How to fix Estimated Best Efforts (Run) that show stats from another activity type

If you look at my best Estimated mile under stats for running its actually a mile while on a bike.

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  • I'm seeing something similar on my profile, I have snowshoeing stats mixed in with my running stats for Estimated Best Efforts, even though the times are much slower than any running times.

  • Sorry about this Rob and Christopher! Sometimes this can happen if the activity on Strava was first uploaded as a Run before the activity type was changed. The problem is simply that the data wasn't completely changed to the new activity type. We are currently looking at ways from preventing this problem from occurring. In the meantime, there are a few quick fixes: 

    1. Edit the Activity that is incorrectly showing in the Best Effort Stats, change the activity type to something else, Save, then change the activity type back to the correct type, and Save. 

    2. Delete and re-upload the activity (for recordings with the Strava mobile app, you can "Export GPX" from the website, then delete and re-upload the GPX file)

    3. Contact the Support team directly: Click "Submit Request" at the top of this page or click here:

    Hope that helps! 

  • Thanks. Workaround #1 fixed it.

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