How to fix a missing achievement

How to fix a missing segment achievement: 

For a missing segment achievement, first try the Refresh My Achievements tool, located under the wrench icon on the activity page when accessed on the Strava website. If your fastest time isn't showing correctly on the segment leaderboard, review the possibilities outlined here.

How to fix segments that are missing from your activity:

If you're missing a segment entirely from an activity, scroll down below the list of matched segments to the option "Don't see the segment you're looking for?". Search for the missing segment using the Potential Segment Match Analysis Tool then reach out to us for further assistance. 

Missing or Inaccurate run achievements for Best Effort distances: 

For achievements on estimated Best Efforts for Running, Strava requires good quality GPS recording throughout the effort. If there are missing points, errant points or other false accelerations then part of the activity may not be eligible for a Best Effort.

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  • Same issue here on a ride uploaded last night

  • Would both of you be able to send me links to examples? 

    Also, can you take a look at this known issue description as it may be related?



  • it looks like the problem is related to what is described in your link. Here, in addition, the KOM is only recognised as a PR but not as a KOM.


    hope this can help

  • Thanks for the response Elle,

    Here's my link - the segment is the Hill of Doom.

    It does appear to be the same issue as you mention in your post - so I hope that helps you guys sort it.


  • Hi,


    Same problem here on a few recent KOM's  ( One has now been taken though before I had chance to be top! )


    it is the same as the issue linked to Elle, I have tried submitting the id's in the form on that page but after 3 days nothing has updated :(

    For me it has only seemed to affect ones where I have gone KOM.


    here's my recent ones





  • Hi Elle,

    I've just experienced something similar, I've uploaded a ride and there are 4 (!!!!!) KOM efforts that are showing as PRs instead.  I don't know how I'm going to cope without all the sweet sweet Kudos that could have been coming my way!  I've submitted them all to the form given above, but I'm guessing even once they are corrected the ride will never show the KOMs, they'll just get updated on the leaderboard?

    Since it's happened on 4 segments on one ride, I'd be suspicious that it's not related to the segments but something else in Stravas programming fudging things up.  I'd really appreciate your thoughts on that if you think there's anything there.

    Links to activity and segments:



  • Also worth pointing out - I uploaded both .tcx and .gpx with no difference in result.

  • @Shaun, indeed uploading different versions will produce the same results as the issue is with the segment leaderboards. 

    For the most efficient process, could each of you please:

    1. Submit your segment examples to this form:

    2. Submit a support ticket with us directly to request that your achievements on the activity  be refreshed (especially those of you with KOMS).


  • same problem.  will submit as mentioned

  • All segments refreshed now and back in order, just submitted a ticket for the activity now.

  • SOLUTION for me: Had the same problem with a ride today, quite a few top tens and 3 KOM's only showing as PR's, so all I done was mark the ride as private, gave it a few seconds then made it public and everything was perfect, lots of nice gold on display.

  • Hi. I've had the same problem some times. segments not hidden.

    KOM's show up as PR, and not updating on the leaderboard. I want instant KOM, not waiting for it for days :-)

    So I've found out that if you delete the ride, then uploading it again, it's showing KOM.

    I've had to delete and re-upload the ride for up to 5-6 times before it gave me the KOM's


  • Nice one Stephen!  Worked for me too.

  • Had the same problem. Stephens solution worked for me. Many Thanks Stephen!

  • Made mine private then public again, and it worked for me too. Cheers Stephen.

  • Copy and Pasted the URL to the form link you posted Elle....just not sure what the support ticket is?.......but yes achieved a KOM but still has be in 4th place on the leaderboard with my old time.

  • @Nigel - thanks for submitting to the form. In addition, you may need to reach out to our support team to get your "KOM crown" achievement icon. A support ticket means that you contact us directly via our support system. Do do this, click "Submit a Request" at the top of this page. 

  • Stephen, this was driving me crazy! Thank you for finding a solution.

  • @Stephen Lappin: That worked, do this: Set your ride to private and a minute later set it to public again and the leaderboard SHOULD show your updated position.

  • A quick update to catch any questions that relate to a current known issue:

    1. If your Segment Achievement is not restored by making the activity Private, Saving, then making Public again, then please check this known issue to see if your example applies:

    1. Missing efforts on the Leaderboard known issue and current workaround:


  • Fantastic, this "Make private/make public" tip also works for Running activities where no achievements are showing.  I recently ran 3.13 miles where I knew I'd achieved my fastest 1/2 mile, 1 mile, 2 mile and 5k, but none of these were showing.  Now they are.  Thanks.  :)

  • I tried to follow the trick of making my ride private and then back to public but my KOM (for this year) is still showing as PR. Any other tips?



  • My ride does not even show that i passed over the segment, when you look at the ride data I obviously did. Could it be that there was some construction and I was forced to ride the other side of the road, a 6 foot difference?

  • I just today had a KOM not show up on the leader board when I wanted to see who would be "Happy" did the Private un-private switch and worked???

    @Zendesk if you know this works then you should already have a fix in place for why it is happening in the first place! Now I am thinking how many other rides & runs of mine are not correct on the leader boards!!!!

  • The trick switching to private and back to public worked for me.

  • Make Private, then public worked for me. Thanks guys !!

  • Looks like the problem still exists. Yesterday I got a KOM and my GF improved her QOM time and although our achievements showed under the rides they were not visible on the leaderboards. The Private-Public trick worked for me. Hopefully it will work for her also.

  • Go into that segment Leaderboard and click on Action and select Refresh my Results

  • I did have KOM for a segment but now only shows my last ride of this segment and has deleted my KOM Ride! In fact, all bar one KOM's are now gone...I have 4-5 Where'd they all go Strava? 

  • Thanks Luis Lopez fixed my issue! "Go into that segment Leaderboard and click on Action and select Refresh my Results"

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