How to Delete a Strava Route

To delete a route, go to the Strava website and select My Routes from the Dashboard menu at the top. On the route you wish to delete, click the wrench icon located under the route star. 


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  • Dear Strava

    I have 3 routes within the Mr Routes section of my account that i cant delete due to 'not having permission'. How do i remove them?

    Help appreciated 

  • Go to the "My Routes Section"

    Locate the route, click on the wrench located in the upper right-hand corner of the route graphic (before actually clicking into the route.

    Select "Delete Route"

    See attached screenshot.

  • Hello,
    the wrench doesnt allow us to delete a created route. can you please advise how to do so?

  • I have yet to see a wrench.

  • Would also like to delete a created route.

  • Article has been updated.

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