How to duplicate a Route

To duplicate a route, navigate to route page on the Strava website and select the "Duplicate" option. This will open a new edit window where you can save the new route, or dismiss the save box to modify the route before saving.


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  • My friends and I just needed such a feature last Sunday.  We wanted to follow a route set up by the LA Wheelmen, but to modify it to come into our town, and to make our town the start / finish.  I had to enter the route from scratch and incorporate the changes (using MapMyRide - I didn't know I could route on Strava until today).

    (This route wasn't actually a Strava route, but your feature is brand new.  Once a bunch of routes have been entered into Strava, the need will arise to modify them and create new routes.)

  • I use a Garmin 310xt transfer workouts from the Garmin.Connect site. It shows my workouts and map routes would like away to be able to save route instead of having to build one.

  • We now have this feature! 

    Click on the route you wish to duplicate, and click the "Duplicate" button. You'll be prompted to save the new, duplicate route under a unique name and then you are brought to the Route Builder for you new route for editing. 

  • Elle,

    I really want this feature so i was glad to read it is there. But i can't find it.

    When i click on a previously by myself created route I only see the buttons "Print Cue Sheet", "Export Route" and "Edit Route". I don't see any "Duplicate" button. Pressing any of those buttons shows new screens, but still no "Duplicate" button.

    Also in the route overview screen (My Routes) there is a toolbox visible on the side edge of the "route preview" screen, but clicking on that also gives only two options: "Delete" and "Edit". So also there no options for duplication or saving as.

    So where can i find it?

    Or is it a feature that will be rolled out soon? Or is it a feature only visible when turning some kind of option on or off?


  • I can't find the Duplicate button either :-(

  • Ah, my apologies. For some reason the Duplicate Route feature is not available for end-users but is available for me...

    I'm inquiring and I'll keep you posted! 

  • An update for you folks! I have verified that the Duplicate Route feature is complete, but not yet available to our users. We are also working on a nifty Activity -> Route feature. We will be releasing both in the next week or two. Thanks for your patience! 

  • That sounds great. Duplicate route to modify all the hardwork of any already designed route  will be fantastic. Another easy option to crank out some more miles. Whooppee.

  • Can not wait for this feature, sounds like it is close. Thanks Strava

  • The Duplicate Route feature has been released! Please find the button at the top of any Strava Routes page.


  • Hi can any one help? I have the Duplicate button but it takes me to a "This page you are looking for does not exist" has any one got any answers please .Thanks.

  • I have been directed to mention my problems here from Steven at STRAVA support.,

    When  create a route suggested by Strava, which I intend to download to by Bryton Rider 60  there might be part of the route which I do not wish to follow and divert from it a little.

    However the EDIT function is an oxymoron as it does not do this at all

    “Edit” implies that something original can be changed to become something else.

    I would expect an edit feature for a navigation planning programme to allow we to take an original route and modify it to suit a new circumstance – for example route A to B now extended to C. Or route A to B now travels one section via roads Z instead of Y.

    I would also expect to be able to import a GPx file from another source and modify it in the same way.

    This however is not possible as it is impossible to "bend" a route - drag the line to a new position as all STRAVA does is then create a route from the final destination point back to the point where you released the mouse button after trying to edit.

    This is not good!!!!!!

    The other problem is the apparent lack of capacity on your "My Routes" section to store created routes.

    The other day I created 7 routes one after the other then went to download them as GPX files to put on my Bryton. However only the last 3 were there. There is no warning about this.

    This is not good either!!!!

    What is good that the STRAVA route builder has a  "MIN ELEVATION" slider that you can select. If this could be taken forward and applied to other criteria such as "Max Gradient" or "Max Distance" so that planning between to points includes them then this would be fantastic and a real boon.

    HOpe some others agree and STRAVA can develop/fix this


    There are only 2 routes at the moment because I uploaded the ones I needed to my Bryton computer and deleted them as I went. Initially I created seven routes but only the last three were viewable. I left two so that if I make another route there is room for it – it is not an imagined problem.

    Hmmmm! The EDIT feature is hardly that then is it?


    If you are saying, as it appears that you are that STRAVA does not do these functions then let me assure you that I and the fellow biking community I ride with would like STRAVA to do so. Navigation is more and more a requirement of cycling and I am pleased to say that a route planned on STRAVA navigated my group over a route of over 120 miles. Pretty faultlessly too. A great performance but not one to allow the product to rest on laurels.

    Can these desired functions become a reality – soon please.



  • Jeremy,

    This thread is not about the problem you mention, but anyway: editing does work fine by me. The trick is to "drag and drop" the part you want to change. So click on the part of the route you want to divert en drop it on the new road. It works fine that way, although sometimes it's a bit struggling to get it done. If you just click on the other road, the route builder indeed does extend the route beginning at the end point. In my opinion that is correct behavior.

    Uploading GPX-files is another request i've read somewhere on the site. I think it will be difficult to do this including keeping the editing features. The maps another tool is using will be different. So the "fixing on the roads" will not work properly or is difficult to implement with a high chance of "assumption errors". Even a tool as Garmin MapSource has its limits when importing GPX files.

    I do not have problems with storing created routes. I now have 46 (at this moment mostly private) routes and i have deleted some so i had more routes. I don't know why you are missing routes. Maybe something went wrong saving the routes? Or it is a "premium/not premium" thing? Don't know.

    Hope it will help you a little.





  • Thanks for jumping in Johan! Jeremy - I hope that helps you understand how you can edit or "bend" an existing route. 

  • If I duplicate a route and then save it as my own, is there a way to edit the start point of the ride? 

  • Why can't i save a duplicated route or changed route? The button save doesn't do anything...

  • How to mirror a route? The existing route is A-> B, now I want to have B->A, is there any feature to do this?

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