Can I sync Polar data to Stava?

December 16th 2015, A note from Polar:
STRAVA integration with Polar Flow
The wait is over! We are so happy to let you know that we have now finalized the Strava integration with Polar Flow. This means you can now automatically transfer your training sessions to Strava from the Flow web service.

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  • Hola, I use a polar RC3 GPS and I find the same trouble, I can upload .gpx files manually but the file does not content any heart rate info, and it is a quite slow process. It would be great if a POLAR direct upload could be developed, too.

    Thanks. Very cool site.


  • I have/had exactly the same problem - absolutely love the V800, but simply cannot wait for data export!

    So I've created an open-source app (for Windows only, currently) that captures the training session data from the Polar FlowSync app, and then converts it both GPX and TCX.

    The project is called Bipolar -  That's how I upload all my data to Strava now :D

    There's also - which seems to work pretty well.  It does not require any installation, but can only fetch public sessions.



  • great news colby.

    i´ll look into bipolar. I´m using a RC3 GPS. So far i´ve merged the hrm + gpx files with

    I´d really like to see polar direct import into strava like others vendors allow. Would be great to have an official statement of strava if this gets implemented? 

    On the long run i´ll switch to vendors which allow direct imports like garmin. I don´t understand POLARs philosophy to stick users to their software. Polarpersonaltrainer and PolarFlow aren´t really what i´m looking for but they force me to use it (fiddling around with files to import them to other portals is just inconvinient!)

  • I would also love the possibility to link Polar Flow with Strava. I am thinking of getting the Polar V650 when it gets here. So if I cant export from Polar Flow to Stava - that will be the end of Strava for me. Love Strava and that is where al my friends are. But if I cant use Strava with Polar Flow then I think I would use just Polar Flow.

    Please talk to Polar to make a good solution.......

  • Hi there, I would also like to upload directly to Strava. I have a Polar RC3 GPS, takes so much steps, uploading, converting, uploading, merging etc.

    Takes the fun away for a little ...  

  • Thanks all! I'm sure this is on our radar.

    From the comments I see elsewhere on the web, it seems that many Polar Flow users would like to see the ability to export their data in compatible formats with other fitness platforms. The first step here may have to come from Polar in making their data available in other formats. 

  • TcxCreator ( )  automatically uploads the converted polar data to strava via the email uploader. So it's only "converting."

    As a polar v800 user i'm still waiting on the export feature of polar flow ( ). Furthermore polar seems to be in touch with "other services" to discuss automatic syncing. 

  • Hi, I have a new Polar V800 and echo the above comments regarding Strava - it would be great if we could sync our Polar data with your app. Thanks for your consideration :)

  • Hi, I have a Polar RC3 GPS. Please remember that not all Polar users have access to Polar Flow. Looking forward for an automatic transfer, thanks!

  • @René Dumont:

    thats no big deal because polarpersonaltrainer will be able to sync to polar flow automatically. Polar once said this should be available september 2014. They also told once that they will change the uploading tool to choose where to upload to (polarpersonaltrainer or flow)

    If it would work for polar flow, this should be perfect!

  • I will be using v800 only point holding me back from making the purchase I would like to make, is that currently you do not provide support for the v800 and have not partnered with polar as a third party. Any news that could be shared by Strava on weather you have plans to support the device would be appreciated.

  • I am getting the Polar V800 in the next few days and really hope that Strava will make it easier to transfer or I will leave the service and just use flow.

    It would be a shame as I have just stared to use and test Strava for my coaching business and it provides very simple to use overviews and tools.


  • Looking forward to the day Polar builds an export function or even connection to other services like Strava. Until then I'm really happy with Just copy your training id to the form and download your details in a .tcx file. I upload that file to Strava and Runkeeper, no problems so far. I definitely recommend it.

  • Idem for me, I m waiting for the export link for my V800. Strava must discuss with Polar seriously otherwise i will not be able to use Strava.

  • Another person desperately waiting to get Polar compatibility with Strava, would enable me to enjoy best of both worlds.

  • is very good.

    Your training in must be public to be exported.

  • Hi. I have a Garmin FR 910xt. Nice connection with strava. Also working with the Polar v800. Like it but if Polar stays isolated they loose my attention for new products.

  • I use a polar rcx 5 for running and cycling and a mac. First problem there ist no polar software for mac. So i tried some converter, for example: sometimes it work sometimes not. And there are still deviations in distance and speed. At last i tried TCX Stitcher (Apple Store) i think it is better, but still not perfect. 

  • Polar has announced that it is working on exporting features and is even testing with Strava at the moment. For more information read this blog post:

    It's worthwhile to read the whole blog post if you happen to own a V650 or V800.

  • Please set up a converter for the Polar V800. I miss my Strava!

  • Polarflow for the V800 now allows downloads the TCX file or gpx, TCX has heart rate data. Please strava work out a way of making this automatic so I don't need to download them all.

  • are they working for an TCX export for, too?

  • @gavin won´t be enhanced. It is planned to merge polarpersonaltrainer into polar flow. 

    I use Rc3 gps and export my trainings and convert them into .tcx format with TCXCreator. It also allows automatic upload to strava.

  • Does anyone notice that the file downloaded from Polar Flow shows a wrong time when it is being uploaded to Strava? Looks like the time will be 4 hours off... Probably it is not showing your local time...

  • I weigh in. Just bought Polar v800 and its a major disappointment that it can't sync to Strava.

  • Any news on this?  Now that the M400 is on the market I would expect even more runners to want this feature...

  • Ive got the m400, now they added in flow the possibility to export tcx files, then u can upload them manually to strava. Polar has admitted that exporting features and exchange with other portals is crucial in the future!

    A step towards this is the latest automatic data transfer from flow app with apple health and many more.

    It is justnba matter of time till they allow syncs.


  • Hi, I export my TCX files, but since winter time in France, the sync is not good, the beginning of the race is delayed of 1 hour and it seems an other race witch can't be compared with the other competitors. Have you a problem with winter time?

  • @ Guillaume I understand tour problemen. I will check if the exports work for me at the right time. In my case sometimes Polar takes a wrong ID. So strava thinks I update a race for the seconden time. I solve this problem by manipulating the txc file in notepad. I copy past the timestamp to the id file. First step taken by Polar. Thx for that. Now they hopefully will fix the small bugs over time.

  • Hi @Guillaume and others, it seems that polar is having a lot of those issues. I'm in Canada and my activitiesget posted in Strava about 6 hours after I actually do it. So I have to wait until the next morning to post my activity in Strava if I want it posted on the correct day, never mind the time of day. when Icontacted polar I was told it was a bug in their program, but it didn't sound like they were going to fix it anytime soon. But I hope I'm wrong and they will fix it soon. Before I switch back to Suunto. :)

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