How to export your activity as a TCX file

Add "/export_tcx" to the end of your activity page URL.
For example, if your activity URL is: 
Add the extension:
This will download the TCX version of your file to the location specified by your browser's preferences. TCX export only works for activities with GPS data, which may exclude indoor activities with no GPS. 

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  • I'm so glad the export to .tcx feature is back.

    I stopped using strava to record my rides around June of last year because of this. I used another iphone app that allowed .tcx exporting and I would import to strava because strava has always had the best segment competing. I look forward to using the strava app once again. Please don't take this feature away again. Thanks, Steven

  • Dear Ellie...there's not this path ...activitis\XXXX, but its end like this ...\log


  • i tried this and on My Mac i drag the TCX file into "New Files" and can see it . I then eject my Garmin and restart , open up Courses on my Edge 500 and it's blank . What am I doing wrong please ?

  • Didn't work for me either. Rubbish!!!

  • i have managed to add 2 routes to my Garmin (although not yet road tested) This is how I moved form Strava to my Garmin.

    My Activities, Select the one for copying, Actions, Create Route, Continue, Save , View my Routes, Export, Select Device, Download TCX , Save File . Then on my Mac i dragged the download into "New Files" on my Garmin , Ejected the Garmin then restarted and the routes appeared !

    Hope that works for you too

  • Elle for the win!  Thanks!

  • Thanks for the export_tcx tip - worked just fine

  • Useful tip, works fine on Mac

  • This is AWESOME and works great. THANKS.

  • I go on group rides, some are a week long. The various rides have cue sheets and maps available for download to GPS devises. Does Strava allow importing of data, if so, how?

  • Works fine!

  • Elle's tip didn't work for me, unfortunately, but Stuart's did. Thanks!

  • didnt work on chrome and IE browser right now,

  • Sorry, this file can not be exported. Crome Version 54.0.2840.71 m

  • Jesper and Spidy, please include examples of Activities where you were unable to export the data. I'll have a look.

  • Elle, same for me like Spidy an Jesper.
    What I figured out is, that indoor activities (i.e. roller activities which had been transfered by tacx to strava directly) cannot be exported. I can upload them if you need them for further Analysis.

  • I can't export a TCX file as well. Tried Chrome and Firefox. Failed on both.

  • Hi,

    I noticed it is impossible to export to TCX for indoor rides. I assume because there is no GPS data?
    Is it possible to add this in the future?

    Example activity:


  • That is correct everyone, the TCX export only works for activities with GPS at this time. Sorry about the confusion.

  • @Koen, @Mathews: if you are using tacx, you can download the files via Email. From there you can Import them to the Tools of you choice.
    One minor error which I already reported to taxc is, that the file generated by tacx Needs to be edit manually: the calorie value Needs to set to a valid value. Then it works fine (for me)

  • Tom,

    Yes I'm using a Tacx Trainer, but the activity data I upload to Strava comes from my Wahoo Elemnt which is set to Indoor mode (meaning GPS is disabled). Unfortunately it produces a FIT file instead of TCX and I wanted to use Strava to convert it. I already found a couple of other tools that promise to convert FIT to TCX, but none so far that works without GPS data.

    Maybe I should create my own :-)


  • I have found that trying to import TCX file using activity/export_tcx then copying into NewFile folder of Edge520 will not work. But creating route from activity and then downloading TCX file to insert into NewFile folder does. I can only guess there is is difference between the two tcx created files?
    Please help as i would like to use the true instance speed of the activity instead of the route assumed speed based on last 4 activities.

  • Really would like export of tcx to work for indoor as well - I also tried export_original - which gave me a tcx file but Garmin would not import it - says there is an error on the import. And unfortunately Tapirik has been flaky over the last several months as Garmin continues to make changes on their side (my assumption) and Tapirik stops working every so often. Really annoying...

  • Sorry, this file can not be exported. I'm getting this message in all the web browsers. Any ideas? thanks!

  • Abel... TCX export works great but depending how the data got into Strava it may not be exportable. It's not a problem with the browser.

  • Using export_original does generate a valid .tcx file, but I think since both the heart rate and power data are output as floating point numbers and not integers (e.g., 108.0 rather than simply 108), the import croaks. At least this is what I get when importing the file into Power Tap's Power agent program (which imports .tcx data from P1 pedals just fine). I don't know of a convenient way to change the formatting of all the numerical data in the xml file.

  • Thanks for the tip. Export gpx also works.

  • Seems that if export tcx, for i.e. runtastic, cadence doesn't show after importing the file...

  • I exported as described on a Mac and the .tcx went to downloads. Uploaded to Ride With GPS and all is good. Thanks, this is a great feature. Definitely not "rubbish".

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