How to fix GPS recording issues on Huawei phones

Usually, battery saving settings on Huawei phones are the cause of most GPS troubles. These settings can force quit the GPS at any time, which means that the Strava app cannot continue to record your activity. Try these tips when recording with a Huawei phone:

  • Check that you're running the latest updates of both the Strava app and your Android device. 
  • Next, be sure to add Strava as a 'protected app' in your phone's settings and disable or ignore any energy optimizations or battery saving modes. 
  • An option shared by our community is to prevent auto-lock of the Strava record screen. Leaving the screen on for the duration of the recording may prevent the phone from shutting the GPS off.

A list of some Huawei devices with recording issues:

  • Android 6 devices
    • Huawei Nova, Nova + 
    • Huawei P8, P8 Lite 
    • Huawei G7, G7 Plus 
    • Huawei Mate 7, Mate S 
    • Huawei Honor 7, 6, 6 Plus 
    • Honor 7, 6, 6 Plus, 4C
  • Android 7 devices
    • Huawei Mate 9, 8 
    • Huawei P9, P9 Plus, P9 Lite 
    • Honor 8
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    no, this doesn't help either

    we all know this helps, but it's not much of a help .. having a "normal" phone, 3h workout would suck maybe 10-20 % battery .. having emui, 3h workout with screen ON will suck 80 % battery .. that is not a solution

    the only solutions i've found so far, as i mentioned above:
    I don't know why is so special, but it never crashed, I was on a longer trip and it kept tracking the whole time. Superb, SOLVED FOR ME. After a workout i extract the .gpx and upload it onto Strava etc. But it's more of a map app than a tracking app, so the tracking options are really just ON/OFF. i. e. no auto-pause. But this doesn't bother me.

    The other one working and not crashing is Huawei Health - the native app. It even looks good, i like the interface. BUT (and this is a big but) you cannot extract .gpx file. So i cannot share the workouts. So this is a no go for me. But this one does not crash at all.

  • Re posting this for others who may be having the same problems. I have now done numerous rides with no issues
    Went for a 3rd ride and still all good - Previous comment - After optimizing the battery and setting Strava as an allowed app I changed the screen setting in Strava so my screen stays on during the ride. Last 2 rides and Strava is working ok. Hope this is a fix.
    I changed the following settings in both my phone app settings and Strava
    1/. Set Strava as an allowed app to Ignore optimizations
    2/. Unrestricted data access for both Strava and Google play services
    3/. Strava - No Dimming
    4/. Strava - Auto Pause ride
    5/. Strava - Live segments
    6/.Strava - Audio Cues On
    Hope this helps people

  • yeah, leaving screen on is kind of a solution, but not a good one... it drains battery like hell .. it's a bypass more than a solution. better than nothing, though.

    Using app (good czech app) is a solution too AND without a need to leave screen on. Or using Huawei Health app, but there's no chance to extract .gpx file from it.

  • I agree with Martin: the "screen on solution" is not a solution :-)

    I just open a ticket to the Strava Support; it takes 2 minutes, and I think that we all should do that, in order to really rise their attention to this problem.
    I thought they are not so much interested on the numbers of comments here...but in the number of tickets opened to their support yes :)

  • Good idea. How did you open the ticket?

  • I think i've found a solution for myself, i've been using RideWithGPS for about five monts and no problems. Hope i didn't jinx it :D

  • sorry but screen ON , is a real solution for me. I have a mate8 and 4hours screen ON , leave my battery at 50 or 60% for me , so its OK !

  • Hi
    I have a Huawei P9 cellphone on which I'm running Strava. I find from time to time Strava freezes and only partial of the information is recorded. I have follow all the recommendation and setting on the strava web page but have not have any success. Is there a patch or advice to sort out this problem?

    Thanks and kind regards

  • @Ludovic : you simply go in the strava support homepage and in the very bottom of the page and you'll find "submit a request"

    @Benoit: this is not a solution, it is a not so smart workaround...waste of energy and you compromize the screen just to use a gps application.

    Guys...we are talking about the most famous sport app and the 2nd world best smartphone productor... It is unbeliavable that this issue is running since 2014 and nothing changed!!!!!

  • Fixed! I have bought another phone and no more problems. Bye bye huawei. I wish I never bought you....

  • I tried all solutions i found, but any works. I used runtastic now on my honor 6X and its working.
    Honor must have a problem but i'm sur that Strava software could find a solution ...

  • Because of this problem, and the persistance since 2014 to now, I always start other trackers parallel to strava. When strava will at some point stop recording somewhere during the workout, the other trackers will always run through and record the whole workout. There is no issue with the fone or power saving settings - the problem is with strava. I use bikeometer app simultaneously with strava.

  • Anybody know id the latest EMUI version 7 has helped . I have stopped using Strava on my P9 lite . Have been using my old P7 which worked flawlessly . I havent tried the P9 yet since the upgrade to EMUI 7 

  • Okay upgrading to EMUI 7 hasn't helped at all . Strava still bombs at exactly 1 hour of use or until you switch the screen on again and it recovers

  • Mine p9 light works ok on EMUI 5,NOUGAT 7....that last upgrade to Nougat fixed all problems....I tested Strava and Endomondo.

  • Thanks Alen . My phone is identical to yours but doesnt work properly

  • Good morning to all, I have a Honor 8 smartphone owner for an exact year. It's the same as a Huawei p9 (I came from a smartphone with Windowsphone on which Strava was not available) and since then I have always had problems with trained GPS tracks and traces. I've tried all the support tips, but I'm confident that the only working person is keeping the screen switched on, but as many as I do not consider it a solution. Upon arrival from Windowsphone I used the Endomondo app, but this also had the usual problem on my Honor 8, then I started insisting on Huawei that finally with the passage to the emui 5.0.1 interface (update FRD-L09C432B394) it corrected the bug. After a few days Endomondo has updated the app and since then I've been able to trace all my workouts that in some cases have exceeded 6 hours. Then I decide to request the intervention also at Strava by opening the ticket # 887483 are months that I insist, but find absurd apologies and do not solve. I ask everyone to report the problem at referring to the ticket # 887483 we are stronger together. I've also posted a post on Strava's Facebook page on 16/11/2017 and you should like to share and share as much as possible. Finally, I suggest you evaluate the 1-star app on the play store

  • @Diego
    I applied your advice, but I can not find your message on FB !!!

  • I Just recently bought an Huawei Nova 2i (also known as Honor 9i)

    the phone stops the Strava app itself, but I tried some changes and didn't faced any problems or activity halt on the application after that

    -Turn off Power Saving Mode
    -Set Strava Won't be closed in Battery>Close app on screen lock
    -Navigate to Battery>Gear Icon on the upper right>Toggle off close excessively power-intensive apps
    -Set Strava allowed in Apps>Settings>Special Access>Ignore Battery Consumption

    This also works on Huawei GR5 2017 (also known as Honor 6X) or any other Huawei Brands that has similar version of EMUI for these phones

    *Current version of EMUI - 5.1

    Hope it helps on you guys as well :)

  • Tom Rucero:
    lol, the whole discussion here is like:
    "everyone here has a problem with honor/huawei phones which kill sports apps and turning power saving mode off doesn't work, allowing strava to stay opened after screen lock doesn't work, deselecting it from being closed as an excessively power-intensive app doesn't work and setting strava to ignore battery consumption doesn't work, any help here?"

    and you're like:
    "hey, try those 4 steps that you've already tried and didn't help you, they helped me...."

  • @TomRucero
    I have a EMUI-5.0 on my honor 6X, is this EMUI version will work with your solution ?

  • @Thierry Mistert i posted a link to you on messenger tanks

  • I have a Huawei Mate 9 Lite and I already tried all the posible configurations to solve the problem but none works.
    My solution:
    Download OruxMaps apk trough web browser (trough play store you need to pay)
    In settings -> Battery -> click on the Gear configuration icon -> turn off "Close excessively power-intensive apps"
    In OruxMaps, open the right panel and click on the record button to start a recording track, after you stop your recording you can upload directly to strava.

  • App está incompatível com o Celular da marca Blu, modelo Life one X2 mini. Android 6.0.1.
    Google play faz download e reinicia no início da instalação.

  • I have P10. I now use Locus Maps (free) app to record my rides. works without any problems. Export file and upload to strava on my laptop takes less than a minute.

  • Good evening, I appreciate the suggestion of Matt Lee, but having a laptop can not be a solution, we are talking about a problem that traces from 2014, I report below the last replies received to my repeated reminders, I leave the conclusions to you.

    Sorry again for the continued trouble. There is only so much we can do to allow our app to perform the way we want on all devices. Unfortunately, there is no easy way for us to modify app performance to allow it to run correctly on that device.

    Essentially, your device will become "greylisted" meaning that we do not expect the app to run correctly on that device. This happens on some devices where the device has aggressive termination tactics for apps it perceives to be consuming too much processing power.

    Regardless, unfortunately, there is nothing else we can do for your device at this time. I apologize again but we will not be able to put any additional effort into trying to get the app to run on your device.
    While I appreciate your background and knowledge surrounding these challenges, our situation is unique and we face our own unique limitations. Unfortunately, we are unable to continue the discussion around this issue. I do apologize for the issues you're experiencing recording but we simply have no solutions for you at this time.

  • I have the same problems with Huawei + Runkeeper. Tried every battery and app-setting mentioned in this thread, to no avail. Will now try out some of these other apps, such as Endomondo, Locus Maps.

  • Are you sure that problem is solved...I hear that Huawei kills Locus maps too.What is duration of your activities?

  • 10 days pending approval. How long it takes to overcome censorship?

  • I used Locus maps and Huawei kill Locus too...that is no I was on ride and I use OPENRIDER to record my ride....Openrider worked properly for 1 hour 50 minutes.
    It is a relatively short ride so I dont know is it working for 5 or 6 hours....but I keep it on pause for one hour more and Huawei didnt kill him.
    Ride was automatically exported to strava....elevation measurements are really bad on Openrider but Strava make corection so its ok.
    I dont know if it is solution but I am tired of this and I buying Sigma Rox 11 .

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