Strava on Windows phones

Strava does not offer an App for Windows Phones or Windows 10 and unfortunately, we do we have plans to support this operating system in the future. However, there are a handful of options or workarounds recommended by our community so that you can still post your GPS data to Strava:

  1. CycloMeter App: From the CycloMeter App, there is a plugin that can be purchased for a small amount to allow data to be automatically published to Strava.
  2. Cycle Tracks GPS: Similarly, publishing data to Strava from this app is a one-time add-on purchase.
  3. Run the Map
  4. Run.GPS
  5. Cyclers app for Windows phones
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  • The advantage of Cyclers is that you can upload to Strava for free. With Striver you need an additional in-app purchase. If I want to look at Strava detail on my WinPhone I use Baika.


  • You could use also Caledos Runner:

    But please Strava, we need the native app..

  • Put me on the beta tester list!

  • +1 for a native Windows Phone 8 app from Strava. In many countries Windows Phone is the 2nd biggest mobile OS and it is still growing, especially in the business market. There are alternative Strava client apps available made by 3rd parties but none of them I really like and I tried them all (e.g. not auto-stop option or no proper viewing of history / stats)...

  • Well Strava, you enabled your service to work with my Windows device, and true to my word, I have signed up for a Premium account.

    Public Service Announcement: I thought that Strava was creating an app for the Microsoft Health Band. Instead, they simply allowed Strava to work as a ‘connected app’ for the Band, meaning that the information the Band stores is passed through to the website. It’s automatic, easy, quick, and complete: But it’s not an app. In the end, the end result is the same though, which is a good thing.

    However, I still believe this service is worth supporting, and hence I have signed up for Premium. And at $6/mo it’s very worth it and doubt I’ll ever cancel it.

    I hope the moderators of these forums are reading this thread. I want them to see that Windows Phone users aren’t kidding when they say they would go premium if an app is delivered. If there are others out there with a Microsoft Health Band I’d highly recommend you connect the Strava app via your dashboard. You will find it works quite seamlessly.

    For those who want to see what the output of my Band looks like after a ride, I’ve uploaded the pictures to this public folder: 


    It is this information which is then passed through to Strava.

    And if you’re considering a device I’d highly recommend a Microsoft Band. It’s not just a basic fitbit wearable. While it is a wearable, it has built-in GPS, is water resistant, measures heart rate, and therefore calories too (which you can extrapolate to watts with some simple arithmetic). The GPS measures speed, distance, elevation gain etc etc (everything that you’d expect it to). And the phone does NOT need to be with you when you ride (that’s important for some people). And it works with all phones (Windows, iPhone, Android etc). And after you’re done with cycling, you can use it for running, walking etc.

    Note: If you go running with this device it WILL sync the runs onto the running part of the Strava website also, and will appear in your activity feed. You can make them private/delete them if you want. 


  • Hey Strava.. bump.   I'm running windows 8.1, this is not the potato phone of the past.  Honestly, Stava is the "ONLY" app on my windows phone that I wish I could get that the IOS/Droid folks have..  for everything else I have the actual app I need or actually better alternatives in some cases..   Microsoft is picking up alot of share, the M8 is now available with Windows, Nokia is owned by MS spitting out great new low cost phones (which = more share coming), Windows 10 is coming out soon too..  would be nice to see Strava hire that "one guy" to make a windows app.. Its not like you have to reinvent the wheel, you already have all your requirements well documented.  Maybe ask Microsoft if they'd write it for you, they already do that for a few big social media platforms.   Start having some meetings on it..  do some analytics to see the MS growth rates, the of dissatisfaction rate, etc  

  • Strava is losing quite a share of market. New smartphones from Microsoft are really nice, people will use them more and more. Strava native app for Windows Phone!

  • For me the app plus is that feature:

    " Get your performance results immediately after completing a segment"

    I won't get premium, until i have ALSO an official app.

    If i must be hooked to use a third party GPS and then upload results, i never pay the premium fee.

  • I had numerous issues with RunTheMap on the Lumia 920 - it would stop recording the path at random points of the trail, at random times (no other apps opened, so not a RAM issue).

    Recently switched to Straza Mate, and it works without problems so far. Paid the small amount to be able to upload to Strava automatically, and that features works flawlessly. Also, it's a Strava client with almost all features as the iOS/Android versions. I already contacted the developer with some questions and feature requests, he is quite responsive and listening, which is good as this app might only get better. No ads! 

  • I have had to move from Android, which I loved, to Windows Phone because my phone is a work phone and work changed their strategy. This has to be the case for many other people. The best and only good thing I can see from Windows Phone is that it is better at being a work device - email, calendar integration with Skype etc is far better than Android. Strava please create a Windows 10 app. I didn't want to move away from Android it wasn't my choice, don't let me be punished for it....

  • I am a financial adviser and see that more clients are working from home / server / cloud, and switching to Windows phones that work with Windows 8 so the Strava app for windows phones, particularly Nokia 820 in my case would be great and a boost for many upwardly mobile mamil's and mawil's keen to share their efforts.

    Can you give us a rough timescale to launch if the app is being developed or tested?



  • RunTheMap is an excellent app for Windows Phones. The app can either save to OneDrive or email the GPX file to yourself. Then you simply forward the email to You can do all this in 30secs on your phone. After that your ride will automatically appear in your Activities. It is pretty easy actually. 

    I have looked at a number of other similar apps but I still find the easy and clean interface of RunTheMap better than any other app.

    Of course, it would be much easier if Strava actually developed a native app for Windows Phones. If Strava are interested then I'd be happy to develop a Strava app for Windows Phones. Yeah right.!

  • Very sad

  • Hello again. I'd like to answer some of your questions.

    @Todd Taylor: I've checked links - everything is ok. And I'm not a Strava employee. As you can see Strava is not interested in this app for Windows platform.

    @Old Bloke: "we" - are my friend and I. It's our first big project and we want to finish it and bring you the best experience of Strava on you Windows 10 Mobile.

    @Tim Moore: As I've said above, this app is not official (and I think it'll never be)

    Today the perfomance is rather poor, and we need to optimise it. The problem is that since I've broken my Lumia, I use iPhone and and also there is always the question of free time.

  • ESL?



    This could be good news for WP users.

  • Thanks for the tips.  I am trying Cyclometer and Striver now. 

    Hear great things about the Strava App though, I would definitely upgrade, as would many at my office.

  • @Chris - When you say they simply allowed Strava to work as a ‘connected app’ for the Band and that the information the Band stores is passed through to the website... What exactly do you mean? Do you mean that you need an app to connect to on your Windows Phone device to perform the upload to Strava? If not, where is the setting or connection between Strava and the Band configured?

  • Very need offical Strava for Windows 10 mobile!!!

  • Old Bloke - I've been using the free Endomondo app to date, and I do really like it.  The one thing that's missing is having a sat nav style route planner on the app, as a lot of the country roads where I live I don't know so well.  A friend was using Strava on his iPhone, and seemed to have this, and it's the one missing piece from Endomondo in my opinion.  It would be great if Strava would deliver this to the user base wanting it!

  • What are you waiting for STRAVA?

  • You're the ONLY app stopping me from moving to a Windows phone. Windows phones now have a 26% market share in the Enterprise market and with Windows 10 this is only going to increase! I've been an Apple fan boy for 20 yrs, way before it was cool, and I've got over it!!! Develop this App!

  • Hello all

    I'm a flemish recreational biker and Lumia820 owner and I use "MARATHON" on my biking (+/- 50km/day in Spain in winter ans in Flanders in summer) trips. I rate is higher than Endomondo.

  • "Is it still the case you can not use Strava on a Microsoft surface visa an app?"

    On full Windows you can use an Android emulator to run Strava. I use it to be able to upload photos as there's no other way than via the app unless you managed to upload to Instagram during the ride, which is rare.

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