How to fix GPS recording issues on Huawei phones

Usually, battery saving settings on Huawei phones are the cause of most GPS troubles. These settings can force quit the GPS at any time, which means that the Strava app cannot continue to record your activity. Try these tips when recording with a Huawei phone:

  • Check that you're running the latest updates of both the Strava app and your Android device. 
  • Next, be sure to add Strava as a 'protected app' in your phone's settings and disable or ignore any energy optimizations or battery saving modes. 
  • An option shared by our community is to prevent auto-lock of the Strava record screen. Leaving the screen on for the duration of the recording may prevent the phone from shutting the GPS off.

A list of some Huawei devices with recording issues:

  • Android 6 devices
    • Huawei Nova, Nova + 
    • Huawei P8, P8 Lite 
    • Huawei G7, G7 Plus 
    • Huawei Mate 7, Mate S 
    • Huawei Honor 7, 6, 6 Plus 
    • Honor 7, 6, 6 Plus, 4C
  • Android 7 devices
    • Huawei Mate 9, 8 
    • Huawei P9, P9 Plus, P9 Lite 
    • Honor 8
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  • SOLVED! As I said a couple of days ago, Strava working without any problems now after rooting and installing LineageOS. But I think Honor is threatening to stop unlock codes soon, so get your code asap - you don't need to use it, just get it in case you need it later! See for more info, or follow this video: (NB: rooting your phone invalidates the warranty and you do risk "bricking" it) - but it works fine for me!

  • Still no new phone, so I tried the Oruxmaps v7.3.0 widget TOGETHER with the Strava widget.

    Oruxmaps GPS set on "fusion" and "warning when GPS gets lost (beep)".
    On a 4hrs ride, it started beeping occasionally after about 1,5hrs and every 20min on, and Orux and Strava worked fine.
    Maybe the Orux warning awakes the dozing phone and helps Strava - who knows.

    A solution?

  • At the moment the easiest work around for me is to use an app called "Bike Computer" it works perfectly and syncs to Strava . I am using a P9 lite

  • Do NOT install Bike Computer, very bad app - may be malware!
    I tried it.
    There is NO solution except leaving the screen on.

    Edit: with the August EMUI update (CAN-L11-...B399) the GPS seems to work much better - anyone has a similar experience? Or is it just me hoping it?

  • If you are still having problems with Strava not working properly on your Android. Like mine is a Huawei p20. It didn't work for a while. I also couldn't find where this protected apps thing was. However if you start a recording activity there is a settings icon in the top left hand corner. Go into the Strava settings there, in this section there are six boxes. One is an auto pause function. Turn this function off. I did this on my phone and its worked ever since. I hope this will help other people too.

  • Hello everyone,

    Simon here,

    I have a Huawei P20. The way I fixed my recording problems with Strava was to start a recording. In the top left hand corner is a settings box. Open that box and there an auto pause function. Turn the auto pause function off and it should work fine. I couldn't find the protected apps thing on my phone. I hope this helps all people in the future.



  • Hello,
    I have a Huawei p20. I had trouble with it continiously recording. I fix the problem by starting to record an activity. When you are on the recording page, there is a settings box in the top left corner. Open the settings box up. There is a auto pause function. Turn this function off and it should work fine. Well it did for me.

    I hope this helps people thanks.

  • Con Huawei P20 pro Android 8 también pasa

  • Hello I have huawei nova and I had same problems. Firstly I tried to set up strava to keep working in background, but I had still messages like strava recovered from critical error. But then I tried to lock in strava as my only aplication and finally it is recording smoothly without any complications. All you have to to go to phone manager, app lock and mark in strava. It request some other additional password which is a little bit annoying, but definitely worth it. It keep strava working and its not gonna be idle in background.

  • Honor 9 Lite. Changed my battery management settings and Strava is now working flawlessly.

  • Locking the app did not change anything.
    Still crashes after 1.5hrs. Did a 4hrs ride today, only 3.5hrs tracked with 1/3 of the track missing or straight lines.

    Huawei Nova Android 7

  • I tried Mikko Wild's solution with my Nova but it does'nt work. I only locked the Strava app and it crashed after approximately 1 hour...

  • Can anybody confirm if the Honor 10 works OK or has it got the same problem? Was planning to purchase one...

  • @Jonathan B.
    I have the same issue with my Honor 10. I did not test yet the workarounds described above.


    Go to...

    - Setting
    - Apps & notifications
    - Apps
    - Settings (bottom icon)
    - Special access
    - Ignore battery optimisation
    - Push "Allowed" and select "All apps"
    - Select "Strava" and mark "Allow"


  • Hi my friend and I ran 10k this morning my watch said I ran 6.8 miles and on line Strava says the same. On the mobile app it just says 6 miles - so didn’t click my fastest 10k. My friend ran with me and hers says 6.8 and shows all her achievements- can anyone please help - Strava on line should mirror to the app ?

  • Hi guys! I had a solution for my Huawei mate 10 Pro. It originally worked brilliantly and then the Huawei did an update which closes strava when the phone isn't active on the app. To prevent this from happening go to:
    -locate the strava app and select to manual and allow all the options.

    Hope this helps!!!

  • I have the Huawei P10 and it was fine till this month. Will record runs. But the challanges havent updated
    I have logged out uninstalled reinstalled and logged in a few times. My app and phone are up todate. And gps settings are correct
    But alas.....

  • I have solved the problem on my Huawei P20 lite, and put a video on YouTube to demonstrate. It's an issue with power settings basically. Please take a look and leave some feedback:

  • @Bianca F.

    Can you tell us, is your type of solutin still stands?

  • Hi It's 2019 and my Huawei runs Android 8. Same issue, during a long route it stops recording. There are different settings in Android Oreo but I chose those that unrestrict data and battert usage. Strava simply does not work on my mobile. Please update your troubleshooting steps for android 8.

  • Hy, I am using huawei p8 lite, I have a problem with my record because after saving it doesn't show on my record. I got s message saying that the device has been known to cancel strava recording

  • My phone was affected by the GPS rollover. Now I cant find anywhere to fix this!

    please help!

  • O meu problema diz
    Carregamento bem sucedido
    Depois desaparece e não aparece no feed

  • Solution for P8 users:
    1) Go to settings - ALL
    2)Select POWER SAVING
    3) Scroll down to Power Info
    4) Select Protected APPS
    5) Select ones that need to work in background after screen turns off

    Completed several half marathons with no issues. Longest run 3hrs and strava remained working in background -

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