Strava on Windows phones

Strava does not offer an App for Windows Phones or Windows 10 and unfortunately, we do we have plans to support this operating system in the future. However, there are a handful of options or workarounds recommended by our community so that you can still post your GPS data to Strava:

  1. CycloMeter App: From the CycloMeter App, there is a plugin that can be purchased for a small amount to allow data to be automatically published to Strava.
  2. Cycle Tracks GPS: Similarly, publishing data to Strava from this app is a one-time add-on purchase.
  3. Run the Map
  4. Run.GPS
  5. Cyclers app for Windows phones
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  • Elle, thank you for this update but I have to ask the real question - What is preventing the development and deployment of an official Strava App for Windows Phone?  Clearly there is a demand, clearly Strava has the ability and resources. 1 and 1 clearly aren't equaling 2 and until there's a logical answer the brand will take at hit with this ever growing ecosystem and it's users.

  • Thanks for the question G.! We're working on other developments with both the website and mobile currently, I think would be the best explanation. Our product team certainly has their work cut out for them with prioritizing all the cool stuff we hope to do at Strava! Thanks again for your patience and feedback. 

  • Just a thought.....    Whatsapp announced this week that they were acquired by facebook for US$19B.   Whatsapp is multiplatform, providing high quality apps all four major mobile operating systems.  

    Just think what Strava could achieve if it extended its app portfolio.....

  • It makes no sense that there is not an app for a Windows phone!!!!


  • Well at least this shows acknowledgement that you have a good potential user base out there wanting to use the service; shame you're not actually doing anything about it. 

  • Hello all

    I'm a flemish recreational biker and Lumia820 owner and I use "MARATHON" on my biking (+/- 50km/day in Spain in winter ans in Flanders in summer) trips. I rate is higher than Endomondo.

  • Just crazy that strava are ignoring a large swathe of population with windows phones; how to promote your competitors in one easy step!!!!

  • I have been wanting Srava for yrs and thought I would look in to see what news and it's the same as it was back in the WP7 days. I suspect Strata isn't big enough to be able to make another app. It would make them (if they aren't already) a loss making company. Best hope if for Microsoft to push out the dual boot phones that they have been talking about. Then we can get the elegant WP experience along with the Android apps. As a side notes to anyone who hasn't tried WIN/RT on a tablet yet, It is a lovely and pleasurable experience which will make you smile as you use it. Much like phone OS.

    From experience - 'understand what you can influence and what you can't and reconcile yourself'. Don't beat up yourself or Strata. Just enjoy riding your bike (or running if that is your thing)


  • Nice comment Julian.  Ride and enjoy, use your Garmin (or whatever) and upload to Strava.  You don't want to sweat all over your phone anyway.  I love my Windows Phone 8 and I tolerate the non-mainstream nature of a 3.2% market share.  Those of us who know WP8 will be sticking through thick and thin until MICROSOFT pulls in more market share.  Eventually, this OS will win that game and folks will be falling all over themselves to have a WP app.  Until then, Betamax (o wait, Betamax died, hopefully MS has more staying power than Sony).

  • i'm using cyclometer. great for uploading, but it would be nice to have access to segments, friends etc.

    In mean time its no big deal, would like P8 app, but its a pretty first world problem. Anyone tried 'cyclers'

  • Waiting for windows app...... Using my Garmin but be great to have a back up as the battery on the Garmin tends to die after 7 hours!!

  • It would be really great if Strava would support Windows Phone.  I am currently using my Garmin for upload but the lack of access to friends, segments, and feeds is really unfortunate....  

  • It is shame, that strava doesn´t heading our direction. I am using the garmin anyways. But, what I would love to see is the mobile version of the strava web page, since windows phone have enough power and doesn´t need app itself, and there are even other operation systems outside of three strongest, it could be something, which should be Strava team think about twice.

  • strava on windows phone, please!

  • I am a financial adviser and see that more clients are working from home / server / cloud, and switching to Windows phones that work with Windows 8 so the Strava app for windows phones, particularly Nokia 820 in my case would be great and a boost for many upwardly mobile mamil's and mawil's keen to share their efforts.

    Can you give us a rough timescale to launch if the app is being developed or tested?



  • I do think the debate is a little skewed towards 'how to upload your workout' and in the midst of this the 'interaction with strava using your phone' is being missed.

    Many are using their phones for tracking. But many more are using their various garmins, mios, polars, etc. An official strava app for windows phone would let the- rising - segment of your user and customer base interact with their account on the phone. Have access to own and friends' tracks', give kudos, comment, etc. from their phone and not have to use their pc or laptop. The seamless interaction through the app on your phone is probably much more important than an upload function alone (which btw. is extremely easy to solve with just a few steps and using export/import functions).

    If endomondo, sports-tracker, and other players on this market can do it, so can strava... if strava's developers do not have time, put it out there for the community to develop; give it as hackathon challenge; make a competition; use kick-starter... there are so many ways that this can be done and I'm somewhat puzzled the app is not there already ;-)

  • Windows Phone is the fastest growing platform, a lot of companies are switching to the OS because of its stability and business advantages, and with WP 8.1 being released soon a lot more will follow.

    Or they sticking their heads in the sand or they are getting paid extra from either Google or Apple to not bring out a Windows Phone app.

  • I am looking for new Beta testers of the Strava client app called Striver available on Windows Phone.  Striver has been publicly available in the Windows Phone store for about 1 month now so it's relatively new but new features are continually being developed to improve the integration with Strava.  Beta testers will provide valuable feedback, have direct influence over which features are developed and help improve the overall quality of the app.  If you are interested in being a Beta tester please email wpapps at teamwestwood dot co dot uk. 

    For more information or to install Striver visit

    Many Thanks


  • There is a strava app, its called chaser.  unfortunately strava changed their api and would not support these folks when they tried to update it... as it was private.   i call bs on that, ok if you don't have enough users on win to justify not develop in house, but when an external private team is willing to do it, support it, and HAS/ "had"  a large existing user base... it just doesn't make sense and seems there is something more sinister afoot...

  • Today my Garmin ran out of battery just before my ride, and all I had left was my Window phone. I installed Runtastic and uploaded the app to their site. They don't have an exporter, but then I ran into this beautiful trick:

    Basically - all it takes is to go to the Runtastic site, open the list of activities, and (using the web developer tools of your browser - I've used the Scratchpad in Firefox) run that JavaScript snippet - et voila' - the activities are in a TCX file which you can then upload to Strava!

  • @Michele - great tip, thanks for sharing!

    @Scott - our API is not private, so perhaps the Chaser developers can get in touch with us again. 

  • Thanks for the tips.  I am trying Cyclometer and Striver now. 

    Hear great things about the Strava App though, I would definitely upgrade, as would many at my office.

  • Hey all,

    I would also like a WP app to be developed... Also I would like to comment on other apps:

    Endomondo: works for me, but recently TCX-files stopped working (refused by Strava). GPX do work tho.

    Cyclist: did not work properly for me, route is usually about 50m off the road I actually took, so no segments :(

    Guava: Nope... recorded route is totally erratic, makes no sense whatsoever.

    I'm going to test Cyclometer next.... I'll let you all know, but keeping my fingers crossed for an official app!


  • For some reason my Cyclometer app didn't record all aspects of my ride today, like altitude and calories. It also didn't give me the check box to upload to Strava. I uninstalled and reinstalled and will see on my next ride if these are permanent changes or just a glitch. I had been fairly happy with Cyclometer up until now, but  it's not Strava. I have also installed Striver and will give it a shot. I don't know anything about the app business, but it seems to me that Strava is missing an opportunity for a lot of loyal customers.

  • Another user waiting for the Windows Phone app here.

  • An interesting approach by Strava.  Let another app developer provide an Windows 8 App, but by providing a data transfer, the Strava community sees the activity as if from the Strava app.

    Would sure like to see the Strava app on the Windows phone platform.

  • I am trying out Strava and I like the web interface and features a lot. But the lack of a WP app is really surprising - and a big minus for me as a WP user. I am puzzled after having read (parts of) this years long thread. I do not understand why the Strava team will not make an app for WP. There is know real explanation to be found. The workarounds are not satisfactoring solutions. I understand that ressources are limited, but still the winners of this global war of workout apps will be the ones who are able to include users of all major platforms. The ability to use the service as a social platform is what makes the difference here. If it was just about keeping track of your own workouts there would be no reason for the community.  So far I must say that I really like many of the features on Srava, but I will never be a real user here because neither I nor seveal of my friends are able to use it on a daily basis when there are no apps for our phones. Endomondo will contimue to be my preferred service even though I find Strava better. But you relly need to support WP if the potential in the social part of Strava shall be fulfilled. After all Strava is not deciding which phone I am buying. It is - apparantly - my choice of phone that decides which workout community I will be part of. That's a pity. when an otherwise good service do not want me in the community. Now I will instead try and suggest Strava-like features et Endomondo. Lets see if they will play along.

  • plus one here! I use my Windows phone for digital radio and garmin for strava. I'd go Windows Phone all out if I could (The stem/bars are pretty cluttered at the moment by the time you add light, bell, laserbeams :) )

  • For windows phone try this: (its free and i tested 100% works fine)

  • Another user waiting for the Windows Phone app here. (May 21 2014)

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