How to get TACX stationary training data to upload to Strava

I use a tacx smart vortex for stationary training how do I get the training log into strava using an iPad ?

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  • Hi Gary - please refer to the answer posted in this Community Question:

    Hope that helps! 

  • Lauren... Had a look at the link but it didn't really tell me much. The link was more about the issues created with leaderboards when you do the upload. I'm just trying to understand HOW to do the transfer of the information from the tacx mobile app on the iPad direct to strava.

  • Hi Gary - in case it helps, you won't be able to use your iPad to upload data to Strava. However, if you use a regular desktop or laptop computer, you can check out these options:

    Tacx Trainer Software upload to Strava: 

    1. Upload RLV.tts to TrainingPeaks. 

    2. At, go to the upper right corner and tap "your name", click "account setting", click "export data", click "download device files for data range". 

    3. Go to to the download folder. The device files come out as a zip file. 

    4. Unzip the "athlete" data. You'll get a .pwx.gz file. 

    5. Open . 

    7. Import the .pwx.gz and convert. 

    8. Download the presented .gpx. 

    9. Open and upload the .gpx using upload activity, using "from file".


    Find the .HRM file from the Tacx Trainer Software and use this tool:

  • The first suggestion of uploading the .tts file to Trainingpeaks doesn't work. Trainingpeaks comes back with

    Unsupported file extension!

     And currently attempting to connect my TTS software to my Strava account never works. TTS links to Twitter and Facebook just fine though, and Oddly enough Strava thinks that it has given permissions to TTS, but TTS doesn't retain the notion that it is connected.



  • Elle
    Thanks for, it's working brilliantly. You must remember to ensure training peaks is in CLASSIC mode.

  • open tacx programme .. open set up  and click social media than click connetc strava. give authorazation . thats very simple. . =)

  • So this simple "export to Strava" feature in Social Media is only available in the Advanced version or is it also avilable in the TTS4 Basic version



  • Hello, riders! Strava Hello!

    Is there any news on this subject? I still can not upload my races from iPad's Tacx Trainer to Strava. Or maybe I do not know how to do it?

    With the advent of "virtual rides" no longer has any fear of violating the rights of real bikers to spoil KOM Statistics. So, how can I collect my training activity in my favorite Strava using iOS Tacx Apps?

    Thanx for your help!

    Hello, riders! Strava Hello!Is there any news on this subject? I still can not upload my races from iPad Tacx Trainer to Strava. Or maybe I do not know how to do it? With the advent of virtual riders no longer have any fear of violating the rights of real bikers spoil Statistics Strava. So, how can I collect my training activity, my favorite Strava?

  • Igor -

    It sounds like the TACX software provides a sharing option to Strava under "Social Media" per the comment by @Cenk. 

    Does that seem to be the case? 

  • Hi Elle

    Alas, if only it were so simple ... :) Unfortunately, there is no menu item "social media" in the Tacx Trainer for Apple mobile devices (iPhones and iPads both). Perhaps @Cenk mentions Tacx Trainer software for PC?

    Alas, if only it were so simple ... :) Unfortunately, there is no menu item "social media" in the Tacx Trainer for Apple mobile devices. Perhaps @Cenk meantions Tacx Trainer software for PC?

  • You can upload Tacx data to Strava directly via TTS 4.0 (you need computer to do this). I have the Advance version so not sure for the basic version. But try to check under menu: Import/export > To Strava. And you need to allow connection between the two. Set up once only. Not sure about how to upload from Mobile Device. The only way I see, it's in the preferences there's option "to email your score". I'm assuming that once you email the score to yourself, you can download and upload it to Strava. I've never tried it since I use TTS 4.0 on the computer most of the time.

  • In the newly updated version of TTS advanced (4.9) there is NO OPTION to upload to Strava. It has been removed from social media. The only options you have is Bikenet. When are we going to be able to upload to Strava? This in my opinion is a Tacx VR trainer deal breaker. Don't ask me to enter data into Strava manually, it's not the same. The old version used to do it and provided with ascent data and everything. Now I can't even upload anything!

  • If you are using Tacx v.. 2.7.4 for ipad to track your activities, then you need to do the following:
    Go to cloud link:
    Login with your google or facebook account
    Go to settings
    In the settings screen go to Connections and enable Strava
    You will be prompted to login to Strava
    In the Share and Connect section, enable Automatically export new activitites to Strava.
    If you need to export any prior activity...
    Go to Training/activities -> Select the activity At the top, you will see 3 icons
    Favorite, Share and Delete. If you click the Share Icon, you will have the option to export to Strava. It takes a few seconds and Boom..

  • I need to talk to a person to address my problem

  • Thanks Andres Ceballos, that was very helpful. I simply followed your procedure, and voila!

  • Thanks Andres Ceballos, spot on +1

  • Thanks Andres very good instruction.

  • Tnx Andres

  • Tnx Andres.

    If i do a Google steetview ride, and export it to Strava, you can see the route on strava?

  • Cees - I have not tried that one - Sorry!

  • @Andres.
    I am using Tacx App for iPhone,
    I have done all these you said, the problem is that some trainings are saved as an 'Activity' (in which case I can export it the way you mention), but some training are (quite randomly) saved as 'Workouts' and in this case there is no option/possibility to export them.

    I have contacted Tacx but they don't seem to acknowledge the problem.

    Any tips would be appreciated.


  • Thx Andreas, works fine with android

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