How to change the Strava website language

From the bottom right corner of any page of the Strava website, you can select from our list of supported languages. 

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  • Same problem here, does anyone knows how to set language preferences on the Strava (web).



  • On the bottom / right side you should find a select box for many languages


  • Thanks!

    Not a intuitive place for that... least , exists and works!

  • Same problem here. I'm from Portugal, European Portuguese native speaker and by coincidence a Portuguese teacher. The translation is horrible regardless of the Portuguese variant considered.

  • did you find a solution ?

  • Hi Marco, 

    Yes , check the answer few posts bellow , from Markus... 

  • Hello.

    As Markus wrote, it is on the bottom / right side of the screen, but every day I have to go there and select a language because the web navigator does not remember my previous choice. Do you also have this issue, or is your account remembering your last choice?

    Best regards.

  • @Cristian, 

    Let us know if you still see this problem, and also if anyone else experiences this? I assume that Strava should remember your language preferences, at least that is how the setting is designed to work. 

  • Hello @Elle.

    I confirm that I can still see the issue. I open the web browser and set the language preferences to British English, but as soon as I close the browser and re-start it again, the language is back to US English. I'm using Safari as web browser, if that can help.

    It is strange that no one is having this same issue.

    Best regards.

  • In agreement with César and Ricardo: Portuguese translation - whether from a Standard Portuguese Language or Brasilian Portuguese perspective - is far from ideal.
    Furthermore, I noticed that a few display defaults suffer changes (for the worse, in my opinion) from the English 'edition' to the Portuguese one... which is a bit unusual, to say the least.

  • Hello, I have the same issue here . Strava starts Always in English so I have to change it everytime in Dutch.

  • Hello.
    I confirm that the problem of Strava not remembering the selected language is still an issue for me too.
    The Strava website always starts in the OS configured language, which in my case is US English, but it makes impossible for me to understand the dates so I'm forced to switch Strava to British English. This change will not be remembered the next time the web browser is opened.
    I tried different OS, web browsers and even different computers with no luck at all.
    Best regards.

  • Hi,

    I have the same issue now.
    My website always starts in "German" when I want to go and change the language I only have one option and that is German.

    Any recommendation Strava team?

    Best Regards

  • Hi guys, may I ask you if you display also the last partial distance of your run?
    In my strava web in Italiano it doesn't appear. On a pc set in English language I see this data :(

  • Bottom right hand corner on you profile page (after you log in).

  • Hi. I have the same problem. I am British but living in France. My website always starts in French. Previously, having found the drop down menu in the bottom right corner, I would have to change to English every time. That was annoying but now when I go to the menu there is no choice other than French! How can I change this?

  • Hi Dan.
    It is an issue with the Strava website layers. All the other choices are there but hidden.
    Either you set your browser to show you the developer menus and inspect the element until you find the css properties for .drop-down-menu>ul and simply erase overflow-x:hidden;overflow-y:auto; (this is a pain in the ass but that is what I'm forced to do if I want to stick to my browser).
    Or you try with a different browser. The issue is repetitive with Internet Explorer and Safari, at the very least. Chrome has worked correctly some times for me but it is not flawless.
    Anyway, Strava is not ready to listen and correct the misbehave of their code, as they have already accustomed us to.
    Greatest regards.

  • Hey all.

    This is really Irritating! This is worth changing apps! Does anyone know of any other app that's hopefully doing things right?


  • Hi All,
    I found the bottom of the right side for language change but when I tried to filter on other language it is not showing anything else than Russian language. :( Pleas help to solve it.

    Thank you


  • In Internet Explorer I was not able to change the language - the only option was German and the rest was hidden.
    But in the Edge browser I was lucky and succeeded with changing to English (if we are lucky it works a few weeks more).

  • I can't even log in because the whole website is in Spanish

  • My app is in English, but I can't log in with a partner app

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