biggest growing market in the mobile phone market so surely you must realise you are missing a huge percentage of the population


  • I switched from android to windows phone at the start of last year and the strava app is one of the only apps i miss.

    I use Adidas MiCoach to record. It uploads the ride to there servers so once i get onto a computer i just download the gpx and upload it to strava. It does mess with the time stamp though.


    MiCoach is quite nice, every km it reads out how you are doing. Since i always put my phone in my backpack its good to have that feedback.

  • Its very odd that Strava don't help themselves.....a windows app please, I would go premium if you did, as would many many many many many (get my point?) many many others!

    for cycling I use Cyclometer app its brilliant and very accurate. Once you have downloaded the app, press the three dots on the bottom right of your screen, go to add ins and follow the Strava link. You have to pay £2 but its well worth it, one tap on the screen at it lifts your ride straight to your Strava account. Couldn't be easier.... well it could.... Strava could make a windows app..

    Also does anyone know a good running app that can do the same, struggling to find one that I can link to my Strava account.

    Have fun out there.

  • I am using Cyclers.  It working good with my Bluetooth heart rate sensor.  You can be cycling or running.  Crash once in a while but working good.


  • Still a shame that Strave keeps being stuborn and don't release a native Windows Phone App. Windows Phone is the fastest growing mobile OS.

    I would go premium if there was a native app.

  • This is a fascinating study of irrationality. You have a company with 10 million customers who refuse to do windows development.

    The site is written in Ruby.... three's your answer right there. It's either a dev team who have an irrational windows hate or the CEO - otherwise there would be a windows app.

    Windows phones became popular - facebook, twitter, instagram, audible made windows apps. They want to reach as many people as possible.

    Like I say - a great study in irrationality - in England we say "Cutting your nose off to spite your face".

    It's not as if it would take long, its a bog standard GPS app - it's not doing anything amazing.

    More popcorn please!

  • RunTheMap is an excellent app for Windows Phones. The app can either save to OneDrive or email the GPX file to yourself. Then you simply forward the email to You can do all this in 30secs on your phone. After that your ride will automatically appear in your Activities. It is pretty easy actually. 

    I have looked at a number of other similar apps but I still find the easy and clean interface of RunTheMap better than any other app.

    Of course, it would be much easier if Strava actually developed a native app for Windows Phones. If Strava are interested then I'd be happy to develop a Strava app for Windows Phones. Yeah right.!

  • Just moved to a Lumia 930 and gutted to see no Strava.

    You guys are bonkers! Listen to your customers guys!


  • Well, I have dedicated myself to help users of Windows Phone to access the STRAVA through my Cyclers app and it increasingly stable.  I think it's a good option to try because it is free.


    Kleber Alves

  • It might be just as easy to use something like Endomondo on windows phone, and then a service like to push across to Strava.  Appreciate that doesn't help if you want to give kudos/comment from your phone, but might be a solution for your own runs/rides.

  • Any plans to release a Windows universal app now ? With the upcoming Windows 10 you can develop once for 1.5 billions of devices... think about it !


    Currently i'm using Sport Tracker & Runtastic but I would be happy to try Strava too.

  • I made an app for Windows Phone called "Straza Mate". Nearly everything is part of the trial version (which lasts forever). You can find it here:

  • Disappointed to see that Strava has developed a new strava app for the Apple Watch which currently has zero user base essentially.   When you have a sizable windows user base that has been requesting this for a while.   

  • "Disappointed to see that Strava has developed a new strava app for the Apple Watch which currently has zero user base essentially.   When you have a sizable windows user base that has been requesting this for a while.   "


    Awesome - I told you the CEO was scared of the devs!

  • Can some of you tell me which Belt Heart Rate i can use for some app on WP. My budget is 50-60$

  • Heart rate monitor for Window Phone working with Cyclers app. Support Bluetooth heart rate monitor ZEPHYR HXM around $75.00

  • How can you ignore so many of your users requests for a Windows Phone app? People don't want a workaround and your creation of this post assumes they only use Strava mobile to record and upload data. Clearly that's so far from the truth otherwise you wouldn't continue to invest in developing the app with additional features for other platforms. Listen to your users, listen to your paying customers...this is what they want!!

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