Someone else's Garmin data on your account

A few situations can trigger another person's Garmin data uploading to your Strava account. One is if you borrow a friend's Garmin or acquire a used Garmin, the device's activity history can be synced to your Strava account when you use the Garmin Connect app to upload wirelessly. In this event, proceed with submitting a support ticket for assistance in bulk deleting the history from your Strava account. It's also possible that Garmin Connect authorizes the wrong Strava account. If you find activity on your Strava account that is not your own, navigate to your settings, disconnect Garmin and delete the activity. If desired, reconnect to your Garmin Connect account. 

If multiple users upload with Garmin Express on the same computer

Ensure to associate each device with the correct Garmin Connect account to avoid uploading data to the wrong account. First, open Garmin Express and select a device from the drop-down on the upper left. Click "Device" on the upper right side, scroll to the bottom of the page, and look for "Garmin Connect Account." If you need to change the account for a device, use the "Change Account" button.Screenshot_2014-09-02_10.43.19.png

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  • Me and a fried have this problem currently. He has my old Garmin unit, and when he connected to Garmin Express for first time my entire (8000+ miles) Garmin history uploaded to his account!!!

    Is there a way to block-delete all these activities?

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  • Which version of Garmin express are you using there? It looks like an old version, I'm on v4.1.22.0 and it doesn't seem to have an option to change accounts. I'm trying to set up my son with an account but it just wants to connect to my Garmin account (even though I have set him up with a different Windows logon). Any suggestions how to get express to recognise him as a separate account so that it links to his GC account?

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  • This is either really old information or only for the Mac. For Windows and the current version of Garmin Express do the following:

    1) Open Garmin Express.
    2) Select the device you wish to verify (they're listed in boxes).
    3) Click the "Tools" box.
    4) Select the "Garmin Connect" tab.
    5) Look for the Garmin account the device is connected to.

    If you need to change the account for this device, use the "Change Account" button.

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  • mine only shows my account yet it still says on stava with 1 other and post the same ride on their profile...

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  • I'm the same as you Mark. When I open Garmin Express and go into the Garmin Connect tab it only shows my account yet it still uploads to my friends account as well. I'm guessing my friend has to log onto their Garmin Express and remove their account as Tim says?

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  • I have an account I'd been using since 2012. However in 2016 my Garmin Dakota 20 got lost, I tried using and Android smartphone, but inexplicable set up a duplicate account! I've been trying to get back to my old Strava account which was automatically linked to my GPS and old email address (which is no longer usable), with little success.
    I have deleted the duplicate account, but still can't get access to my old account.

    Rizz Wangalachi

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