Uploading Computrainer files to Strava

Allow trainer sessions on computrainer to be uploaded and hence take advantage of the power analysis software etc.

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  • Well I'm just getting started with racemate one.  I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.  Anyway, I like the format on Golden Cheetah so I'll just keep using it.  Thanks for your help!

  • Computrainer files don't have GPS data included so they can't be used as "virtual rides". Strava hangs up if you select that option. 

  • I was amazed when I discovered that I can't upload my Comutrainer files to Strava. This effectively makes Strava useless for 6 months of the year. 

  • You can also use this link instead of Golden Cheetah to convert your pwx to a tcx file- http://pwx.raytracer.dk/

  • Yes, a Computrainer .pwx file can be converted to .tcx in Golden Cheetah.  From here, it will import to Garmin Connect and maintain the elevation data but there seems to be no way to maintain this same elevation data when importing to Strava.   The capability exists since the import to Garmin Connect works easily and efficiently.  Any solution for the same in Strava?  Any hope for a future solution? 

  • Debra- Try changing "ride type" from "trainer" to "commute" I just tried it myself on an old trainer session and the elevation is now displayed. http://www.strava.com/activities/208023664/overview

  • You're more than welcome. It was just dumb luck that I found a work around.

  • Now that I can transfer files from Computrainer to Strava, with elevation gain credited, is it possible to have the elevation gain credited toward the climbing challenges?  The distance credits to the MTS and other distance challenges just fine.  Is there some quirk or setting that I can control that would give the credit? 

  • Rod- You *can* upload Computrainer files, though it takes a couple of steps to do so. First you will have to install a free data analysis program called "Golden Cheetah",  (http://www.goldencheetah.org/).  Then in your RC1 software enable "pwx export" under the "file saving" tab. This will export a pwx file each time you save a workout. Once you have this pwx file you import it into Golden Cheetah where you can then turn around and export it as a tcx file. You can then upload this tcx file to Strava using the "file" option on the Upload and Sync page.

    Seems to work great, except for elevation gain, which I can't seem to find solution for...

  • Thanks so much, Chris. Changing from trainer to commute seems to do the trick! I really appreciate you solving this nagging issue!

  • I'm not having any luck getting my elevation data to upload from my computrainer file to Golden Cheetah. All other data is uploading i.e., distance, HR, power, speed, cadence, but not elevation.  I have a 1996 computrainer that still works and I ride it regularly.  Obviously if it's not uploading to Golden Cheetah it won't transfer over to Strava from Golden Cheetah.  What am I missing?

  • In Strava, on the edit screen, try switching from "stationary trainer" to "commute" and the elevation data and profile is visible. The elevation doesn't add into your overall Strava climbing statistics. Maybe they'll find a way to incorporate this in the future. Hope this helps.

  • Maybe it's because you're running an older version of Computrainer software?

  • i think it must be a software problem because the elevation data isn't uploading to Golden Cheetah from the file saved on the computrainer workout.  The computrainer file is a .3dp file and i can't find any way to convert it to .pwx in computrainer.  I guess i'll just have to be satisfied with getting everything except elevation data transferred to strava.

  • I have computrainer/racermate one and am unable to get it to upload to Strava or Golden Cheta.  I'm sure there is a way to get racermate one workouts to upload to Strava.  Can anyone give me the combination?   It looks like the racermate one files are .rmt files and so far I've not figured out how to get them to either Golden Cheetah or directly to Starva.

  • oops that's .RMP files not .RMT.

  • Dick- The easiest way is to enable "pwx export" under the "file saving" tab in your RC1 software settings. This will export a pwx file each time you save a workout. Once you have this pwx file you can use this website  http://pwx.raytracer.dk/ to convert it to a tcx file which can be then uploaded to Strava. 


  • Thanks for the quick response Chris.  I did the upload to http://pwx.raytracer.dk/ and it created a zip file.  I was unable to upload this file to strava directly but I used your advice in a previous answer and uploaded to Golden Cheetah, then uploaded from there to Strava.  That worked well.  Is there a special trick to be able to go directly from http:pwx.raytracer.dk/ to Strava.  Strava didn't seem to recognize the zip file that came in from there. I did open the file before trying to upload it to Strava and it still wouldn't come across.

  • Strange... I just tried and it saved as a tcx and not a zip file.

    If it's working with GC, I'd just go that route.

  • Just to add one note to the comment about elevation from computrainer activities being added to Strava Climbing challenges: 

    More on Virtual Activities on Strava.

    There are many different types of virtual/smart trainers on the market, most of which give you the ability to 'virtually' ride anywhere in the world. Because these files contain real GPS and time data, they will match segments. Trainer rides are not the same as riding outdoors with traffic, road conditions, weather, etc. and because of this, we can't allow times from these activities on public segment leaderboards, nor can we allow the activities to be counted towards challenges (unless otherwise stated in the challenge rules). 

    Guidelines: Virtual trainer activities must use the sport type "Virtual Ride" or else they are subject to getting flagged. 


    Perhaps that is a better solution than the Commute tag workaround? 

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