How to delete a Strava Route?

Navigate to your list of routes. Then click on the wrench icon that's under the star icon in the upper right corner of each route. 

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  • The wrench icon isn't available in the 'Routes' section so i can't find any way to delete an unwanted route.  Can you help?

  • @Paul, I believe this is the menu you're looking for:


  • Doh! How did i miss that?  Thanks for helping out, now I can keep my routes nice and tidy :-)

  • Paul, You made me feel a bit better as I missed it as well.

    Now I hope this make you feel better ....

    Thanks Elle/Lauren

  • That is about as non-intuitive as anything I have every dealt with. Thanks for pointing it out, but man, it is not obvious.

  • I just had the same problem, just din't see it!

  • Yep, same here, I completely missed the faded menu option until I saw Elle's post. Thanks Elle!

  • Same here it is very hard to see.

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