Strava on Windows phones

Strava does not offer an App for Windows Phones or Windows 10 and unfortunately, we do we have plans to support this operating system in the future. However, there are a handful of options or workarounds recommended by our community so that you can still post your GPS data to Strava:

  1. CycloMeter App: From the CycloMeter App, there is a plugin that can be purchased for a small amount to allow data to be automatically published to Strava.
  2. Cycle Tracks GPS: Similarly, publishing data to Strava from this app is a one-time add-on purchase.
  3. Run the Map
  4. Run.GPS
  5. Cyclers app for Windows phones
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  • I just hope Strava decides to embrace Windows phone users before we all move on from their all too exclusive app.

    Not sure how long I'm going to hold out before I give up on it.

  • +1 for windows phone strava app!

  • Re: Richard May

    Thanks for this. I've just loaded a ride following these points (using WordPad to edit) and it works except for one thing. The ride is shown with corrected times, but for some reason it appears on the Activity Feed one day ahead (i.e. tomorrow). On the Training Log and elsewhere it is shown with the correct date. So any ideas on what to change to correct this error?

  • Thanks for the link @Chris - looks good.  Interesting to see some of the other comments about synching times but its still getting very tempting! :-)

  • I've tried a number of apps. The best in my opinion is strider. It does the usual mapping and uploading. Cool thing is it also works for comments, kudos and following.

  • hi, strava priorities are mixed up, you shouldn't be develooping something that users are already  using when you could develop something to increase your user base. theres people here literally wanting to give you money but they can't. huge business mistake by strava.

  • @Tim Moore - Not sure if there have been updates since (either to the Sports Tracker app or the backend servers for wither ST or Strava) but the auto pause on Sports Tracker gets imported fine into Strava now (and has done since I started using Strava last year).  

    The old pain with Sports Tracker of having to amend GPX files before importing into Strava has been fixed as well now and its easy to just export GPX from ST and import into Strava with minimal fuss and, until Strava pull their finger out does work well for me.  

    Still won't be signing up to a Strava Pro a/c until they create a WP app though

  • Bocko, If Kleber's profile is public you will find him here: However, he hasn't ridden for more than a month.

    I last used Cyclers three days ago and it still worked - I'm using it on a 950 with Windows 10. I just checked Microsoft Store and it is no longer listed, so it looks like it is no more.

  • 'Tracks for strava' from MS store is not perfect but seems to work and upload activieties to Strava. (It's not an official application of Strava Inc.)

  • It would be really great if Strava would support Windows Phone.  I am currently using my Garmin for upload but the lack of access to friends, segments, and feeds is really unfortunate....  

  • now when microsoft buy Nokia and start to make phone with Windows sistem, you guys need to do this big step. In this tame we have 68% users of Android, 16% IOS, 16% WP. This percent will change for half year because microsoft make realy good and cheep phone then is it Andorid or IOS,

  • It would be great to have Strava on Windows 10. So now I use Cyclers. Its a pitty.

  • Striver is working good for my purposes which is basically tracking a ride and uploading.  Tried a few apps and liked Striver the best. 

  • I would love to see a universal windows app that works on my phone and surface. Heck it would even be nice to run it on our xbox one!

  • Those posts above sound like a pretty tricky way to do it, when there are 3rd party apps that upload directly with no hassles. Personally I prefer cyclometer. Pay a couple of bucks for the strava integrator. Funnily enough one of my friends no longer using strava as his iPhone app keeps crashing and always asking for login!


  • Not exactly sure why it's taking you guys longer to sync. Make sure that your Microsoft Health app is updated, and I think it helps to sync over WiFi. Don't forget it's a new service, it'll get quicker in the coming days when the engineers figure it all out.

    I realize the last few posts have all been about the Band when this is a forum for Windows Phone. I don't want to change the topic of conversation too much, so I'll reiterate:

    Moderators: Listen up - get a Windows Phone app ASAP and people WILL go premium.

  • Another WP user waiting for the native app..

  • Hello Strava,

    You were recommended to me. Unfortunately like many others no Windows Phone 8 APP has forced me down the route of Endomundo. I've no plans to switch to iPhone or Android. The company I work for is upgrading to Windows Phone 8.1 for users too. There's a clear additional target audience for Strava. Perhaps when you get round to it I'll switch, unless Endomundo make theirs just as functional and efficient.

  • I'm waiting for the "Yeah we know there are more than 400 million PCs on Windows 10, but you know, that's like not enough to make a universal app that would go across PC, Phone, Tablet and Xbox." You have to kind of admire the stubbornness.

  • Another user waiting for the Windows Phone app here. (May 21 2014)

  • We want the WinPhone app, and we want it now!

  • @Anthony Doran good point! Strava uses google maps, windows phones uses microsoft bing maps. Relations between Microsoft and Google are not so good. Strava will not support windows phone app because they don't want to "ruin" their relationship with google. We should demand it cycling free discrimination spaces on internet, because it is not about google, microsoft or strava, it is about cycling and sport.

  • While we wait for Strava to come to the party with a proper Windows Phone app, I switched to Fitbit. They have a Windows Phone app that not only does everything that Strava does, it also logs calorie intake and integrates seamlessly with Fitbit wearables and the Fitbit scale. If you need to synchronise Fitbit with Strava, for whatever reason, there is an option on the Strava website to do the synchronisation with Fitbit automatically. I tried it and it works fine; no manual downloading and uploading of files required.

  • I hope those are real👍

  • Hello everyone,

    Does your Cyclers app work with you?
    Not with me :(
    The best app for Strava that was on Windows. What is the alternative?
    Developer Kleber Alves does not respond to mail :(

  • @Kevin Westwood how rude of them!

    Hopefully they roll this fix out to their standard, stable WM10. I'm not sure I want to go down the path of a fast tracked beta version of the OS just to try one app I don't know if I will like.

    Thanks for letting me know

  • David - Not sure about that - I think that might be something to do with how Strav shows the data and you might find that it works itself out.

    [The other] Richard M - it does indeed sound fiddly but I've got it down to a couple of seconds to export/update/import and it allows me best of both my worlds - maintaining using Sports Tracker which I have been used for years on various devices so have a bit catalogue of activity built up, along with using my heart rate monitor; whilst getting to use some of the benefits of the strava website.

  • Hi everyone, I'm running Windows 8.0 and downloaded and installed both Straza Mate and Straza Spins. I allowed access to location and have location features turned on in my phone settings. I can sign in to Strava via Straza Mate/Spins. But when trying to record a route, it reads "not initialized" under status. When I tap "record" the status changes to "location is disabled in phone settings." No, it isn't. 

    Any ideas?

    +1 F-U Strava for not bothering to write a version for Windows Phone, seriously.

  • Cycler works. Tracks both running and cycling. Syncs with Strava. Missing a lot of other nifty features compared to Android Strava. Segment PRs, Compare etc. I am convinced that I should apply for a Job at Strava as a Win app. Dev. I only live a few blocks away anyway...

  • What's the status on the Windows 10 App? I'd love to see it, especially now that it's device Universal - sounds like Continuum might open some endless opportunity for developers as well.

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