Strava on Windows phones

Strava does not offer an App for Windows Phones or Windows 10 and unfortunately, we do we have plans to support this operating system in the future. However, there are a handful of options or workarounds recommended by our community so that you can still post your GPS data to Strava:

  1. CycloMeter App: From the CycloMeter App, there is a plugin that can be purchased for a small amount to allow data to be automatically published to Strava.
  2. Cycle Tracks GPS: Similarly, publishing data to Strava from this app is a one-time add-on purchase.
  3. Run the Map
  4. Run.GPS
  5. Cyclers app for Windows phones
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  • please make a native Windows Phone app for Strava! WP users are growing up arround the world :) I'm tired of exporting .gpx from Sports-Tracker to upload into Strava site...

  • now when microsoft buy Nokia and start to make phone with Windows sistem, you guys need to do this big step. In this tame we have 68% users of Android, 16% IOS, 16% WP. This percent will change for half year because microsoft make realy good and cheep phone then is it Andorid or IOS,

  • We want the WinPhone app, and we want it now!

  • Striver keep getting updated with new features, although I just need the basics and it works quite well.  The Strava folks could simply license one of the third party apps and everyone would be happy.  :)  

  • Just adding yet another unheard vote for a Strava app on Windows Phone...I am not holding my breath but I won't be buying an android or an iPhone just to get Strava. Another lost customer.

  • C'mon guys, just get us a Windows Phone app already. At this stage you're just deliberately ignoring us out of some misplaced bias against the platform. It's really quite pathetic. I'd like to go premium but do you really think I'd pay for something when an app for my phone doesn't even exist? And yet you build apps for the Apple Watch which isn't even released yet? And you build apps for the innumerate number of poorly selling GPS platforms.

    Get over yourselves guys.

    I recently bought a Microsoft Band that has cycling mode, and it's amazing. Why should I continue to use Strava when there are so many better alternatives to what you provide?

  • Another one wanting a WP app. I would pay for premium, however I will not do so without a dedicated app. I don't care about workarounds to record/upload data as I use my Garmin for that. I want to be able to use the social/tracking aspects via mobile. You know, what premium is designed for.

  • I'm going back to Windows after trying out an iPhone for a while, wich I find really annoying. The only benefit is beeing able to use Strava and a couple of other apps. So please make a proper one. It's a good platform. I'm considering a premium account too.

  • Strava: It doesn't make any sense not making an APP for WP, perhaps it's a corporate issue with MS? The vast majority of people in SME businesses (Like me!) use PC's at work and sync their dairies, workflow, documents and e-mail with their office via a WP, not so easy with an iphone and android is just going backwards. 

    This has to be down to commercial sensitivity (costs)? - So many users agree that they would go premium with a WP APP.  

    Please update your rationale Starva on this issue please. If it's No for good, we need to move on thanks!! 

  • Just use Straza Mate.

    It does everything. Works great on Windows phone. Also if it doesn't have a feature you want ask the developer and he will do his best.. He has added cool features I asked for. It is a great app. If Strava are not listening at least this guy is ..

  • You're the ONLY app stopping me from moving to a Windows phone. Windows phones now have a 26% market share in the Enterprise market and with Windows 10 this is only going to increase! I've been an Apple fan boy for 20 yrs, way before it was cool, and I've got over it!!! Develop this App!

  • Important announcement guys! Microsoft just confirmed that official Strava support is coming to the Microsoft Band! I know it's not quite the result that everyone wanted but it's one step closer, considering the apps are (almost) universally portable to the phone etc.

    Like I mentioned in my last post, the Microsoft Band is absolutely fantastic. It has just as much, if not more information, than Strava, but of course it lacks the social component. Now, I can use my Band and upload it to Strava too! So happy! If you haven't got one I'd highly, highly recommend it.

    Looks like it's starting tomorrow!

    Read here:

  • does some one have idea where we can make peticion for strava on wp?

  • Well Strava, you enabled your service to work with my Windows device, and true to my word, I have signed up for a Premium account.

    Public Service Announcement: I thought that Strava was creating an app for the Microsoft Health Band. Instead, they simply allowed Strava to work as a ‘connected app’ for the Band, meaning that the information the Band stores is passed through to the website. It’s automatic, easy, quick, and complete: But it’s not an app. In the end, the end result is the same though, which is a good thing.

    However, I still believe this service is worth supporting, and hence I have signed up for Premium. And at $6/mo it’s very worth it and doubt I’ll ever cancel it.

    I hope the moderators of these forums are reading this thread. I want them to see that Windows Phone users aren’t kidding when they say they would go premium if an app is delivered. If there are others out there with a Microsoft Health Band I’d highly recommend you connect the Strava app via your dashboard. You will find it works quite seamlessly.

    For those who want to see what the output of my Band looks like after a ride, I’ve uploaded the pictures to this public folder: 


    It is this information which is then passed through to Strava.

    And if you’re considering a device I’d highly recommend a Microsoft Band. It’s not just a basic fitbit wearable. While it is a wearable, it has built-in GPS, is water resistant, measures heart rate, and therefore calories too (which you can extrapolate to watts with some simple arithmetic). The GPS measures speed, distance, elevation gain etc etc (everything that you’d expect it to). And the phone does NOT need to be with you when you ride (that’s important for some people). And it works with all phones (Windows, iPhone, Android etc). And after you’re done with cycling, you can use it for running, walking etc.

    Note: If you go running with this device it WILL sync the runs onto the running part of the Strava website also, and will appear in your activity feed. You can make them private/delete them if you want. 


  • Hi Chris

    Thanks for the update of the MS band. Have been tempted to get one and seeing that it works with Strava might just be the answer. Would you mind sharing a link to the ride on strava so I can see how the data looks when on the service (eg the heart rate data)

    Cheers. Rich

  • @Chris - When you say they simply allowed Strava to work as a ‘connected app’ for the Band and that the information the Band stores is passed through to the website... What exactly do you mean? Do you mean that you need an app to connect to on your Windows Phone device to perform the upload to Strava? If not, where is the setting or connection between Strava and the Band configured?

  • David - yes. If you use the Band, you don't really view the results on the device itself. You sync the Band to your phone and view the results there. It takes about 30 seconds. In the process of syncing, the data is automatically passed through to Strava. The app that syncs is called "Microsoft Health", and the screenshots I've included are from that app.

  • Hi there Richard, this link should do it:

    If not, I've also included my images in the folder that I provided earlier (click there). Note: because I upgraded to Premium after my last ride, I haven't been provided the power details yet. I just entered my weight in my profile and it should calculate in the next few hours, or on my next ride this weekend. Besides that, the rest is similar.

  • @Chris Once you had synced your ride from the Band to the Microsoft Health app on your phone, how long did it take for your ride to then actually appear in Strava?

  • Kevin - about 1 to 2 minutes, at the most.

    Basically, after I've synced, the time it takes me to log in to the website is enough time so that the ride is already displayed there before I arrive. I dont need to kick off any extra process once I have synced the band to my phone, it all happens automatically on the back end (this is also true for the runs that you have done with the Band).

  • @Chris I'm finding that it takes hours.  For example I recorded 2 rides yesterday, one at 8am and one at 6pm.  Neither appeared until I looked this morning.  I'm guessing there's a scheduled job that runs that performs the sync from Microsoft Health's data to Strava.  Perhaps it runs once a day so, depending on your time zone, it may be minutes or hours before your recording appears in your activity feed?  I know of one other Band users that is experiencing the same lag.  I'm really happy with my Band and it's working great other than the time lag to Strava.  I also noticed that when I renamed the ride in Microsoft Health the new name did not come through to Strava.

  • Thanks for the link @Chris - looks good.  Interesting to see some of the other comments about synching times but its still getting very tempting! :-)

  • Not exactly sure why it's taking you guys longer to sync. Make sure that your Microsoft Health app is updated, and I think it helps to sync over WiFi. Don't forget it's a new service, it'll get quicker in the coming days when the engineers figure it all out.

    I realize the last few posts have all been about the Band when this is a forum for Windows Phone. I don't want to change the topic of conversation too much, so I'll reiterate:

    Moderators: Listen up - get a Windows Phone app ASAP and people WILL go premium.

  • Hi everyone, I'm running Windows 8.0 and downloaded and installed both Straza Mate and Straza Spins. I allowed access to location and have location features turned on in my phone settings. I can sign in to Strava via Straza Mate/Spins. But when trying to record a route, it reads "not initialized" under status. When I tap "record" the status changes to "location is disabled in phone settings." No, it isn't. 

    Any ideas?

    +1 F-U Strava for not bothering to write a version for Windows Phone, seriously.

  • @Tim - I'm the author of Straza Mate.

    I had a few reports of this happening... The phone setting for location is enabled but the app reports that it is disabled. I haven't experienced myself but one user said they fixed it by upgrading their phone software, so there may be an operating system bug in a specific version of WP8.

    p.s.Strava Spins is no longer available, I rolled its recording into the main app "Straza Mate" so it will not receive bug fixes but should still work if you have it installed.

  • @David

    Does Straza Mate support heart rate monitoring?



  • @Mischa - no heart rate monitor support yet. Coming shortly when I find the time. Keep in mind there are currently not many heart rate monitors supported by windows phone.

  • @Mischa, the app Cyclers work with Strava and support heart rate using the Bluetooth Zephyr monitor

  • @George, are you refering Cyclers for WP? Can't find that information regarding Bluetooth Zephyr monitor here:


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